Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Dino Danelli The Rascals Once Upon A Dream

There's an amazing number of musicians listening to their inner calling, "Help get the roots of Rock into the veins of tomorrows presentation." Little Steven Van Zandt isn't on a kick. He's part of the movement. Having the passion to perform may look like a seed at birth but someone or a list of already in tune players have the necessary something special to crack the shell. Once free...there's gonna come a time when music softly screams, "Your turn..." The Rascals/Young Rascals were the band that popped that Van Zandt cherry. I sure didn't get into radio to produce commercials. Being live on that two speaker stage has often been accused on my artist eye view of what Simmons and Stanley ripped from their souls and threw out that 1977 night in Billings, Montana. The problem is...I was spinning 45's and plugging in 8-track tapes when having Alphabet's for breakfast came with an Archies song attached to the back.\ Everything you do is attached to music. It's roots. It's vibration on paved soil. Who broke you free from innocence? I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Dino from The Rascals. Following a sold-out Broadway engagement, The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream, a new concert event written by guitarist Steven Van Zandt, with music and lyrics by Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati, will embark on a North American tour beginning May 24. Presented by producers Steven Van Zandt and Maureen Van Zandt, Marc Brickman, Larry Magid and BASE Entertainment, the tour will kick off May 24-27 at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL. Directed by Van Zandt and Marc Brickman, the show has stage, video and lighting design by Brickman. Previews began April 15, prior to an official opening April 16, for a run through May 5 at Broadway's Richard Rodgers Theatre. The Rascals, formerly known as The Young Rascals, were at first "a hard-hitting band reminiscent of the early Animals," drawing from "the same well that fed the then-burgeoning garage rock scene," according to their biographical notes. "They would go on to lead the way for Blue Eyed Soul to Folk Rock to Protest to Civil Rights, blending white Pop melodies with black soul and R&B muscle. Though they never brandished their politics like some bands, the Rascals truly lived theirs, fighting discrimination by demanding that a black act appear on the bill at each of its concerts. The post-twist New York, New Jersey, and Long Island club scenes bred the band, an outfit whose sound grew more sophisticated as time went on, but stayed rooted in the blue-eyed soul that was its first reason for being. Their music would span the entire decade from the early Go-Go dance parties right through the psychedelic era — and beyond." "When The Rascals: Once Upon a Dream sold out at the Capitol Theatre, and performances had to be added this past December, we saw very clearly that there is an enduring love for the music of The Rascals," Van Zandt, who also serves as the show's music producer, said in an earlier statement. "The Rascals created music that inspired a generation — and that feeling has lived on through their original fans and the legions of new fans that have discovered their music over the years." Check out the interview

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unplugged and Totally Uncut: Maz Jobrani

My style is to make it real. Unplugged and totally uncut. Then locate the answers before they predict my next question. It's conversation for a Twitter Generation. A little more than 140 characters but far more reaching than cut and paste. This week at Charlotte's Comedy Zone it's Maz Jobrani. Wait! Time to cut and paste! The Colbert Report, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Talkshow with Spike Feresten, "Whitney", and regularly performs at top comedy clubs (in California and New York) such as The Comedy Store. He made an appearance as a dental patient on an episode of Still Standing, in the pilot episodes of Better Off Ted, The Knights of Prosperity Listen to the interview

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Fortune Feimster

I love me some southern girls! Especially when they come from Belmont. Fortune Feimster just turned my Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend into a Sweet Potato Pie whipped cream delight! My God! Finally! Someone who knows the way we live, speak and eat Bojangles. In town this weekend at The Comedy Zone Read more: Check out the interview

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Josh Blue

Time to get unplugged and go totally uncut with another national comedian. Josh Blue... oh you know him. 7 years ago he picked up a big V on Last Comic Standing.... it quickly moved him from armature to headliner. Google Josh and nearly every webpage claims he got his start doing open mic sets while attending The Evergreen State College. Yeah know me... The art of comedy isn't a pool of water you fall into. I'm diggin and gettin... the real man behind the face named: Josh blue Josh the comedy zone this weekend get ticket cltcomedy zone .com The interview

Friday, May 3, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut With Comedian Josh Wolf

Since working with Pam Stone... Comedian's have become my people to watch. It's a people watcher watching another people watcher...watching people turn into a moving, constantly changing, always demanding nation of buyers, sellers and groover's. I love the way comedians look at life and say: Let's talk about this. Get them into my studio and it becomes my turn to say: Yo time to talk to arroe.... this week we're unplugged and totally uncut with josh wolf Although he's best known for his appearances on Chelsea Lately....the world of entrainment is in hot pursuit of Josh Wolf. On stage this weekend at the Comedy zone. This is IMDB's blip on the comic bleep screen: Comedian, actor, and writer Josh Wolf has become one of the most sought after personalities in comedy today. From adding his quick witted commentary on comedy round tables, to becoming a New York Times Bestselling Author, writing on hit television shows, and headlining standup comedy tours across the nation, Wolf has proved time and time again he is one of the most dynamic and multi-faceted comedians in the entertainment business. Wolf is a regular round table guest and writer on the hit E! series "Chelsea Lately," and recently appeared as a performer on the new E! series "After Lately." On March 19, 2013, Wolf will debut his latest book, "It Takes Balls: Dating Single Moms and Other Confessions from an Unprepared Single Dad" [Grand Central Publishing.] Funny and brutally honest, the book details Wolf's adventures as a struggling stand up comedian, while juggling being a single parent in Los Angeles. Born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Amherst- Wolf had a love for comedy and making people laugh from an early age. As a teenager, he took to the stage in the Boston area, performing his first stand up show when he was 15 years old. By the time he was in his mid-twenties, he was ready for a fresh start, and moved to Seattle, Washington in hopes of expanding his comedy career. He was able to get more stage time and practice in the comedy world, as indie musicians were dominating Seattle's live entertainment scene. When he was 28, Wolf decided to make the move to Los Angeles. After several years in Seattle he had made his mark in the local comedy circuit, and wanted to play with the big boys of comedy. He quickly discovered it wasn't any easier being a small fish in a saturated comedy pond, than a big fish in the entertainment pond of a port city. The interview

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Yoko Ono

I've written two books based on the power of human thoughts and the ability of each word delivered landing on the front step of a different time and place. Without promotion and or notice it sits in a jar by the door. Alongside someone you'll never meet. This is a guess. An assumption. Not a sip of reality placed between the invisible fibers making up a sheet of paper. At no time. During any particular chapter of her personal journey. Did Yoko Ono know the impact she'd have beyond what everybody knows her for. Being in "Radio" landed me 14 minutes and 42 seconds with her. Being a "Writer" unlocked me from the principals of interview requirements. Having been in art galleries while still receiving pictures to paint from unexplained arrivals and destinations committed me to helping Yoko exhale. We shared a conversation. A continuation. It had nothing to do with me writing a book called Scrambled Eggs based on the life she's lived with a man of tremendous fame. I didn't feverishly fight to unveil the whispers of reality. The secrets of backstage. The treacherous reminders of having to become part of that long and winding road even when it's a mood, mindset or place in the present your heart no longer wants to dance with. I was asked multiple times if I were nervous. Strangest thing about me. Put an Artist on my place of creativity and from out of nowhere universes unite. I can't say that about coworkers, neighbors or Face Book friends. I admit! My heart lit! When Yoko casually spoke of no book being written about her because there is no one. I loved listening to her laugh while talking about her current music recording project with Sean. Then to hear her determination about John being told not to throw away his art brought me closer to an area of music history fans never hold long enough to pick their own strings while writing soon to be forgotten lyrics. I'm just one of a billion. The opposite side of a phone conversation. I'm not Oprah. MTV or felt any need to bust open a can of shock and surprise. For 14 minutes and 42 seconds. The paths of separated experiences would mysteriously become one. For no reason other than setting free a side of Yoko Ono that time wasn't interested in. Yet along the creative highway of constant change there'll be a set of eyes. A pair of ears. A heart begging to be listened to. That will hear Yoko's voice, determination and reasons for being truthful and giving. Let it be. The seed. Of a new beginning. The Interview YOKO ONO Presents: “In My Life” The Artwork of John Lennon May 3 – 5, 2013 Imagine There’s No Hunger… to help benefit The Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina “There are Places I’ll Remember…” John Lennon (Charlotte, NC—April 19, 2013) For the past 20+ years Yoko Ono & Legacy Fine Art & Productions have brought this exhibit across the United States as a way to honor his memory & celebrate his messages of peace, love & truth. As the exhibit returns to Charlotte, the focus this year is on truth & our continued quest to find all that is true in the world & within ourselves. You will have an opportunity to see John as an artist in the true sense of the word & not only take a look into his mind but experience “A Day in the Life” of John Lennon through his drawings, sketches and written words from his days as a Beatle up until his untimely death. John’s questioning of authority, through his statements & songwriting, was especially evident in his lyrics for “Give Me Some Truth” written for the Imagine Album 41 years ago. Given today’s political climate both globally & in the United States, John’s words ring as true now as they did then & continue to enlighten, inspire & provoke people all over the world. These exhibits have become meeting places for John’s legions of fans to “Come Together” & share in his spirit through his artwork & songwriting. Throughout the years the exhibit has been ever changing but the message has always remained the same…. IMAGINE….Join us in Remembering John Lennon. Location: Doubletree Suites by Hilton Charlotte-South Park (Adjacent to the South Park Mall) 6400 Morrison Boulevard The Barringer Ballroom Charlotte, NC Dates &Times: Friday May 3rd 5 – 9PM Saturday May 4th: 11 AM - 7 PM Sunday May 5th: 11 AM – 6 PM Imagine There’s No Hunger…In the spirit of John & Yoko’s benevolence, we will be raising money to help benefit The Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, a non-profit organization who strives through education, advocacy, and partnerships to eliminate hunger by the solicitation and distribution of food. We are suggesting a $2.00 donation at the door. For more information go to or call 704-376-1785. For Media Inquiries, Please Contact: Legacy Fine Art & Productions 888-278-1969 or email