Friday, April 20, 2018

Amazing Kreskin

Listen to "The Amazing Kreskin Takes Over New York" on Spreaker. These are just some of the adjectives guaranteed to be flying around New York City in the spring when THE AMAZING KRESKIN debuts his off-Broadway production, "The Amazing Kreskin LIVE" Thursday, April 12 at Theatre Row - Lion Theatre, 410 W. 42nd St., NYC 10036. Tickets, at $37.25 & $52.25, on sale Thursday, Feb. 22 at or by phone at 212-239-6200. The three-week residency will showcase the legendary mentalist's you-gotta-see-'em-to-believe-'em abilities as a reader of people's thoughts which have mesmerized - and yes, amazed - fans of all ages around the world for some six decades. Marvel as Kreskin ascertains the suit and value of cards selected randomly by audience members. Watch in wonder as he displays his unprecedented mental powers by reciting information written in secret by those in attendance. And, of course, Kreskin will climax each performance of "The Amazing Kreskin LIVE" with his signature piece, in which he requests that his check be hidden somewhere in the venue. If he fails to find it, he will forfeit that show's fee. To confirm the legitimacy of this and his other awesome feats of psychic literacy, Kreskin continues to offer $100,000 to anyone who can empirically prove he employs paid secret assistants or confederates in any phase of his act. Not surprisingly, the bounty never has been claimed. As for the upcoming off-Broadway run, Kreskin counts it among his numerous career highlights (which include late-night TV stints with Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman, as well as 88 appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and his own hit TV series, The Amazing World of Kreskin). "I've spent my entire adult life travelling the world performing for presidents, kings and the elite of dozens of nations, but never have I been more excited about an engagement than this one," says Kreskin. "To have the opportunity to perform for New York audiences on an extended basis is one of the great honors and privileges of my career."

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

Listen to "Katty Kay and Claire Shipman Confidence Code For Girls" on Spreaker. In 2014, journalists and TV news anchors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman wrote the best-seller The Confidence Code: The Science & Art of Reassurance - What Women Should Know, which sparked a national conversation about the confidence gap between men and women. Today, as the issue of gender equality has become more vital than ever, Kay and Shipman turned their attention to young girls with The Confidence Code for Girls, a guide to help tween-age girls become bold, brave, fearless women. For a lot of girls, preteen years are when they're most in need of confidence. Girls worry constantly about how they look, what people think, whether to try out for a sports team or school play, why they aren't getting "perfect" grades, and how many likes and followers they have on social media. Confidence is the most necessary and the most elusive tool for girls today figuring out who they are and how they can succeed. Breaking down myths of perfectionism and other ideas that stifle girls from action, Kay and Shipman provide the wisdom needed to overcome that dangerous voice in your head that says you can't succeed.

Brett Tutor

Listen to "Brett Tutor From Trading Spaces On TLC" on Spreaker. Brett Tutor is the handsome, charismatic new carpenter starring in the much-anticipated new season of "Trading Spaces," the beloved hit series returning to TLC on April 7, 2018. The chiseled Renaissance man who People Magazine calls 'much more than just a pretty face' has an incredibly diverse resume reflecting his seemingly endless talents. He has worked as a stuntman, EMT and SWAT medic, house flipper, home inspector, white water rafting and rock climbing guide, singer, songwriter and guitarist, as well as a security and survival specialist on season two of Discovery Channel's hit show "Treasure Quest." He's also a passionate champion of causes with a positive social impact. In 2014, he founded the non-profit organization Off The Grid International (, which builds clean water and sanitation systems in some of the most remote regions of the planet. Brett got his start in the entertainment business as a stuntman, working in television shows and feature films, including "Seven Days in Utopia," starring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black. He has also appeared in national commercials for Old Spice, Chevrolet, Jeep, Dodge Ram and Dick's Sporting Goods. In addition, he hosted the regional television show "New Home Source," which featured Brett traveling the country and educating viewers on new building methods and materials, energy efficiency and the future of home building. Brett was born and raised in Austin, Texas. His love of adventure began at an early age, riding motorcycles and BMX bikes with his brother, and receiving truckloads of dirt as Christmas presents to add to their backyard dirt jump track. He was a world-ranked golfer by age 12, winning the UCT International Jr. golf tournament, and also played football and baseball through his senior year of high school. By age 15, he was apprenticing as a carpenter and a home inspector under his grandfather. At 19, Brett moved to Hilo, Hawaii to train in mixed martial arts at BJ Penn's MMA Academy, training in Jiu Jitsu under the Penn's and Muay Thai under Rudy Valentino. Two years later, he went on a transformative trip with a humanitarian relief group to Kenya, Africa, volunteering with multiple orphanages and helping with security and logistics. Spending time in the slums of Kibera was life-changing, giving him a valuable global perspective and inspiring his commitment to continue to help those in need. Brett enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at age 21 and was put in charge of a 60-man basic training squad on his first day of training. He was accepted into the Pararescue Special Operations program but was unable to complete his training or be deployed after tearing his Achilles tendon during his first year with the elite team. After his medical discharge, he returned to Austin and completed carpentry school and EMT school simultaneously while working as a carpenter. Then he went to Tactical Medic/SWAT school, where he was trained in unconventional emergency medicine, small team tactics, weapons, land navigation, room clearing, emergency K9 care, clan labs and more. After moving from Austin to Bend, Oregon, Brett worked as a white-water rafting and rock-climbing guide and counselor for an adventure outfitter. He also took troubled youth into the back country of central Oregon on multi-day wilderness therapy trips. Brett later returned to Austin, where he began flipping houses and working as a home inspector and a general contractor. In 2012, he founded the company Property Doctors Home Inspections. He is a licensed Professional Inspector (TREC #20110), Licensed OSSF Septic System Installer (TCEQ), Residential Energy Auditor, Rain Water Harvesting System Installer and Rain Water System Inspector (ARCSA). He is also a singer, songwriter and guitarist and plays in a band in Austin, Texas with his brother Chase. "The Tutor Brothers" music can be found on iTunes, and their music video "Fire Fly" can be seen at He will debut the music video for his new song 'Flower Child' ( on Instagram in April. Follow Brett on Twitter @BrettTutor, on Instagram @bretttutor and on Facebook at

Kristin Casey

Listen to "Kristin Casey Rock Monster" on Spreaker. Far from bitter or self-pitying, Rock Monster is an honest account of one woman's life-changing experience in a relationship with rock legend Joe Walsh. At once envious, glamorous, debauched and disturbing, it's her long and winding journey from life in the fast lane to sobriety and redemption. Set in the late-eighties and nineties, these are some of Walsh's darkest years, from spiraling addiction to a stunning comeback with the Eagles' Hell Freezes Over tour. Loaded with true stories never before heard, Rock Monster is essential reading for classic rock fans and anyone touched by addiction. Kristin Casey pulls no punches, sharing gritty details with self-awareness, humor, and affection. Sharply written, bold and incisive, it's the worldly-wise tome only an ex-addict, ex-stripper, and ex-rock-chick could give us. You'll also read about interesting run-ins with luminaries like Ringo Starr, Bonnie Raitt, Jack Nicholson, and Stevie Nicks--but the prose is also written with the world-wise humor of a true survivor. In the tradition of women-in-rock survivor tales―think Marianne Faithful, Crystal Zevon, Jo Wood et al.―Kristin Casey pulls a veil on the enduring myth of the lifestyle's glamorous decadence. Rock Monster is a sexy, crazy, cautionary tale of two addicts in love without a single relationship skill. Told with an aching straightforward vulnerability, peppered with massive superstars and seedy hangers-on, this addictive spiral catapults you into what life with an unpredictable rock god is really like. Hooked on each other, the booze fueled muse and her man, Joe Walsh, take "monstering" to a harrowing level. The writing is so good it feel like spending a chatty couple of weeks with your wildest best friend, spilling oh so many scintillating secrets."-Pamela Des Barres, New York Times bestselling author of I'm with the Band and Take Another Little Piece of My Heart "No vantage point is better than the one on the inside. KC was on the front lines of one of rock's most decadent eras. She tells her story with skill and detail that will stay with the reader a very long time."-Marc Eliot, New York Times bestselling author of To The Limit: The Untold Story of the Eagles "Kristin Casey's moving, honest, and powerful story takes us into a world we've all dreamed of being inside-the excitement of life with a famous rockstar, the drugs, the sex, and the romance-and pulls back the curtain to reveal what actually happens backstage."-Kerry Cohen, author of Loose Girl "Rock Monster gives an unflinchingly honest, crisply detailed look into Casey's years as a young stripper dating a famous rock star. It's everything you ever wondered about that life and more. Her writing is so intimate and revealing that you almost feel guilty, as if you're reading somebody's diary. Her spot on descriptions of the yearnings, the urge to please, her own feelings of inadequacy as well as the insidious slide into drug addiction amidst the glamorous touring life makes this a must read."-Amy Dresner, author of My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean "This ain't no fanboy account, it's the genuine lived experience of Walsh's most intimate relationship. And while you're there check out the pictures! (Walsh may be crazy, but he ain't that crazy!)"-Adam "Slowpoke" Temple, Austin guitarist, The Scabs "I knew I was gonna love this book the moment I got to the line, 'Can we please f**k normally now?' And that was within the first dozen or so pages. I mean seriously, what more do you want from a whirlwind romance between a stripper and a rock star? You want drugs, too? Well you're in luck, fancypants. It's like they raided Hunter S. Thompson's personal stash, and then f**ked like demons. If this isn't what constitutes great literature anymore, then I give up. If nothing else, read this book and the next time 'Life's Been Good' comes on the radio, you can smile knowingly to everyone around you and say, 'You guys have NO idea.'" -Eric Spitznagel, author if Old Records Never Die: One Man's Quest For His Vinyl and His Past

Dash Cooper

Listen to "Dash Cooper From Co-Op" on Spreaker. No strangers to performance, CO-OP brings a big, powerful sound to their show. Forming in 2014, CO-OP began gathering a small following in the local Phoenix scene. Within a few years, having shared a stage with rock legends like Motley Crue, The Hollywood Vampires and Alice Cooper, CO-OP is expanding their influence beyond Arizona and even outside the United States. Founder and frontman Dash Cooper’s powerful vocals mix a classic rock undertone with the strength and grit of modern rock while guitar players Kolby Peoples and Jeremy Tabor introduce heavy riffs mixed with melody hooks that keep the music powerful and interesting. Justin Swartzentruber (bass) and Nick Spann (drums) hold down the foundation. Not content to stick only to pursuing their careers in music, CO-OP often puts their skills to work helping raise funds for Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center. The work has often brought with it opportunities to perform as a back-up band along with other philanthropic volunteers such as Alex Lifeson (Rush), Danny Seraphine (Chicago) and Tommy Thayer of Kiss. 2017 brought the band on their first tour with label mates One Eyed Doll and Dollskin. Look for a new album release and tour coming up in 2018. Other artists CO-OP has performed with: Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, KISS, The Hollywood Vampires, Korn, Trivium, Steel Panther, One Eyed Doll, Doll Skin, Max Cavalara of Soul Fly, Alex Lifeson of Rush, Tommy Thayer of KISS, Robbie Krieger of The Doors, 9 Electric, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, Beasto Blanco, Johnny Lang, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Orianthi, P.O.D., Thousand Foot Crutch, Ted Nugent, Night Ranger, Danny Seraphine of Chicago, Love and Death, Colt Ford, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, Lita Ford, Rob Zombie, Bret Michaels of Poison, Tom Kiefer of Cinderella, The Iron Maidens, Lola Black, The Chimpz, Future Leaders of the World, Great White, Slaughter, Jackyl, Fireflight, Don Felder of The Eagles, LA Guns, Buried as Thieves.

The D Word

Listen to "The D Word" on Spreaker. My Mother isn't afraid of the D word. She just doesn't use it as part of her vocabulary. Her method of thinking looks to have found a continuation in me. On today's show I read from April 22, 2016. The daily writer speaks clearly about the loss of Prince. But never within the presented paragraphs does he mention how he has passed. As a writer I drew readers into a picture of memories extending their strings beyond the legacy. There weren't going to be any new concerts or extremely creative interviews on YouTube but Prince did record music as often as he could. I always found it to be quite inspiring that he'd put everything in the vault. Michael Jackson did the same. Creative energy isn't supposed to be a feeder of this moment only. To wave goodbye to somebody is truly not seeing who they were as a person beyond a simple conversation. So I ask on The Choice today what you've done or are doing in your walk forward that will find life beyond the final breath. I'm not shy to admit that my relationship with my father Joe is stronger in the years after then it was when I could pick up the phone and talk about whatever made him laugh. But I've never used the D word when describing that relationship. Lets look at it through the eyes of being an employee. Everything you are today is the continuation of what someone shared with you while growing into this moment. I've been blessed with a 40 year broadcast career and everything I write, produce and perform today is a lesson learned along the way. Bosses totally tormented me during those younger years and yet today I see them as heroes. Try it out sometime. Look beyond the D word. Find a new field to plant what you've been given. What if today life truly begins?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Jim Bell

Listen to "Jim Bell The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide" on Spreaker. Do you dream of traveling to other worlds? This visually spectacular book brings you closer to an interplanetary voyage than ever before! Following in the footsteps of Jim Bell’s successful The Space Book, Mars 3-D, and Moon 3-D, this large-format volume offers space enthusiasts an unparalleled visual experience of our solar system. Featuring eight removable NASA posters highlighting the wonders of space, gorgeous full-color photography, and stunning art, Bell’s travel guide takes you on a futuristic tour of the solar system and beyond. Along the way, you’ll experience what it’s like to hike across lunar craters, soar through the winds of Venus, and raft down the rapids of Titan. Informative summaries of every destination are based on knowledge gleaned from more than 50 years of space exploration. The images provide a taste of the awe-inspiring destinations that we may one day reach, from the oceans of Europa to the newly discovered planets of TRAPPIST-1, while captions draw our attention to the unusual craters, ridges, seas, and storms captured by orbiting satellites, landers, and rovers.