Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pam Grier

Listen to "Pam Grier From Bad Grammas" on Spreaker. Parade Deck Films and WowNow Entertainment announced today the opening theatrical date for BAD GRANDMAS. Set to open on November 10th, 2017, the film stars the late Florence Henderson ("The Brady Bunch"), Pam Grier (Jackie Brown, Mars Attacks!) and Judge Reinhold (Beverly Hills Cop, The Santa Clause). Described as a Fargo-meets-Bad Grandpas comedy, BAD GRANDMAS was written and directed by Srikant Chellappa. The film is slated to open theatrically in over 20 markets and then hit VOD, digital as well as Blu rayT and DVD just in time for the holidays. BAD GRANDMAS is a dark comedy about four southern grandmothers who accidentally kill a con man. Things really go off the rails though when his partner shows up wanting to know where he is. The film also stars Randall Batinkoff (Kick-Ass), Miriam Parrish ("Days of Our Lives", "Roseanne") and Susie Wall (Sophie). Their golden years are not what they expected, but they are far from boring.

Diane Snake Lake

Listen to "Diane Snake Lake Member Of The Family" on Spreaker. Dianne 'Snake' Lake reveals the true account of her years with the Manson family, detailing for the first time how she came to join the Family at age 14 and revealing new information about Charles Manson and life as one of his "girls." ### A poignant and compelling memoir of survival, MEMBER OF THE FAMILY (Morrow, on sale 10/24/2017, on sale 9780062695574, $27.99) is Dianne Lake's disturbing and powerful testament of her time with one of the 20th Century's most notorious criminal figures: Charles Manson. At age fourteen Dianne Lake-with little more than an old note in her pocket from her hippie parents granting her permission to leave them-became one of "Charlie's girls," a devoted acolyte of cult leader Charles Manson. Over the course of two years, the impressionable teenager endured manipulation, psychological control, and physical and sexual abuse as the harsh realities of Charles Manson's true nature revealed themselves. From Spahn Ranch and the group orgies and acid trips, to the Beatles' White Album and Manson's dangerous messiah-complex, Dianne tells the riveting story of the Family's descent into madness as she lived it. In MEMBER OF THE FAMILY, Dianne Lake details how she was lured by one of the notorious cults of the 20th century after her parents, who were themselves members of the famous "Hog Farm" commune, were unwittingly complicit in bringing her to Manson's attention then acquiescing to her choice of joining Charlie's "Family." After a tumultuous upbringing with multiple, chaotic moves, Dianne found herself living out of an old bread truck that her father had transformed so that the Lake family could "drop out" and live life free from societal responsibilities. During this time the Lake family, Dianne's mother and father and two younger siblings, moved around Southern California and Dianne found herself longing for a place she belonged. So, when she walked into a party where two young women, Lynette Fromme and Patty Krenwinkel, singled her out and brought her to the lap of Charles Manson, Dianne finally felt like she had found her true Family.

Cash Cash

Listen to "rBeatz Music Update Cash Cash Building The Band" on Spreaker. We've gotten used to watching so many musicians showing up on a global talent show that suddenly become famous. Believe it or not there are still groups of singer songwriters that have a serious history with each other. One of them being Cash Cash. Their latest release on rBeatz Radio is Take Me Home.

Jon Mero

Listen to "rBeatz Music Update Jon Mero From NBC's The Voice" on Spreaker. Social media has been the key connection to building fan followings. Knowing how to do it right is incredibly important to the singers and songwriters on NBC's The Voice. For many of them it's like holding down a full time job. Jon Mero sees the tool as being an incredible connection to an extremely bright music future.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Michael Dorn

Listen to "Michael Dorn From Star Trek Next Generation" on Spreaker. Michael Dorn (born December 9, 1952) is an American actor and voice artist who is known for his role as the Klingon Worf in the Star Trek franchise. From his first appearance in the series premiere episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Encounter at Farpoint", to his last in Star Trek: Nemesis, Dorn has appeared more times as a regular cast member than any other Star Trek actor in the franchise's history, spanning five films and 272 television episodes. He also appeared as Worf's ancestor, Colonel Worf, in the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Following the end of his Star Trek career, Dorn had supporting roles in a number of independent feature films, including Shadow Hours (2000), Lessons for an Assassin (2001), and the Santa Clause trilogy, in which he appeared in a cameo role as "The Sandman". Dorn was born in Luling, Texas, the son of Allie Lee (née Nauls) and Fentress Dorn, Jr. He grew up in Pasadena, California. He studied radio and television production at Pasadena City College. From there he pursued a career in music as a performer with several different rock music bands, traveling to San Francisco and then back to Los Angeles. Dorn first appeared in Rocky (1976) as Apollo Creed's bodyguard, though he was not credited.He first appeared as a guest on the television show W.E.B. in 1978. The producer was impressed with his work, so he introduced Dorn to an agent who then introduced him to acting teacher Charles Conrad to study acting for six months. He then landed a regular role on the television series CHiPs. Dorn's most famous role to date is that of the Klingon Starfleet officer Lieutenant (later Lt. Commander) Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. "If what happened to the first cast is called being typecast," Dorn says, "then I want to be typecast. Of course, they didn't get the jobs after 'Trek.' But they are making their sixth movie. Name me someone else in television who has made six movies!" Dorn has appeared on-screen in more Star Trek episodes and movies as the same character than anyone else: he appeared in 175 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (missing only the episodes "Code of Honor", "Haven", and "Shades of Gray"), 102 episodes of Deep Space Nine and four Star Trek movies, bringing his total to 281 appearances as Worf. Dorn is also one of six actors to lend his voice to Star Trek: Captain's Chair, reprising his role of Lieutenant Commander Worf.

Molly Sims

Listen to "Molly Sims Everyday Chic" on Spreaker. Once upon a time, Molly Sims was a single girl who used her oven to store cashmere sweaters. Now, the model turned home chef, design diva, organizational guru, entertaining expert, and blessed mama, is whipping up fabulous fare for family and friends. While she loves to cook, Molly also loves to entertain, and to make the home she shares with her husband and young children both beautiful and inviting. In EVERYDAY CHIC: My Secrets for Entertaining, Organizing, and Decorating at Home (On Sale: October 10, 2017; Trade Paperback Original, $24.99; ISBN: 9780062439635; E-Book ISBN: 9780062439642), Molly welcomes you into her home, sharing valuable tips and tricks for the busy mom. What are Molly's secrets to juggling a successful career and growing household? Through many trials and tribulations, Molly has found solutions that work with her busy lifestyle. In her fun, sophisticated, relaxed girlfriend-to-girlfriend style-flavored with just a touch of Southern-Molly brings together expert advice and her own insights for adding that little "extra" to make your everyday life a little better, a little easier, and a little more special. Inside you'll find secrets and real life advice for simplifying, streamlining, and beautifying, including: . Strategies for creating a Zen-like space and kicking clutter to the curb. . Applying the accessory rule to your home-removing one piece when decorating any room. . Meal hacks and time-saving techniques for feeding your family without stress. . Using the right tools to plan parties like a professional, and tackle easy DIY projects. . Prioritizing the positive without getting hung up on the perfect. Perfection is a unicorn! Filled with lovely and instructive color photos of Molly's home and family, personal anecdotes, insight from Molly's go-to experts, and easy-to-follow how-tos and lists, EVERYDAY CHIC will inspire you to create the stylish home and life you want. Let Molly be your guide!

Christina P

Listen to "Christina P Mother Inferior" on Spreaker. Watch her Netflix special "Mother Inferior" debuting 10/10 You can also hear Christina P. ( Pazsitzky) on her hugely successful podcast Your Mom's House with her husband Tom Segura. Your Mom's House is a top rated comedy podcast on iTunes and was nominated for the Stitcher Radio Comedy Award. If you like 7th grade humor, you'll love Your Mom's House. Check out Christina's other podcast, That's Deep, Bro where she gets super deep on stuff. Christina's TV credits include: TruTV's How to Be a Grown Up, she was a Round Table Regular and Writer on the popular E! show Chelsea Lately and TBS' Funniest Wins with Marlon Wayans. Pazsitzky is best known for providing her unique and funny pop culture commentary on several Vh1 countdown shows, TV Guide Channel, SyFy Channel's Insane or Inspired, Tru TV's World's Dumbest and E! Television's Wildest TV Moments. With a background in animation, Christina has written on and lent her voice to several animated projects, like the feature film TV: The Movie with the guys from MTV's Jackass and the television series, Trolls. She was given Animation Magazine's "Up and Coming Writer" Award. You can see Christina's stand up on the Showtime special Red Light Comedy filmed in Amsterdam, TV Guide Channel's Stand Up in Stilettos and Nuvo TV's Stand Up and Deliver. She's also performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Sketchfest, the Aspen Comedy Festival, Moontower Comedy Festival, South African Comedy Festival, Lucy Fest and Gilda's Fest. Christina headlines comedy clubs in the U.S., Canada and has performed for the troops in Afghanistan, South Korea, UAE and Africa. Before becoming a Comedian, she studied Philosophy at Oxford University, dropped out of Law School after two WHOLE weeks and was Goth for more years than she'd care to admit. She and her husband Tom have a son named Ellis who is adorable and loves to pull her hair. The best day of her life (after the birth of her son) was the day she met Kim Deal of the Pixies.