Thursday, May 25, 2017

Carlos Mencia

Listen to "Carlos Mencia The Doctor Of Reality Laughter" on Spreaker. One of the most aware comics on the planet. He's able to look at chaos and center his gravity on creating laughter. When Carlos and I get together you know we're going places that others never travel. Only to come face to face with ideas the world hasn't heard about yet. It all starts the moment the door is opened. It's like we're long distance cousins connected by two cans hooked up to a single string.

Dillon Francis

Listen to "rBeatz Music Update Dillon Francis Breaks Into A Concert" on Spreaker. Pull back all the layers of fame and you'll always find a fan beneath the skin of songwriters, performers and producers. Dillon Francis found a way to break into Coachella. And now he's performing at it. His latest release on rBeatz Radio has him teamed up with G Eazy Say Less.

Jax Jones

Listen to "rBeatz Music Update Jax Jones The Journey" on Spreaker. We've all heard the story about how one window closes and another opens. Jax Jones has totally lived out that thought. His record label comes from out of nowhere and says the deal is over. Instead of calling it quits Jax continued creating with writers which led to much bigger opportunities and names. His latest release on rBeatz Radio is You Don't Know Me.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Paul Luftenegger

Listen to "Paul Luftenegger Believes In You" on Spreaker. International recording artist Paul Luftenegger returns home from Vietnam to talk about the experience while sharing his deeper beliefs of the arrival of music and art. We talk deeply about the affects of depression a creative person endures without others knowing about it. The conversation was started after we both began talking about the most recent loss of Rocker Chris Cornell.

Pamela Paul

Listen to "Pamela Paul My Life With Bob" on Spreaker. Pamela Paul has kept a single book by her side for twenty-eight years – carried throughout high school and college, hauled from Paris to London to Thailand, from job to job, safely packed away and then carefully moved from apartment to house to its current perch on a shelf over her desk. It is reliable if frayed, anonymous looking yet deeply personal. This book has a name: Bob. Bob is Paul’s Book of Books, a journal that records every book she’s ever read, from Sweet Valley High to Anna Karenina, from Catch-22 to Swimming to Cambodia. It recounts a journey in reading that reflects her inner life – her fantasies and hopes, her mistakes and missteps, her dreams and her ideas, both half-baked and wholehearted. Her life, in turn, influences the books she chooses, whether for solace or escape, information or sheer entertainment. But MY LIFE WITH BOB isn’t really about those books. It’s about the deep and powerful relationship between book and reader. It’s about the way books provide each of us the perspective, courage, companionship, and imperfect self-knowledge to forge our own path. It’s about why we read what we read and how those choices make us who we are. It’s about how we make our own stories.

Joelle Carter

Listen to "Joelle Carter From NBC's Chicago Justice" on Spreaker. Joelle Carter plays Laura Nagel, the State's Attorney Investigator in the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, on the NBC drama "Chicago Justice." For six years, Carter had a wild ride portraying the sassy and unpredictable Southern belle Ava Crowder on FX's award-winning drama "Justified." It's a role that earned her a Critics' Choice Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Throughout her versatile career, she has appeared in landmark television shows such as "Grey's Anatomy," as well as "Third Watch" and the controversial series "Wonderland," created by Peter Berg ("Friday Night Lights"). Her most recent guest-starring roles include work on "Scandal," "Prime Suspect" and "Body of Proof." Carter's feature film credits include starring roles in Kevin Greutert's 2014 horror film "Jessabelle"; "The Living," alongside Kenny Wormald; the romantic comedy feature "It's Not You, It's Me," opposite Ross McCall; Phedon Papamichael's "Lost Angeles"; and "To Be Friends," directed by Jim Eckhart and executive produced by Aaron Eckhart. Prior to that, she starred in such cult favorites as "High Fidelity" and "American Pie 2." In addition to acting, Carter took her turn behind the camera as a co-producer of the award-winning documentary "Altered by Elvis," about lives changed by the king of rock 'n roll. Carter went on to co-produce and star in the short "A Girl and a Gun," which won Best Original Short at the 2008 Washougal (Wash.) International Film Festival. She was honored to attend the 2008 Cannes Film Festival with the short film "Jumping In," in which she starred. A native of Georgia, Carter currently resides in Los Angeles. Joelle is the real-deal Southern belle, a Georgia peach raised in Albany. In real life, she has lived nearly as many lives as her TV characters – a college scholarship-level swimmer and cross country runner, a model having worked for Elite and Wilhelmina in NYC, an actress and a mother. Behind the sex appeal and fashion zeal, Joelle lives by the ‘less is more' mantra – creating a life with her family that’s tied to nature. Her Los Angeles home focuses on health and frugality, rather than Hollywood glamour. Her motto: simplicity is the key to living the good life. Read Joelle’s feature in Mother Earth Living Magazine: Beyond her work on screens both big and small, Joelle devotes her time to Recycle Across America – a nonprofit organization that is committed to expediting environmental progress with actual solutions that fix critical issues. To view clips of Joelle, please see the links below: Joelle on NBC Chicago News 5 News: Joelle on “Home & Family”: Joelle on FOX’s ”Studio 11 LA”: Joelle on Yahoo! TV In No Time: Joelle’s Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Brandon Webb

Listen to "Brandon Webb The Killing School" on Spreaker. As a SEAL sniper and combat veteran, Brandon Webb was tapped to revamp the U.S. Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) Scout/Sniper School, incorporating the latest advances in technology and ballistics software to create an entirely new course that continues to test the skills and even the best warriors. In this revealing new book, Webb takes readers through every aspect of this training, describing how Spec Ops snipers are taught each dimension of their art. Trainees learn to utilize every edge possible to make their shot--from studying crosswinds, barometric pressure, latitude, and even the rotation of the Earth to becoming ballistic experts. But marksmanship is only one aspect of the training. Each SEAL's endurance, stealth and mental and physical stamina are tested and pushed to the breaking point. Webb also shows how this training plays out in combat, using real-life exploits of the world's top snipers, including Jason Delgado, who led a Marine platoon in the Battle of Husaybah and made some of the most remarkable kill shots in the Iraq War; Nicholas Irving, the U.S. Army Ranger credited with thirty-three kills in a single three-month tour in Afghanistan; and Rob Furlong, who during Operation Anaconda delivered the then-longest kill shot in history. During Webb's sniper school tenure, the course graduated some of the deadliest and most skilled snipers of this generation, including Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor), Adam Brown (Fearless), and Chris Kyle (American Sniper). From recon and stalk, to complex last minute adjustments, and finally the moment of taking the shot, The Killing School demonstrates how today's sniper is trained to function as an entire military operation rolled into a single individual--an army of one. “The Killing School reads like a screenplay for the most cinematic military adventure flick you’ve ever seen―except that every word of it is true. Brandon Webb is the real deal, and so are the four Spec Ops snipers whose exploits he traces with pulse-pounding detail.” ― Kris “Tanto” Paronto, former Army Ranger, GRS operator, and coauthor of the New York Times bestseller 13 Hours “An important piece of Naval Special Warfare history―and one hell of a gripping read!” ― Dakota Meyer, former USMC scout sniper, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, New York Times bestselling author of Into the Fire “There were many reasons Chris Kyle (American Sniper) became the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history. Brandon Webb’s contribution to the SEAL sniper course―their killing school―was a key factor in Chris’s journey.” ― Scott McEwen, #1 New York Times bestselling coauthor of American Sniper and American Commander “Sure to scare the hell out of any terrorist in line for a well-placed sniper shot. The Killing School is a gritty behind-the-scenes look at what makes the modern sniper so lethally effective in combat.” ― Dick Marcinko, founder and first commanding officer of SEAL Team 6, author of the bestselling Rogue Warrior series