Friday, July 22, 2016

Don Cheadle

MILES AHEAD is a wildly entertaining exploration of one of 20th century music's creative geniuses, Miles Davis, featuring a career defining performance by Oscar nominee Don Cheadle in the title role. In the midst of a prolific career at the forefront of modern jazz, which Davis referred to as “Social Music,” he virtually disappears from public view for a period of five years in the late 1970s, his musical voice stifled and numbed by drugs and pain medications. Dave Braden (Ewan McGregor), a wily music reporter, forces his way into Davis' life and, over the next couple of days, the two men unwittingly embark on a wild and sometimes harrowing adventure to recover a stolen tape of the musician's latest compositions. Plagued by years of regret and loss, Davis flirts with annihilation until he once again finds salvation in his art. Directed by Don Cheadle and co-written by Cheadle and Steven Baigelman, MILES AHEAD was produced by Darryl Porter, Vince Wilburn, Jr., Daniel Wagner, Robert Ogden Barnum, Don Cheadle, Pamela Hirsch and Lenore Zerman; with Mark Amin, Steven Baigelman, Cheryl Davis, Erin Davis, Robert Lewis serving as executive producers. Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Bonus Materials Include: * Commentary with Director Don Cheadle and Co-writer Steven Baigelman * Featurette - “The Truth: Becoming Miles Davis” * 2016 Sundance Film Festival Q & A with Don Cheadle, Ewan McGregor, Emayatzy Corinealdi and LaKeith Lee Stanfield * Commentary available digitally on iTunes only.

Cass Sunstein

Inspired by conversations with his young son, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO STAR WARS asks: Why have the movies become the defining tale of our time? In answering that question, he offers a deep, timeless, and uncharacteristically personal look at Lucas’s masterpiece as it applies to history, politics, behavioral economics, and of course fatherhood. The STAR WARS series, Sunstein argues, is all about freedom of choice: it explores the clouded nature of the future, the dismal failures of plans, the surprising success of rebellions, and the inevitability, in our lives and our society, of “I am your father” moments, which cast a new light on everything that has gone before. Sunstein illustrates this theme by reference to large and unanticipated movements in our culture, our law, our business, and our politics (including presidential elections) -- and to the genesis of STAR WARS itself. “Impossible to see, the future is,” says Yoda; this is the secret theme of STAR WARS and the foundation of its rousing tribute to human freedom.


CRUISR began in 2012 as the solo project of Andy States and quickly morphed into what it is today; an indie-pop band whose summery, feel-good hooks are infectious and stadium ready. States wrote and recorded the band’s first EP in his Philadelphia bedroom, obsessed with the idea of what it means to craft a pop song. “I have an obsession with writing pop music and the idea that songs can transcend people.,” States says. “I saw that producer Jeremy Park started writing blog articles about how he recorded Youth Lagoon, so I wrote to him and sent him my songs asking for advice and knowledge. He wrote back and loved my stuff and helped me produce the first EP.” The six-song self-titled EP was released in the summer of 2012 and quickly garnered attention online and in the press. With all the newfound awareness Andy promptly realized he needed a band to bring his songs to the stage. “Jon was always my sounding board. I’d show him songs in the making and get his advice. It only made sense that he’d become part of CRUISR,” Andy notes. With the addition of Kyle and Bruno the quartet set out performing whenever possible. And of course, they continued to write. “The writing process definitely changed once we became a full band. I’ll work on my computer and bring the idea to Jon. By that time it’s structured and has a backbone, guitars are figured out etc. Jon elaborates on the idea with drums and it goes from there.” In late 2013 CRUISR released a new track online, “Kidnap Me,” which attracted even more positive attention than the EP. Representative of CRUISR as a cohesive unit, “Kidnap Me” was the first track written as a band and showcases what CRUISR does best; sunny, warm, indie-pop. “It’s funny because we’re from Philadelphia and we write songs that sound like summer, which is a fleeting season here. I guess it’s just because Philly is where we feel happiest, and when we’re happy we write happy music.” Fast-forward to present day when CRUISR is gearing up to release their second EP, All Over, which features definitive recordings of “Kidnap Me” and “Don’t Go Alone” as well as the brand new title track “All Over”; all of which were produced and mixed by Andrew Maury (RAC, Panama Wedding, Ra Ra Riot). All Over demonstrates how fantastically Andy’s mind is able to translate pop hooks. “How does pop music make everyone like it so much?” States laughs, “Little kids hear it on the radio and just go crazy, singing stupid songs. There’s something that’s so smart about it, and a lot of things that people don’t notice are the key ingredients to writing a pop song. I’m just really into trying to decipher what those things are and trying to make pop music in our own way.” All Over will be released on September 23 via Vagrant Records.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


She's always a blast no matter where you're breaking out in conversation. Dominque knows how to create laughter and keep it up and alive. Fresh from making a new Tyler Perry movie and on her way to Montreal to record a special. She still had enough time to be Unplugged and Totally Uncut...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Peter Cambor

PETER CAMBOR was born in Houston, Texas. After receiving his B.A. in English from Wesleyan University, Cambor moved to New York to pursue a career in acting. After two years of waiting tables, Cambor was accepted by the American Repertory Theater’s M.F.A. program at Harvard University and the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia. Upon completing the program, Cambor was cast in the Mark Taper Forum’s production of The Cherry Orchard, starring Annette Bening and Alfred Molina. During the production, a producer saw his performance and asked him to audition for the pilot of ABC’s Notes from the Underbelly, in which he was ultimately cast, starring opposite Jennifer Westfeldt. The series was picked up that summer and ran for two seasons. Cambor was next cast in CBS’s drama NCIS: Los Angeles as “Operations Psychologist Nate Getz.” He still appears as “Nate,” a recurring cast member. Other credits include Grace and Frankie, Wedding Band, Suits, Madam Secretary, Pushing Daisies and Numb3rs.

Neal Gabler

There is no one quite like Barbra Streisand. She has been called the “most successful...talented performer of her generation” by Vanity Fair. Her voice, said pianist Glenn Gould, is “one of the natural wonders of the age.” She has scaled the heights of entertainment—moving from popular vocalist to first-rank Broadway star to Oscar-winning actress to producer and director. And she has become something much more than a performer. She is a cultural icon whose life and work resonate deeply in the hearts and minds of audiences. To achieve her astonishing success, Streisand had to overcome tremendous odds, not the least of which was her Jewishness. Dismissed, insulted, even reviled for acting too Jewish and looking too Jewish, she brilliantly converted her Jewishness into a metaphor for outsider-ness that would eventually make her the avenger for anyone who felt marginalized and powerless. In Barbra Streisand: Redefining Beauty, Femininity, and Power, to be published April 26 by Yale University Press, Neal Gabler examines Streisand’s life and career through this prism of otherness—a Jew in a gentile world, a self-proclaimed homely girl in a world of glamour, a kooky girl in a world of convention—and shows how central it was to Streisand’s triumph as one of the voices of her age. Gabler makes vivid Streisand’s nearly unbelievable perseverance. She would not be wrenched from her chosen course by the early death of her father, a childhood of poverty and neglect, or the active discouragement of her mother and teachers. Told throughout her youth that she was unattractive, rejected by her high school chorus, discounted at auditions for being too Jewish, Streisand nevertheless demanded space, opportunity, attention. She refused to be cowed by critics or directors. Rather than change her looks, she demanded that the world change its view of beauty. Instead of following the rules, she challenged discriminatory ideas wherever she encountered them, breaking ground for women producers and directors, embracing political and social causes, and offering public critiques of behavior and practices that undermine women’s achievement. The latest volume in the award-winning Jewish Lives series, Barbra Streisand is an extraordinary story of a living legend whose remarkable toughness, otherworldly talent, and profound difference have reshaped American culture.


After relocating to Los Angeles from New Orleans in early 2014, nineteen year old Rilan Roppolo dove head first into his music, dance and acting career. The results after just one year prove that a kid's dream of moving to Hollywood to become successful in the entertainment business is alive and well and completely possible with the combination of a serious work ethic and incredible talent. As a singer/musician, Rilan has recorded over a dozen songs and worked with an impressive group of producers and songwriters in the studio including Dallas Austin (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga), Damien Page Lewis (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce) and Justin Warfield (She Wants Revenge). His first music video for the song, "Chemical", directed by Ethan Lader, is in regular rotation on MTVU and reached over 1.7 million views in less than 6 months on YouTube. While performing on the live club circuit in Los Angeles, Rilan's music continued to be discovered and praised by some of the top taste makers in the media, adding him to the select list of "artists to watch" for 2015. Rilan's history with dance and acting landed him the coveted role as a Warbler in multiple episodes of the 2015 final season of Fox's hit show Glee. With this much accomplished in his first year in Los Angeles, his fans are looking forward to what 2015 will bring for this triple threat talent.