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Richie Faulkner from Judas Priest

Richard Ian Faulkner (born 1 January 1980), is an English guitarist. Faulkner was born in London. In the early stages of his career, he played in bands such as Dirty Deeds, Voodoo Six, Ace Mafia and Lauren Harris' band. On 20 April 2011, he was appointed as the successor of K.K. Downing in heavy metal band Judas Priest.[1] His first performance with the band occurred on 25 May 2011 on American Idol, where the band played "Living After Midnight" and "Breaking the Law" with James Durbin.[2] He has also arranged music for actor Christopher Lee's heavy metal album Charlemagne: The Omens of Death, which was released on 27 May 2013, Lee's 91st birthday.

Stephanie Szostak from Satisfaction

USA Network has created a television show that knows how to take drama and play it out inside the every day life. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Satisfaction's Stephanie Szostak SATISFACTION: USA Network’s new provocative drama that explores modern marriage at its midpoint. Through the lens of one couple, Neil Truman (Matt Passmore) and his wife, Grace (Stephanie Szostak), this series answers the question, "What do you do when having it all is not enough?" by delving into their shocking and unconventional choices. SATISFACTION is from Universal Cable Productions (UCP) and executive producer/creator Sean Jablonski (SUITS, "Nip Tuck"). Russ Krasnoff ("Community") of Krasnoff/Foster also serves as executive producer. STEPHANIE SZOLAK INTERVIEW FROM RECENT GLAMOUR MAGAZINE Want to Ditch Your Career to Chase Your Dreams? Satisfaction's Stephanie Szostak on How She Did Just That—and Ended Up a Star by Megan Angelo JULY 17, 2014 My favorite thing about actress Stephanie Szostak is her subtle performance in Satisfaction, the new drama that delves fearlessly into a strained marriage and premieres on USA tonight. (You'll find yourself holding your breath for no particular reason at many points throughout the premiere.) My second favorite thing about Szostak, though, is that she had a whole first life before she came to acting—and, especially on those days when you spend the entire 3 P.M. status meeting gripped by a What am I doing here? panic, there's nothing more inspiring than a story about changing routes to chase your dreams. (Plus, Szostak has a great tip for all of you in long-term relationships.) Q. You were born and raised in France. What brought you to the States? A. My dad's American, and my mom's French. I lived in France for the first 18 years of my life, then came here to go to school at the College of William and Mary. I studied marketing. I really didn't know what I wanted to do, so I thought that's what I should do—study business—because it would give me the best chance to find work. Q. And at this point, you hadn't started acting at all yet? A. No. We don't have drama in public schools in France. I had never taking an acting class. At William and Mary, I was on the golf team. Then [after school] I started as an assistant in the skin care department at Chanel. I had a fantastic boss, and all the fun perks—I had access to the closet with all the products. I worked there for two years, and I wasn't unhappy, but I wasn't fulfilled. Q. So what launched you from that field onto the path of pursuing acting? A. At work one day, we were doing a last-minute photo shoot, and the photographer needed a model. They asked me, and I thought: Well, maybe I could make money doing this while I figure out what to do. I left Chanel and worked part-time as a model and part-time in an office while I took my first acting classes. That's when I realized, This is it. Q. That can be almost frightening—the moment you think, Oh, this is what I want to do, and I've been very far away from it till now. Q. Yeah, you start questioning all the choices you've made up to that point. But it's also exciting—I think magic comes from those moments in which you don't really know what you're doing. I started with commercials—for shampoo, pancakes, insurance, Volvo. I did a Lux soap commercial with Sarah Jessica Parker. And I got a role in an indie film called Satellite that did well in festivals. In fact, I got an email from the director of that film today saying the screener for Satisfaction just showed up on his doorstep. Q. Let's talk about Satisfaction, which you got after starring in, among other things, Iron-Man 3. It's about a husband and wife who have become distant from each other and who are both essentially looking to the gigolo biz to get by—your character, the wife, is using one, and the husband is flirting with being one. A. They're trying to protect their relationship the wrong way. Instead of communicating with each other, which can be scary because you have to admit you're not happy, they're going outside the marriage to discover what makes them feel alive again. Q. The methods are extreme, of course, but some of the relationship stuff is really relatable. A. I've been married 18 years, same as my character. In your twenties, you have a dream, you're going somewhere—then, you get married and have children. You get caught up in the routine of life, and sometimes the dream is no longer there. The concept of the show—that we need to invest in our relationships—is universal. It takes honesty, and courage, and communication, and not checking our phones all the time. Q. As a wife and mom and busy actress, how do you make sure you hit that goal? A. Ten years ago, somebody told my husband and me to do this exercise together. It's called the Impossible Future. You each go into a separate room and write out your impossible future—what your life would look like, personally and professionally, if there were no obstacles, including money. Then you read each other's. It's a beautiful way to dream together and to know each other very well. We've done it again and again over the years.

Bob Zmuda Andy Kaufman The Truth Finally

30 years after his mysterious death. Andy Kaufman is alive. From the I Heart Radio studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with his best friend Bob Zmuda. Bob Zmuda was Andy Kaufman’s best friend and comedy writer, and Lynne Margulies was the love of Andy’s life. In their new book, Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally by Bob Zmuda and Lynne Margulies (BenBella Books; on-sale October 7, 2014), the two people who knew Andy Kaufman best open up about one of the most enigmatic artists of our generation. Bob Zmuda and Lynne Margulies reveal all in this collaborative memoir, including surprising secrets that Andy made Lynne and Bob promise never to tell until both of his parents died. • How Andy Kaufman faked his death and what he told Bob Zmuda about it. • The bombshell of his bi-sexuality and the role it played in his life and supposed death. • Details that Bob Zmuda knows about Andy’s return following the longest running prank in showbiz history. • Inside stories about stars including David Letterman, Dave Chappelle, wrestler Jerry "The King" Lawler, Barbara Streisand, Hugh Hefner, Elton John, and more. • How Andy really felt about working on, and subsequently getting fired from, projects including TAXI and SNL. • A no-holds-barred look at the Kaufman family as well as their interaction with Bob and Lynne now. • Never before seen photographs from Bob and Lynne’s personal collection. Comedian and TAXI star, Andy Kaufman was known for his crazy antics on screen and off. So, when he died in 1984, many believed he performed the ultimate vanishing act. For the first time ever, Bob Zmuda admits that Andy Kaufman did, in fact, fake his own death, including how he did it and why Andy will return. As the only person who produced Kaufman’s shows, it would only make sense that Kaufman is waiting for Zmuda to set the stage and give the signal for his spectacular return. The book serves as a personal telegram to Kaufman from Zmuda, reminding him that his self-imposed exile of 30 years is up. Hilarious and poignant, this book separates fact from fiction. It includes a candid look at Kaufman’s family, his bizarre motivations for his spiraling career, and an inside take on the film and cast of “Man on the Moon,” which starred Jim Carrey as Andy, Danny DeVito as George Shapiro, Courtney Love as Lynne Margulies, and Paul Giamatti as Zmuda (Zmuda also co-executive produced). Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally also shares insight on some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. In Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally, Zmuda and Margulies paint a vivid portrait of Andy Kaufman that only a select few have ever seen. They offer a touching and honest tribute to Andy’s legacy, and Zmuda gives incredible insight into how and why Andy faked his own death. ABOUT BOB ZMUDA Bob Zmuda met Andy Kaufman in 1974, when Zmuda was a struggling comic himself. Soon he began writing for Andy until his (supposed) death in ’84. For nearly 30 years, Bob Zmuda has been the President and Founder of the charity, Comic Relief. Having raised over $80 million dollars for those in need, Comic Relief is well known for its HBO telethons hosted by Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and Billy Crystal. Bob’s television appearances include Saturday Night Live, Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Comic Relief telecasts and hosting several specials for Comedy Central and A&E. His acting credits include Punchline, Batman, Man on the Moon, D.C. Cab (which he also wrote), and The Number 23, again with Jim Carrey. A Grammy nominee and Emmy Award winner, Bob is also a bestselling author. His book Andy Kaufman Revealed made top 10 lists nationwide. For the last few years, Zmuda has been producing Kaufman’s alter ego, international singing sensation Tony Clifton, to sold out audiences. He is currently working on mounting the largest star-studded fundraiser ever for endangered wildlife worldwide.

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The Railers

When brothers Jordan and Jonathan, raised in rural Missouri, met lively Arizona native Cassandra in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona, the foundation was laid for the adventure of a lifetime. All three classically trained students had plans of making the 2,600 mile journey to Music City to follow their dreams. But it wasn't until an impromptu concert in Phoenix that the trio realized there was an undeniable blend between their musical styles. "The show was just supposed to be a farewell for our family and friends who had encouraged us individually to take a chance and move to Nashville to pursue country music. We had no idea that night would plant the seed of becoming a band. Everyone kept asking what our group's name was, and it became obvious that we had something really special together," says concertina player and vocalist Cassandra. So in January of 2002, the eldest brother Jonathan was the first to pack up his little truck and make the 28-hour drive. Cassandra followed suit 6 months later, with Jordan not far behind. For the next several years, they each paid bills by working various industry jobs, playing for several country artists including Sara Evans, Josh Turner and Lorrie Morgan. But it wasn't until May of 2008 when they met the easy going Indiana drummer, Tyler Oban, that the story was set in motion. After a couple years of fitting shows in between rigorous touring schedules and school, they reached a crucial fork in the road. On April 11, 2010 they all took a deep breath and a leap of faith, signing their names on a crumpled cafe napkin that said "September 1, 2010 or Bust." Vowing to quit their jobs, and start their quest to becoming full time artists. "It was probably the scariest time in our lives, walking away from a steady paycheck and into the great unknown," vocalist, mandolin and fiddle player Jordan Lawson said. But so far, it’s paid off. Within the first month of freedom, they landed an opening slot on Sara Evans' Fall and Christmas tour. And shortly after that, another 60 show tour was booked with an Irish starlet. More than 200 shows and 12 months later, they were sitting in the office of the President and CEO of Sony ATV Publishing. After two songs, he wouldn't let them leave his office until a contract was in the works. By the next year, they were offered a major label record deal with Warner Music Nashville/Atlantic and show no signs of slowing down. By combining personal lyrics, air tight harmonies and earthy instrumentation using Mandolin, Violin, Concertina, and Acoustic Guitar and percussion, the group melts their energetic songs with classic groundbreaking styles of the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Dixie Chicks, Nickel Creek and Bonnie Raitt, leaving audiences with an undeniable sound and unforgettable live show.

Donnie Most

He was Ralph Malph on TV's Happy Days. Donnie Most is singing the songs that came before Al's Diner. From the I Heart Radio Studio we are Unplugged and Totally Uncut. 54 BELOW, Broadway's Supper Club, presents Donny Most in Donny Swings and Swings on October 22, 2014, Donny Most, best known as "Ralph Malph" from the long running hit television show Happy Days, and his 7 piece band, bring the songs of Sinatra, Darin, Martin, and more to life through his interpretations and creative arrangements. The swing era and 50s cool are fused together in one very unique show as Donny shares stories from Happy Days and beyond. Recently, Donny was seen in a recurring role on the hit TV show Glee, as well as a starring role in the indie film The Yankles. Join him at 54 Below for his NYC solo concert debut! Donny is joined by his musical director and sax player, Chilly Willy Scoppettone and 6 other band members. Don is probably best known for his co-starring role as Ralph in the long running television series Happy Days. During this time, he worked with such emerging talents as Ron Howard and Garry Marshall. Recently, Don was seen in a recurring role on the hit TV show -- "Glee", as well as starring roles in the indie film -- "The Yankles", and "Chez Upshaw", starring Kevin Pollack and Illeana Douglas. He just finished starring in "Campin Buddies", along with a role in the independent film -- "Remember Isobel", and the short film -- "Duality" Most's other feature film credits include "ED TV", directed by Ron Howard; "Crazy Mama", directed by Jonathan Demme, and "The Great Buck Howard", starring John Malkovich. In television, his other guest starring roles include "Men Of A Certain Age", "Century City", 'Star Trek: Voyager', 'Yes, Dear', 'The Crow, 'Sabrina', 'Sliders', 'Dark Skies' and 'Family Guy'. Following in the footsteps of some of his peers, Don has now directed three feature films. "His first, "The Last Best Sunday", had its World Premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival, and was a feature film winner at the Telluride IndieFest. "Moola", starring William Mapother, Shailene Woodley, Treat Williams, Daniel Baldwin, and Curtis Armstrong, premiered at The Newport Beach Film Festival, where it earned Most The Outstanding Achievement In Directing Award. Don also directed "Harley's Hill", his first family film, which was recently seen on Showtime, Starz and Encore. In another area, Don has recently gone back to his first love -- singing. Don has always loved the standards/swing/big band style of music, and has just mounted his show -- "Donny Most Sings And Swings". He recently performed it at "Catalina's Jazz Club" in Hollywood, CA...and "Vitello's Jazz Club", in Studio City, Los Angeles to great acclaim.

Kenny Lofton My Last Christmas

When it comes to sports. We spend so much time talking to the television set. You never think about that one moment when the sports hero calls your cell phone. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with MLB legend Kenny Lofton! Kenneth "Kenny" Lofton (born May 31, 1967) is a former Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder. Lofton was a six-time All-Star (1994–1999), four-time Gold Glove Award winner (1993–1996), and at retirement, was ranked fifteenth among all-time stolen base leaders with 622. During his career, he played for the Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians (three different times), Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Texas Rangers. Lofton attended the University of Arizona on a basketball scholarship. The Wildcats made it to the Final Four in 1988. He did not join the school's baseball team until his junior year. Lofton made 11 postseason appearances, including World Series appearances in 1995 and 2002 with the Indians and Giants, respectively. From 2001 to 2007, Lofton did not spend more than one consecutive season with a team. For his career, the Indians were the only team he played with for longer than one season and the only franchise he played for more than once. Lofton played 9 1⁄2 seasons with the Indians, helping the organization win six division titles. In 2010, he was inducted into the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame. During his professional baseball career, Lofton's single-season stolen base count led the MLB on three occasions and twice the American League (AL). In 1994 he led the American League in hits. Lofton broke Rickey Henderson's record of 33 career post-season stolen bases during the 2007 post-season. Of his base running, Frank White said, "Lofton has out-thought a lot of major-league players" and later, "a smart, complete baseball player." He also pursued a long-time interest in the film and television industry. Garnering attention for his abilities on the baseball field, Kenny has spent a great deal of time in front of the camera. In addition to filming numerous interviews and commercials, he has also made several guest appearances on a variety of television shows, including: “The Wayans Brothers”, “The George Lopez Show”, etc. Kenny Lofton is a co-founder of FilmPool, and enjoys being behind the scenes for a change. He is involved in the day-to-day operations of FilmPool, and has co-produced two television shows: “The Audition” and “Burnin”. Currently, Kenny can be seen at Fox Sports West/Prime Ticket as TV analyst for the Los Angeles Dodgers on the pre- and post-game show: “Dodgers Live”. ABOUT THE INDIEGOGOCAMPAIGN FOR MY LAST CHRISTMAS (WHICH WILL BE CO-PRODUCED BY KENNY LOFTON) Yale Productions, LLC FilmPool, Inc. and Project RACE, Inc. have partnered in the promotion of the movie My Last Christmas. The crowd-funding site Indiegogo has already raised over $100,000 in the first week of the campaign for this charming holiday film with an important medical message. The campaign is still in need of donations to raise the full production budget. 10% of all donations from this campaign, and 10% of the film's proceeds will go to Project RACE and the MDS Foundation. To learn more about the campaign, the film, and to donate, please visit the site at You will also be able to view Dean Cain’s special message. The plot of My Last Christmas: at 17 years old, Angelica suffers from Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) and receives regular chemotherapy as treatment. As her parents are struggling with cancelled health insurance and her declining health, they find out that Angelica's life depends on a bone marrow transplant. The search for a matching donor is exceedingly difficult, yet because she needs a multiracial donor, the search becomes nearly impossible. Despite her severe condition, she finds friendship and love in 18 year old homeless runaway Sean. Together they witness a miracle proving that God works in mysterious ways. In this heartwarming Christmas film, Angelica will ultimately experience a love deeper than she could have ever expected. Dean Cain will star Yale Productions' Jordan Yale Levine will be producing the film alongside FilmPool's Kenny Lofton (former MLB all-star), Rudy Luna, and Brenton Earley. Luna who wrote the screenplay, will also be directing. Yale Productions LLC is an independent feature film company. FilmPool is a post-production/production facility. Project RACE (Reclassify All Children Equally) advocates for multiracial children, teens, adults, and their families primarily through education and community awareness. They educate and encourage the medical community to include multiracial people on health-related forms, in data collection, and in clinical trials. Project RACE increases the pool of multiracial donors by sponsoring bone marrow donor drives and encouraging life-saving utilization of umbilical cord blood.

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Nikki Sixx from Sixx AM

Ask any artist to reveal their most important ingredients for success, and you are guaranteed to find creative freedom near the top of the list. Thus it has proved for Sixx:A.M, a band comprised of Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael have formed a creative collective characterized by a free-spirited, artistically pure approach and genuinely diverse musical influences. That wide-winged philosophy resulted in the band’s third album, the alluringly titled Modern Vintage, which offers both billion-dollar choruses, and nods to great bands from the 70s like Queen, Bowie, T. Rex and Sweet. It is a record that represents the culmination of seven years of collaboration between three friends who, in the beginning, didn’t even really want to start a band… “This all just formed incredibly organically,” says producer and vocalist James Michael of Sixx: A.M’s initial formation. “I had been working with Nikki on some songs and we got talking about the idea of doing a soundtrack for a film version of what would end up becoming The Heroin Diaries. A couple of years later he called me up and said ‘We’re actually going to publish The Heroin Diaries as a book. How would you feel about doing the soundtrack for a book?!’”