Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Songwriter Brian Sullivan

What is songwriting? Some would call it poetry while the masters of modern day success have named it words-man-ship. The art of being alive is having the opportunity to document it. The scale wasn't designed for judgment but rather the weight of how much of our soul we allow ourselves to pour into the dreams that keep us awake late at night. I've done radio for 35 years. Not because I've got the passion to become a disc jockey. I write. Words. Words that need a place to be displayed. You think I'm alone? You're crazy. Julia Cameron says it best, "We were all born to write." Which is the reason why I love bumping into creative hearts connected to vividly energetic minds. It takes a lot of guts to take a calling and turn it into sight, sound and smell. Even if one person touches it... Job well done.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MMA Fighter Mark Fightshark Miller Pain Don't Hurt

Sometimes you've gotta rip off the black belts and hit the canvas. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with MMA Fighter Mark Fightshark Miller In 2007, despite being born with a congenital heart defect and Type 1 Diabetes, Mark Miller was a rising star in professional kickboxing- handsome, hard-charging, and a winner. But when a routine physical uncovered a serious heart condition, he was barred from competing. He needed an open heart procedure that would save his life--and end his career. Miller’s dramatic and life-saving surgery also worked to reunite his fractured family, and shortly after his release from the hospital, he began training again, refusing to accept his fighting career was finished. But within a year, his father, his mother, and his brother all died, and Miller’s fragile optimism imploded under the weight of his grief and his fear he would never fight again. Unmoored and grief-stricken, he fell into a tailspin of drugs and alcohol. PAIN DON’T HURT is a story of incredible tenacity, dedication, and hard work—how one fierce competitor overcame repeated obstacles to realize his dreams. Miller recounts stories ranging from his childhood spent in the Steelers locker room to the surprising life lessons he learned from other fighters to his triumphant return to fighting in a Moscow kickboxing ring. He talks sincerely about family and fatherhood—of the hard lessons about masculinity and violence learned from his abusive father. He also offers an inspiring, exciting, and frank account of the fights—both in and out of the ring—that have shaped him. A deeply personal account of perseverance and determination--and guts, blood, and glory-- PAIN DON’T HURT is a mesmerizing story of how one man overcame the odds, time and time again.

Comedian Maria Bamford

Wildly out of control yet totally intact with where its at. Off the cuff but still rough enough to call it laughter-play. Three parts to this interview. Because you're gonna need time to find a bathroom or pee your pants. It's totally up to you. The offer has been made. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with comedian Maria Bamford!!!!

Grayson Rorgers All Fired Up

Hot new Country fed by the wild rhythms of Classic Rock, Punk and Hardcore. From The I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Grayson Rogers, What’s a good way to say you’re excited? Pumped? Ready for action? If you ask Grayson Rogers, the answer is “All Fired Up”. And that’s exactly what their debut album is called. All Fired Up hits the world on September 16, 2014 with no shortage of energetic, fun, and refreshing songs. Ten tracks have been meticulously crafted to show listeners how they should be “All Fired Up” about this album too! “We have a blast at every show we play,” says Grayson Rogers, “from a little bar to a big stage, we bring a party each and every time. I get such a rush every time we play, and I do my best to make sure the crowd experiences the same rush I do. I believe this album will provide that rush every time you hit play.” Guitarist C.J. Sutton adds, “I live and breathe music, and I know it’s the same for a lot of people out there. We just want to connect with people on that basic level of loving music for what it is.” Their first album debuts a variety of country music styles, including some heavy hard-hitters like Too Loud, Outlaw, and Stomp On, some up-tempo pop tunes like Party Rocker and Blue Jean Baby, the must-have redneck rockers All Fired Up and Hillbilly Level, as well as the capable ballads Angel Girl and My Life Without You. “There’s a little something on the album for everyone,” says Rogers. The title track, All Fired Up, opens the record and wastes no time getting down to business. Short and sweet, this song encapsulates what Grayson Rogers is all about. “At our shows, we crank it up loud, and we crank it up early,” says Rogers. “It’s a party from the ring of the first chord. We wanted that same appeal on the album right from the get-go with All Fired Up.” Early fans of the band will recognize Too Loud, an anthem about living life with attitude, partying, and playing country music ‘a little too loud’ – the way it’s meant to be played, according to Grayson Rogers. Outlaw is the story of a man on the run, who has been able to keep those pesky lawmen off his tail for twenty years – though his life on the lam is destined for a grisly end. Stomp On is sure to make listeners stomp along as Rogers sings about rocking at a favorite bar to the thumping beat of the music. Party Rocker, a favorite among the band’s female audience, is a dance song written about a girl who is the life of every party. Also included in the collection is the anthemic Go Big or Go Home, which tells the listeners plainly to do everything “like you came to win.” “This song hits home for me. That was my motto during my football days – that all-or-nothing attitude. I take that mindset everywhere I go and with everything I do. In my mind, it’s the only way to do things.” Like most modern country, All Fired Up blends many musical styles to achieve the Grayson Rogers sound. At times, the guitars can be as heavy as any rock band, but the band is not afraid to pull back and show a softer side and it is unquestionably country, through and through. Says Rogers, “I definitely grew up on country music, like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, etc., but also on Christian rock and alternative rock. I would say Chris Daughtry is my favorite rocker out there right now. That dude’s voice is insane.” “I grew up with classic and progressive rock that my dad showed me,” says Sutton. “When I became a teenager, I got into hardcore and punk, and found there is a do-it-yourself mentality in that kind of music that really appealed to me. It made me realize I could make music my life, just like the bands I was listening to.” “It’s been a cool ride so far,” says Rogers, “blending our different influences into something new and exciting. I’m just pumped to see where it goes from here!” It’s safe to say that Grayson Rogers is ‘all fired up’ about the debut album! You can preorder it at (along with plenty of other surprises), and you can get your copy September 16th when it is released to the public.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Chris Jericho Of Fozzy

Pro Wrestler Chris Jericho hits my I Heart Radio Studio. Time to crown the king of Unplugged and Totally Uncut!!!! Fozzy have announced they will release their highly anticipated, new full-length studio album Do You Wanna Start A War (Century Media Records) on July 22nd! Fans can now pre-order the 12-track album at iTunes and receive an instant download of the song “One Crazed Anarchist.” Preview the track now and watch the new lyric video premiering exclusively at Revolver. Recently, the band unveiled a new lyric video for the debut single impacting at radio now “Lights Go Out,” that can also be viewed online. Wrapping a spring tour that had them performing at festivals across the country including Rock on the Range, Carolina Rebellion and Rockfest along with many other shows throughout the U.S., Fozzy will be performing June 14th in the U.K. on the main stage of the Download Festival. A confirmed U.S. summer tour will be announced soon. Led by the inimitable duo of guitarist Rich Ward, co-founder of the influential underground band Stuck Mojo, and vocalist Chris Jericho, famed WWE superstar and media personality, the band Fozzy has really always been about one thing: having fun. Produced by Ward, Do You Wanna Start A War is the bands follow-up to their acclaimed 2012 release Sin and Bones, and sixth studio effort since 2000. Featuring 12-tracks, the new album includes the debut single “Lights Go Out,” alongside the title track and the return of the Theremin in “Bad Tattoo.” As described by Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, “Do You Wanna Start A War is dark, dense and sharp. Sonically and lyrically, this feels like it's going somewhere big. I love it!” What started out for guitarist Rich Ward as a weekend cover band, called Fozzy Osbourne, soon became an internationally signed act with the biggest star in professional wrestling, Chris Jericho, as its lead singer. With adopted stage names and an elaborate backstory written for the movies, the band’s early recordings consisted mainly of cover songs ranging from Black Sabbath and Dio, to Iron Maiden and Mötley Crüe. Jericho’s singing ability and overall passion for music makes one wonder just how he is able to find the time to excel in pretty much everything he does, while Ward counting Zakk Wylde and Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold as fans, is probably one of the greatest, and unjustly so, underrated guitarists in rock and metal today. It was these qualities that pushed the band to drop alter egos, get rid of the backstory and write original music. Over the course of the next seven years, the band did just that; three albums worth to be exact. The records were fit in between Jericho’s wrestling, TV and writing career. It wasn’t until their last release Sin and Bones though that the band really started to hit their stride. Jericho was winding down his involvement with sports, the band was touring more than ever before and their live show was as strong as ever sharing the stage with such music luminaries as Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Steel Panther, Shinedown, and many others. The entertainment, the fun factor, the showmanship were all there and in full force. More so than any point in the bands’ career. By the time Do You Wanna Start A War is released, a horde of seasoned and newfound fans will have seen Fozzy live and heard new tracks off the album. They will have witnessed one of the greatest performances they’ve ever seen, they will have witnessed one of the best frontman in any genre of music sing some of the catchiest songs they’ve heard in ages and most importantly, they will have had the best time in their lives doing it. Fozzy is Chris Jericho on vocals, Rich Ward on guitars and vocals, Frank Fontsere on drums, Billy Grey on guitars, and Paul Di Leo on bass. Fozzy: Do You Wanna Start A War tracklisting

Film Maker John Waters Returns

Absolutely one of the best in sharing American adventures. Film Maker John Waters returned to the I Heart Radio Studio. Unplugged and Totally Uncu Returning to Unplugged and Totally Uncut is filmmaker, writer, director John Waters who unveils the scenes of the book as they were happening. He really did thumb his way across America! In an age of RV's and motorcycles blasting gas fumes through the atmosphere. The real story isn't on the asphalt unless you're willing to walk a few thousand miles in a pair of shoes that have no clue which city you'll be sleeping in tonight. John Waters is putting his life on the line. Armed with wit, a pencil-thin mustache, and a cardboard sign that reads “I’m Not Psycho,” he hitchhikes across America from Baltimore to San Francisco, braving lonely roads and treacherous drivers. But who should we be more worried about, the delicate film director with genteel manners or the unsuspecting travelers transporting the Pope of Trash? Before he leaves for this bizarre adventure, Waters fantasizes about the best and worst possible scenarios: a friendly drug dealer hands over piles of cash to finance films with no questions asked, a demolition-derby driver makes a filthy sexual request in the middle of a race, a gun-toting drunk terrorizes and holds him hostage, and a Kansas vice squad entraps and throws him in jail. So what really happens when this cult legend sticks out his thumb and faces the open road? His real-life rides include a gentle eighty-one-year-old farmer who is convinced Waters is a hobo, an indie band on tour, and the perverse filmmaker’s unexpected hero: a young, sandy-haired Republican in a Corvette. Laced with subversive humor and warm intelligence, Carsick is an unforgettable vacation with a wickedly funny companion—and a celebration of America’s weird, astonishing, and generous citizenry.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Joe Elliott Front Man Of Def Leppard

Saturday night Def Leppard invades Charlotte with KISS. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with front man Joe Elliott!!!!! Every countdown I hosted in the 1980's and 90's featured the music of the band I'll always give credit to for saving American "AM" radio. I was that jock doing 7 to midnight radio that was quickly losing listeners to FM. Joe Elliott and Def Leppard pounded the hell out of those mono speakers with a rhythm and riff that invited listeners to keep true to the AM station that brought them to the party. Def Leppard is currently on tour with KISS. A radio station Program Director once told me that a DJ's collection of memories is 500% different than those on the opposite side of the speakers. Listeners live life. Radio on-air talent never forget the day they dropped a needle on their first ever Def Leppard record. Every song that day forward will be nothing but albums and inside sleeves bleeding with information jocks will try to force onto a seven second song intro. And every day thereafter the imagination of the on-air talent will forever believe they could have sold the band bigger and better.