Friday, October 24, 2014

Chris Jericho Returns

The professional wrestling ring wasn't big enough for what he truly wanted to play. It now includes the rock band Fozzy and three best selling books. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Chris Jericho The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea (Gotham Books, October 14, 2014, hardcover & eBook) begins with Chris Jericho’s return to wrestling in 2007—a letdown for himself and his fans. His new short hair and same old frat-guy insults fell on deaf ears. But despite his sluggish return to the WWE, Jericho refused to give up. He ditched the big talker persona, taking cues from cold, closed-mouth on-screen villains and hard asses. No more autographs, no more baby-faced interviews, and no more boisterous monologues: Jericho was done talking. It was time to shut-up and do whatever it took to be The Best in the World. What followed from 2007 to 2010 were arguably the best years of Jericho’s noteworthy career to date, with three world title reigns and being named the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON) ‘Wrestler of the Year’ two years in a row. THE BEST IN THE WORLD chronicles some of the incredible and often preposterous highlights of those three years, including: • Scaring off Mickey Rourke • His feud with Shawn Michaels • An escape from the 2010 Icelandic volcanoes in a broken down rental car shuttle • As well as stories with Bob Barker, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Al Sharpton, and Mike Tyson. With contributions from his adoring 'Jerichoholics', Chris catalogues various antics of his long and lustrous career. He tells of the origins of catchphrases, finishing moves, his venture into music, rivalries with fellow wrestlers, and turn to acting. With his one-of-a-kind comedic voice, Chris explains his wrestling reinvention with entertaining detail. His knack for getting himself into screwball situations (both in and out of the ring), make for great storytelling. ABOUT CHRIS JERICHO Chris Jericho, author of NYT bestselling A Lion’s Tale and Undisputed, is the son of NHL hockey player Ted Irvine. He has been named one of the top ten wrestlers in the world and one of the top five talkers by the WWE. He performs with the band, Fozzy, which critics have called “larger than life and wildly entertaining.” Chris splits his time between Los Angeles and Tampa, where he lives with his wife and three children. A REVIEW OF THE BOOK FROM KIRKUS REVIEW : The WWE wrestler and entertainer chronicles his latest alcohol-fueled adventures and his push to become a bigger celebrity. Jericho (Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps) is back to regale us with tales from a life filled with drunken nights on the pro-wrestling circuit, performances with his heavy-metal band, Fozzy, and, increasingly, appearances on network TV. Along the way, we get to know Jericho's informal storytelling style, with its self-deprecating humor and many pop-culture references. Pro-wrestling fans, casual and hard-core alike, will have their interest piqued by the volatile relationship between Jericho and WWE's head honcho, Vince McMahon. Jericho also devotes plenty of space to the ways in which he carefully planned his wrestling feuds with recent icons like Shawn Michaels and older legends like Ricky Steamboat. The confrontations have never been limited to fellow wrestlers: Jericho took a punch from Mike Tyson, endured a tongue lashing from Bob Barker and narrowly escaped an all-out brawl with Mickey Rourke (and his crew of bone-breakers). Metalheads will certainly appreciate Jericho's encyclopedic knowledge of hard-core rock bands and his childlike anxiety when meeting stars like Ozzy Osbourne and the members of Metallica. Jericho also recounts his experiences on Dancing with the Stars, which allowed him to showcase his personality as an entertainer, not just a pro wrestler. Laced with deadpan comedic quips and diabolical schemes to further his position as a wrestling villain, this book makes a strong case for Jericho's extensive skill set as a performer. A rollicking ride through a large swath of the entertainment industry.

In The Kitchen with Kris Jenner

Taking Reality Television and giving it a taste. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the Kardashians Mom... Kris Jenner From America’s favorite momager comes a new cookbook and entertainment guide filled with Kris Jenner’s very own insightful tips and favorite recipes. Kris Jenner has done everything under the sun from starring as the matriarch in Keeping Up With the Kardashians to writing a New York Times bestselling memoir entitled Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardashian. She now hosts her own television show, Kris, where she chats with friends and family about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. This book is another way to bring fans into Kris’s home with recipes and entertaining tips that can be used by anyone and everyone. Join Kris as she rolls up her sleeves to dish out tips on how to do it all and have it all in her new cookbook/entertainment guide.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Paul O'Neil Trans Siberian Orchestra

Until you have seen them live. You will never know why they've become the Norman Rockwell's of this generation. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Paul O'Neil from Trans Siberian Orchestra 71 cities. The 2014 tour. The roadies have loaded the trucks, the buses and every sleigh. You better not pout. You better not cry. Trans Siberian Orchestra is coming to town.

Minnie Driver Ask Me To Dance

For years Minnie Driver has talked about one day recording music. Wait until you hear her voice and the standards she chose. You too could be asking, "Will you dance with me?" From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with one of Hollywoods biggest artists... "This would have come a lot sooner, but I had a baby, and I wanted to focus on being a mum for awhile," Minnie Driver says of Ask Me to Dance, her third Rounder/Zöe album, and her first new release since 2007. In a musical career that's run concurrently with her endeavors as one of her generation's most acclaimed and in-demand actresses, Minnie Driver has consistently demonstrated an organic, distinctive set of talents that have been honed through a lifetime of music-making. Ask Me to Dance marks another notable landmark in Driver's creative evolution. Where her first two albums, 2004's Everything I've Got In My Pocket and 2007's Seastories, focused on her own vivid songwriting, Ask Me to Dance finds the artist interpreting a selection of compositions by some of her favorite songwriters, demonstrating the breadth of her musical interests while showcasing her substantial interpretive skills. Driver lends her warmly expressive voice to an impressively diverse set of songs, underlining her talent as a song stylist as well as her deeply personal engagement with the material. She submerges herself in the bittersweet vibe of "Waltz #2" by Elliott Smith, whom Driver befriended when both were in the early stages of their respective careers, and brings a jazzy lilt to The Cure's "Close To Me." While her readings of Neil Young's "Tell Me Why," John Prine's "Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness," and Neil Finn's "Better Be Home Soon" cut straight to the emotional heart of those songs, she reinvents the Killers' "Human" as an affecting country ballad, reworks the swinging Sinatra standard "Fly Me To The Moon" as a stark, moody ballad, and recasts Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster" as a pensive, introspective mood piece. "This is something that I've always wanted to do," Driver says of the covers project. "Every single song on it has enormous resonance for me, for one reason or another. It's called Ask Me to Dance because a lot of it is my entire teenage experience of standing at the side of a dark dance hall, just willing someone to ask me to dance. Some of these songs are the ones that helped me through being a teenager. "But it wasn't just about going back to the past," she continues. "The point was to choose songs that I felt a real connection to, and then metabolizing the song and seeing how I could bring something new to it. It was much harder than I thought it would be, and it was quite a challenge to try to turn these songs into something new, and to find myself in them in a way that would also be meaningful to other people." London-born Amelia Fiona Driver spent much of her early childhood in Barbados, until her parents separated and sent her back to England to attend boarding school. As a teenager, she began singing and playing guitar in London jazz clubs, while earning her degree in drama from the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. By the time she reached her 20s, she was acting regularly on British TV, while singing with the jazz group Puff, Rocks and Brown. "I don't know if I actually did the whole Malcolm Gladwell thing of playing for 10,000 hours, but I felt like I did," Driver recalls. "I had planned to make music my primary thing, but then I got offered a film and it all went off in a different direction. At the time, I thought that I was ready to take on the music industry, but I don't think that I really was. I had to grow up enough to have something to say."

Wendy Miller Demsel in Defense

You won't listen to this. Because research shows that the act of violence has to happen first. Then you decide to protect. After... From the I Heart Radio Studio we are Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Wendy Miller from Damsel in Defense. Damsel In Defense was founded in September of 2011 by two Idaho women with a passion for safety. Being moms, non-lethal defense was their main objective. Moms will do anything to protect themselves and their kids, but guns were not an option in their homes. If there were other options made available that were just as effective in disabling an attacker and non-lethal they wanted them. Looking at the US National Statistics of crimes against women, these friends knew they needed to make them available to their friends and other safety conscious women as well. Appreciating safety just as much as a great accessory, they set out and formed a line of safe and sassy products that women could feel fashionable carrying, as well as empowered. These products quickly received an overwhelming response in Idaho, but being busy moms of little ones they knew that they could not get this necessary product to the rest of the country on their own. In October of 2011, Damsel in Defense signed up their first Independent Damsel Pro. -founders of Damsel in Defense Named NAWBO’s Business Woman of the Year. The co-founders of a Meridian, Idaho-based direct-selling company, Damsel in Defense, have been named the 2013 National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Business Woman of the Year Up & Coming Winners. The nominees, Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes, founded Damsel in Defense in September of 2011 to help equip, empower and educate women about personal protection. The nominees were named as winners at the 2013 NAWBO Gala on Saturday, May 5. The mission of Damsel in Defense is extremely personal to Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes. “1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. College age women are 4 times more likely to be assaulted. Every 2 minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted. One aggravated assault occurs every 35 seconds.” Recognizing the staggering US national statistics regarding crimes against women, these friends knew they needed to create and offer solutions to their friends and other safety-conscious women as well. Appreciating safety, just as much as a great accessory, they set out and formed a line of safe and sassy personal protection products that women could feel fashionable carrying, but more importantly, feel empowered to protect themselves and their children. Lin and Hughes have a heart and purpose bigger than themselves. The duo created a Choice Charity program to be able to give generously to multiple charitable donations monthly. Damsel in Defense holds a monthly Choice Charity nomination on their corporate Facebook page. Each month, Damsel in Defense asks for their Facebook “likers” to nominate one charity that Damsel in Defense will donate to. To date, Damsel in Defense has donated thousands of dollars to: Wipe Every Tear; Women’s & Children’s Alliance (WCA); Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN); and Children’s Hope Residential Services Inc, Restore Innocence and Project Night Light. ' In less than 3 years Damsel in Defense has welcomed over 6,000 Independent Damsel Pros to its nationwide team, which is still growing. Damsel in Defense has been featured on many NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliate newscasts across the nation. The products were seen nationally on NBC’s Today Show and the company was featured in a New York Times article. MORE INFO ABOUT DAMSEL IN DEFENSE PRODUCTS Empowering Women Through Stylish and Portable Self-Defense Products Have you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation that you didn’t know how to get out of? Do you often feel vulnerable to physical attacks when traveling alone? It is completely normal to feel vulnerable against a potential attack or crime. After all, no one wants to be a victim of such violence. It is important to know that women are not the only targets of such attacks but some attackers might find women to be easier targets especially by male assailants. This is why knowing how to defend oneself against a potential attack is important. You don’t necessarily have to learn a form of martial arts to defend yourself, as there are portable weapons that you can take with you when going out or keep near you at home for self-defense purposes. Wondering how you can get a hold of such self-defense weapons? Well, one direct sales company in particular carries a line of self-defense weapons especially designed for women. Damsel in Defense is all about empowering women by providing them with the necessary tools for self-defense. Remember you won’t always have someone to defend you so it’s better to have the means to defend yourself and the people around you. Self-Defense Products So what exactly can you expect from Damsel in Defense’s line of products? Basically, everything you’ll ever need to defend yourself! From stun guns to pepper sprays to portable alarm systems, Damsel in Defense has you covered! Want to explore their amazing product line? Take a look at what they have to offer below: Stun Guns Damsel in Defense’s stun guns may be small but they can easily incapacitate someone with one attack. Stun guns are used in close-contact situations so you have to know exactly how to use it and which button to push. After all, a second can make all the difference if you ever find yourself in the middle of an assault. Damsel in Defense offers five stun gun options in voltages ranging from 950k volts to 7.5 million volts. Some of the varieties they offer even come in clever disguises so attackers won’t know right away that you have a powerful electroshock weapon with you. Their “Pack a Punch” stun gun looks like a flashlight and works like a flashlight but it is equipped with 7.5 million volts of electric power. The “Hot Lips” stun gun looks like a lipstick and even comes with a lipstick cap but it has 950k volts of electric power and the “Call Me Crazy” stun gun looks like a cute little mobile phone and even has all the buttons to show for it but is 4.5 million volts strong! All their stun guns are rechargeable so just make sure to keep it charged and pack it in your purse at all times. It would help to keep an extra one by your bedside drawer too. Pepper Spray Pepper sprays are perhaps one of the most common self-defense tools used by women because they are much more accessible than other weapons. Damsel in Defense offers three types of Pepper spray options in varying sizes. They also come in cute pink and purple varieties, perfect for every stylish personality! The “Pouch O Pepper” and “Hardcore” variety both come in half-ounce bottles and can be used as key chains and the “Take 2” variety comes in two-ounce canisters if you feel more secure knowing that you have more liquid to spray should you ever find yourself being attacked. The great thing about Damsel in Defense’s pepper spray is that they can be sprayed from up to 12 feet away just in case you have to defend yourself from a distance. They also contain UV dye so the cops can easily identify who the attacker is later on. This spray bottle can save your life so it’s always useful having one within close reach. Other Self-Defense and Security Products Looking for a more portable weapon to take with you? A kubotan might just be what you are looking for! These pen-like self-defense weapons come with key chains. They may look harmless and they may look small but they can cause intense pain or even temporary paralysis. It also helps strengthen a defensive strike, just simply target sensitive areas. Just attack with as much strength as you can and the kubotan will take care of the rest! Other useful products offered by Damsel in Defense includes a portable key alarm system that’s 120 decibels loud for situations when you need help, a portable child monitor that you can clip to your child so that you can trigger an alarm should you ever lose sight of your little one while you are out, and a door alarm system that can be activated to sound whenever someone opens the door in your home. Another useful item from Damsel in Defense is the “Aquanet Keepsafe Diversion Safe”, which looks like a can of hair spray but is really a container for valuables like money and jewelry so no one will ever suspect what’s inside. With Damsel in Defense’s powerful self-defense products, you’ll never have to be in distress again even when someone tries to attack you when you are alone. Website:

Carlos Mencia Returns to Unplugged

Performing this weekend at Charlotte's Comedy Zone. It's Carlos Mencia!!!! From the I Heart Radio Studio we are Unplugged and Totally and I mean Totally Uncut!!! Performing this weekend at Charlottes Comedy Zone Carlos Mencia returns to the room that's always on the air. Unplugged and Totally Uncut isn't just a name. We live it. And Carlos is the man that can handle the quick action on the floor then deliver lines that will leave you in a state of wanting to pee your pants.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dennis DeYoung Part One

He didn't just write the songs. He shaped the generation. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Dennis DeYoung Powerful. Majestic. Compelling. These are some of the words that have described the unforgettable live performances given by singer/songwriter/ keyboardist Dennis DeYoung. Now in 2014, the nearly five decade musical legacy of DeYoung has come full circle. On October 21st Frontiers Music Srl will release Dennis DeYoung And The Music Of STYX Live In Los Angeles in 2CD/DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats, encompassing the greatest hits of Styx sung once again by the voice who made them famous. Recorded and filmed for this special CD/DVD release and an October AXS-TV live concert special, these classic STYX songs were captured before an enthusiastic audience at the intimate El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on March 18th, 2014. The 2CD/DVD version is now available for pre-order on here: Pre-orders of the Blu-Ray and digital versions will be made available soon. “If you are a STYX fan this DVD CD package covers all the hits in one great concert experience,” says DeYoung, who wrote and sang nearly all of that legendary band’s radio hits, as well as a number of solo hits. “The intimate setting of the historic El Rey theater was the perfect venue to see me and the band up close rockin’ these tunes.” Captured with 8 cameras in Hi Def, the show features DeYoung performing the band’s catalog of classic rock hits that became a staple on radio during the 1970s and 80s. Among them: “Lady,” “Renegade,” “Blue Collar Man,” “Show Me The Way,” “Mr. Roboto,” “Too Much Time On My Hands,” “Babe,” “Best Of Times ,” “Come Sail Away” and many others. DeYoung, who began playing with the members of Styx in the early 1960s as a band called The Tradewinds, changed its name, wrote and sang the band’s breakthrough single, “Lady” in 1972. The group would go on to have over a dozen gold and platinum albums over the next twenty years. DeYoung left STYX in 1999. In addition to his success with STYX, DeYoung wrote and recorded several solo projects and did an album of Broadway standards, after touring as Pontias Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar. The CD/DVD combo will be released on the same day An Evening With Dennis DeYoung And The Music Of STYX concert special airs on AXS-TV, on October 21st, 2014. “To have this band and these songs on a Blue Ray DVD and two CD set is a dream come true,” says DeYoung. “I have to thank AXS-TV and Frontiers Records for this special opportunity.” Track listing: CD1:The Message / Grand Illusion/ Lady/ Lorelei/ Blue Collar Man/ Show Me The Way/ Mr. Roboto/ Desert Moon/ Don’t Let It End/ Too Much Time On My Hands CD2: Rockin The Paradise/ Crystal Ball/ Babe/ Foolin Yourself/ Suite Madame Blue/ Best Of Times/ Renegade/ Come Sail Away DVD: Grand Illusion/ Lady/ Lorelei/ Blue Collar Man/ Show Me The Way/ Mr. Roboto/ Desert Moon/ Don’t Let It End/ Too Much Time On My Hands/ Crystal Ball/ Babe/ Fooling Yourself/ Suite Madame Blue/ Best Of Times/ Renegade/ Come Sail Away View the Dennis DeYoung And The Music Of STYX- Live In Los Angeles Trailer: Preorder the 2CD/DVD version of Dennis DeYoung And The Music of STYX Live In Los Angeles at: For all things Dennis DeYoung, please visit: Follow Dennis DeYoung on Facebook: