Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dr Peter Sacco Returns

If you like your scare to be edge of your seat paranormal. This ones for you. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Dr Peter Sacco Poltergeist Or Demonic Possession? Psychologist Discusses Case Study Supernatural Phenomena Continue To Haunt Residences Worldwide New York, NY, August 29, 2014 - Supernatural phenomena aren't something seen only on the big screen – they may be happening in your own hometown, and they're getting the spotlight in mainstream media. Pope Francis – the most beloved pope in ages – seems to be as serious about his Exorcism rituals as he is about his concerns regarding poverty. Not only has he dwelled much more on demons and Satan than his recent predecessors, Francis seeks to rekindle the Devil as a possible supernatural explanation for much of the world's ills. Dr. Peter Andrew Sacco, a psychology professor, has been working to better understand the apparent supernatural phenomena in his backyard, Niagara Falls. "Most people think of it as a honeymooner's destination, yet in nearby St. Catharine's in 1970, Canada hosted one of the most interesting supernatural cases in the world,” says Sacco, popular selling author of Paranormal Niagara: Cases of the Mysterious and the Macabre (www.petersacco.com), and host of the new series, Niagara's Most Haunted, one of the most popular shows on ghosts and the paranormal in Canada! "For a complete lunar cycle (28 days), a family and their friends were tormented; police, priests and other high-ranking officials became part of this case. It became so widely known, Johnny Carson mentioned it years ago on The Tonight Show.” Investigators studied the area to put to rest the rumors. What they found, however, prompted even more supernatural intrigue. What are the stories? Was it a poltergeist or the kind of demonic possession that so concerns Pope Francis, and what's the difference? About Dr. Peter Andrew Sacco Peter Andrew Sacco is a former adjunct psychology professor at Niagara University, Lewiston, N.Y., in the teacher education program. Creator and instructor of the Criminal Psychology Program at Niagara College, Canada, he is also an instructor at McMaster University, Canada in the Addiction Studies Program and Police Foundations Study. In addition to 700 articles published in newspapers, magazines and journals, Professor Sacco has to his credit many books, including What's Your Anger Type, Penis Envy, and Why Women Want What They Can't Have.” Sacco is the TV show host of the new fun series, Niagara's Most Haunted, and has a weekly radio show, Matters of the Mind. For more information, please see: www.petersacco.com. Available at online outlets Paranormal Niagara: Cases of the Mysterious and the Macabre Publisher: Booklocker ASIN: B00FKHIEG0

Joe Elliott Down N Outz

The front man of Def Leppard returns to the I Heart Radio Studio and we're talkin about his new band Down N Outz plus the Art Of McCartney Tribute album. Unplugged and Totally Uncut Down ‘n’ Outz are set to announce a new single. "One Of the Boys", taken from their critically acclaimed album "The Further Adventures Of.". The single was originally the b side to Mott The Hoople’s “All the Young Dudes” and is a classic slice of Hunter/Ralphs song writing. The single precedes UK tour dates in December 2014. April 2014 saw the release of the album The Further Adventures Of…, which is the third instalment of the project fronted by Def Leppard’s lead singer Joe Elliott, and features tracks connected to Mott the Hoople. The album is available through Bludgeon Riffola via Mailboat Records The project was born in 2009 when Mott The Hoople reformed and asked long-time friend and fan Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) to get involved. Joe formed the Down ‘n’ Outz with The Quireboys' Paul Guerin (Guitar), Guy Griffin (Guitar) and Keith Weir (keyboards), plus Phil Martini (drums). Together they looked to bring songs by Mott The Hoople and spin off projects of Mott, Ian Hunter and British Lions to a wider audience. In 2009 Down ‘n’ Outz supported Mott The Hoople at one of the band’s five Hammersmith Apollo shows, which garnered much interest with fans. The fan demand eventually led to the band looking to create an album. 2010 saw the release of the critically acclaimed debut My Re-Generation through Mailboat Records (Joe Perry, Walter Becker, Chris Isaak, Jeff Bridges). My Re-Generation included the singles “England Rocks” and “Overnight Angels,” that reached No 4 and No 1 respectively on the US Media Base Rock chart -keeping Eric Clapton’s new single off the top of the chart for 2 weeks. The band then released a live DVD taken from those initial shows called “Live At Hammersmith Apollo.” The new album The Further Adventures of… picks up where the live DVD left off and features the driving groove of album opener “Rock And Roll Queen”. The collection also includes the good time of rock-n-roll tune and new single “One Of The Boys,” and ballad “The Journey,” plus the drum heavy song “Violence.” This LP is set to bring out a rich and much loved seam of British songwriting to a whole new audience. The album was produced by Joe Elliott with co-production by Ronan McHugh. The album was recorded at Joe Elliott’s own studio Joe’s Garage. Previous single “Rock N Roll Queen” has already reached No 2 on the media based rock chart in the USA. Joe Elliott says, “These songs make up a huge portion of who I am and I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to record them and hopefully give them a new lease of life, which, quite frankly, is long overdue.” Morgan Fisher (keyboardist Mott The Hoople 1973/1974 and also Mott and British Lions) expresses, "It's like Joe and the boys have taken some vintage films and slapped them onto a big, bright Technicolor screen. A great, in-your-face new way to experience some of Mott's finest songs!" After supporting Mott The Hoople in 2009, Down ‘n’ Outz played the main stage of inaugural High Voltage festival at Victoria Park, London during the Summer of 2010. Following this memorable performance, they toured the UK as main support to Paul Rogers in 2011. Official site: http://www.downnoutz.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DownNOutz Twitter: https://twitter.com/DownNOutz YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/1hVFjMl

Ronnie from Lizard Lick Towing

From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Ronnie from Lizard Lick Towing. They'll be at the Cleveland County Fair!!! I remember when Governor McCrory of North Carolina once spoke about Broadcasting being one of this states biggest exports. Radio was making a huge impact on outside markets. As television began to change. Featuring a southern life and style couldn't be acted out by someone above Virginia. Being from Carolina is all about having character. And nobody does it better than those featured on Lizard Lick Towing. Who'll be pulling into the Cleveland County Fair.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Gary Wright

You thought you knew the song but did you know the story? The song that was written the moment his best friend George Harrison passed. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the Dream Weaver Gary Wright Best known for his multiplatinum hits "Dream Weaver" and "Love is Alive," Gary Wright was at the high-point of his career during the golden age of rock in the 1970s. At age 33, he had already embarked on massive arena tour with Peter Frampton and recorded music with legendary musicians Eric Clapton, and B.B King, among others. Yet, even with all of this success, he still had many questions about who he was. Now, in his new memoir Dream Weaver, he shares his more personal, spiritual side. At the heart of his journey is a profound friendship with "quiet Beatle" George Harrison. Until Harrison’s death in 2001, the two wrote songs together, pondered philosophical issues, and traveled to India on an ongoing quest to connect with their spirituality. Join Gary Wright on September 29th as he shares some key moments in both his music and spiritual life, including: • Playing on the same stage with rock icons such as Peter Frampton and The Rolling Stones • Being invited to stay with legendary sitar player Ravi Shankar • Forming the legendary rock group Spooky Tooth • The making of his album, The Dream Weaver, and how it became a timeless classic • His collaboration with George Harrison on the never-before-released recording “To Discover Yourself,” featuring Ringo Starr and Robert DeLeo of the Stone Temple Pilots Gary Wright illuminates key moments in his journey and offers an insider’s look at a tumultuous and revolutionary time in both the music and spiritual realms.

Killer Beaz

One night only. This Wednesday night only. Killer Beaz invades Charlotte's Comedy Zone. He's in the I Heart Radio Studio Unplugged and Totally Uncut When I first arrived in Charlotte. The program director of the radio station asked me to record this great comedian on the competing station. His exact words were, "Study his pattern of delivery. Learn his art. He knows how to deliver an incredible radio break." That man was Killer Beaz. After 29 years we finally meet.

Wavy Gravy

Amazing things happen when you let history catch up. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the legendary Wavy Gravy On the flipside of the 45th Anniversary of Woodstock and his role as emcee, the original clown activist will take the stage at City Winery on October 20th in New York City to debut his One Man Show. Take a comedic and insightful trip thru 78 years of one extraordinary life by the self-described "Hippy Icon, Flower Geezer & Temple of Accumulated Error." Gravy muses on many celebrated names and seminal moments in pop culture from Woodstock to San Francisco's seminal 1960s improv group the Committee to the many stages he stood on with The Grateful Dead. Wavy is the original activist clown and former frozen dessert (a reference to his onetime celebrity as a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor). He talks about his life and times with everyone from Albert Einstein to Lenny Bruce (his first manager) to Bob Dylan to B.B. King giving Wavy his name. "Some people tell me I'm a saint, I tell them I'm Saint Misbehavin,." Wavy says. “I love telling great stories about Bill Graham, Marlene Dietrich, Alice Cooper and Paul Krassner among others.” Hugh Romney, much better known as Wavy Gravy, already well into his official geezerhood', is more active and more effective in the world then he was decades ago. Back then when still known as Hugh Romney he stood on the stage of the original Woodstock concert and announced...." What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000!" He was at Woodstock as a member of an entertainment/activist commune known as the Hog Farm. Today, the Hog Farm still exists, collectively owning and operating the 700-acre Black Oak Ranch and hosting the annual Pig-Nic. And Wavy lives 8 months of the year in a Berkeley Hog Farm urban outpost, a big communal house he refers to as "hippie Hyannisport" But Mr. Gravy has expanded his activities over the past three & a half decades to include codirectorship of Camp Winnarainbow, a performing arts camp for children which takes over the Hog Farm for 10 weeks every summer, and the organization of all-star rock concerts to raise money for a variety of environmental, progressive, political, and charitable causes, most notably Seva, a foundation he cofounded in 1978, initially to combat preventable and curable blindness in the Third World. WAVY GRAVY’S ONE MAN SHOW: AN ORAL HISTORY on October, 20th at The City Winery in New York City begins at (6:00 PM DOORS / 8:00 PM START). Concert ticket prices are: VIP $35.00, Premier $35.00; Reserved $30.00; and Bar Stool $25.00. Tickets can be ordered thru: http://www.citywinery.com/newyork/tickets/wavygravy102014.html City Winery is New York City’s new and intimate venue and is located at 155 Varick Street, New York City, NY 10013.

Big and Rich

Football in full swing. Pro Basketball is ready for a great take off. And Country Music is set to light up a few tailgating experiences. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Big and Rich Country superstars Big & Rich, Big Kenny and John Rich, are celebrating 10 years of hit music making with their highly-anticipated new album, Gravity. It’s the multi-platinum selling duo’s fifth studio album and is set to launch on September 23, 2014. Big & Rich’s lead-off single for the project, "Look at You" has already proven a chart-climbing success. Their first studio album, Horse of a Different Color, was released by Warner Bros. in 2004, producing four straight hits, including the iconic "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)." Other accolades include being first-rate songwriters, producers and musicians with a roster of collaborations and hits produced or penned for various artists including Jason Aldean, Gretchen Wilson, James Otto, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Merle Haggard, Bon Jovi, John Anderson, Willie Nelson, Jewel, Keith Anderson, Hank Williams, Jr., John Legend, Wyclef Jean, Tim McGraw, Ky-Mani Marley and Cowboy Troy. In addition to the latest recording project, the larger-than-life duo has formed its own label, Big & Rich Records, a partnership with Kobalt Label Services. Big Kenny describes the business venture and forthcoming CD as a platform for gaining creative control of their trailblazing musical legacy. "This is an exciting and intense time in the history of Big and Rich. We continue to embrace all the change that happens in our business of entertainment. As artists, we are now at the place where we can finally gain complete creative control. That's huge. It allows us to be true to ourselves and be the trailblazers we've always risked being. We want to be important to Country music. It's important to Big and Rich. It is our musical legacy. Our new album title is perfect. Big and Rich can now really feel the Gravity. We are counting our blessings," he says. John Rich adds, "We couldn't be happier with how the fans and radio are responding to our new music! To take on the challenge of being your own label and slugging it out with the majors is a gambler's move, but BK and I are happy to just let it all ride.” Gravity Track Listing: 1. Look At You 2. Lovin' Lately (feat. Tim McGraw) 3. Gravity 4. Brand New Buzz 5. Rollin' Along 6. Run Away With You 7. Lose A Little Sleep 8. Don't Wake Me Up 9. That Kind of Town 10. Thank God For Pain 11. I Came To Git Down See more at: http://www.bigandrich.com/news.html

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alastair Greene Part 2

Blues has a new face. The edge of a greatness cut from a history of legends. From the I Heart Radio Studio its part 2 of Alastair Greene. Guitarist, Singer, and Songwriter Alastair Greene has been a mainstay of the Southern California music scene for over 2 decades. Alastair was born April 18th, 1971 in Santa Barbara, CA. He discovered music through his mother's piano playing at home and whose record collection included classics by The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John, while his father's tastes at the time leaned toward Bach and Beethoven. Alastair was inspired to pursue music as a career by his grandfather, the late Chico Alvarez, who played trumpet as a member of the Stan Kenton Band in the '40s and '50s. Growing up, Alastair took piano lessons and played the saxophone before discovering the guitar in High School. He received a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied for two years before returning to southern California to begin playing with Blues and Rock bands in the early ‘90s. Alastair is best known for his blues-based, soulful, and melodic guitar playing (as well as one of a rare-breed to play slide guitar), Alastair can be heard on CDs by Alan Parsons (2006 Grammy Nominated ‘A Valid Path’); Aynsley Dunbar (2008 SPV Records release ‘Mutiny’); Blues singer, harmonica legend, and former member of WAR, Mitch Kashmar (2005 ‘Wake Up and Worry’ on Delta Groove Records), as well as French Blues Guitarist Franck Golwasser’s 2007 release ‘Bluju.’ Alastair has put out 5 of his own CDs and has also appeared on countless independent CD releases ranging from Blues to Southern Rock. Alastair's song 'The Long Way Home' appeared in a 2007 episode of the TNT hit TV series 'Saving Grace'. The Alastair Greene Band was formed in 1997 and has always played a combination of original material as well as covers. Whether with his own band or as part of others, Alastair has opened shows for The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Robin Trower, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Lonnie Brooks, Chris Thomas King, Lucky Petersen, Jonny Lang, Billy Boy Arnold, Joe Bonamassa, Mike Campbell's Dirty Knobs, and many more. Alastair continues to perform an average of 100 live dates a year with his own band as well as with the Alan Parsons Live Project, Mitch Kashmar, Franck Goldwasser, Shari Puorto and a host of other Southern California Bands. The Alastair Greene Band was the only unsigned act to play the main stage at the 2010 Sonora Blues Festival. Alastair released the Blues CD ‘Walking In Circles’ in June 2009 and accepted an offer to be the full time guitarist in the Alan Parsons Live Project in January 2010. The Alastair Greene Band Co-Headlined the 2010 Real Blues Festival of Orange County and the 1st annual Kern River Blues and Rock Fest in addition to headlining the 25th Anniversary Avocado Festival. The Hard Rock CD 'Through The Rain' was released November 11th, 2011 on LeRoi Records and includes the single 'By The Way' which features a guitar trade-off solo between Alastair and Ty Tabor from King's X. In 2013 Alastair released 'Now & Again', a 15 song compilation CD of previously released and un-released recordings. The Alastair Greene Band was chosen to represent the Santa Barbara Blues Society at the International Blues Competition in Memphis, TN. Alastair continued to tour extensively with Alan Parsons in 2013 playing close to 50 shows in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, India, Bulgaria, and the United States In January 2014 the Alastair Greene Band signed to Delta Groove Productions / Eclecto Groove Records and released the Blue-Rock album 'Trouble At Your Door' on June 17th, 2014

Sundy Best

This Saturday night Country Americana Rocker's Sundy Best invade the Chop Shop in NODA. From the I Heart Rado Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Kentucky's finest... NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 12, 2014) –Critically-acclaimed Kentucky duo, Sundy Best, will be bringing their unique blended sound of country, folk, rock, bluegrass, and r&b to the Chop Shop on September 26, 2014. For more show information please visit http://chopshopnoda.com/ or www.sundybest.net. Sundy Best’s unique sound is based around Kris Bentley’s cajon and Nick Jamerson’s guitar playing and powerful vocals. Captivating crowds wherever they go, the duo has recently been featured in Paste Magazine, Country Weekly, New York Times and four times in Rolling Stone magazine. Sundy Best released their RS Fields produced debut on eOne Entertainment in March which includes 15 tracks all written or co-written by the duo. Bring Up The Sun, has sparked a lot of attention on the popular Sirius XM station “The Highway” as well as a string of top videos on CMT, GAC and various other video outlets. They have over 1 million views already on their YouTube channel and a full tour schedule traversing the US and Canada. With over 200 tour dates and a fast growing Kin Folk Movement fan base from social media and year round touring- 2014 looks to be a break out year for Sundy Best. SundyBest.Net Twitter.com/SundyBest Facebook.com/SundyBest Instagram.com/SundyBest Spotify iTunes

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


34 years after playing their first release on KOYN in Billings, Montana. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Alabama Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® and legendary country music group Alabama announce the release of Angels Among Us: Hymns & Gospel Favorites: Deluxe Edition, which will be available on Sept. 8 exclusively at all 632 Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® locations and online at crackerbarrel.com. Angels Among Us: Hymns & Gospel Favorites: Deluxe Edition contains three exclusive bonus tracks not found on the regular edition that will be released later in September by Gaither Music Group. The album contains 15 songs and will sell for $11.99. "Alabama's music is timeless, and a perfect fit for Cracker Barrel," said Cracker Barrel Marketing Manager Julie Craig. "We know our guests will enjoy hearing their versions of these classic gospel songs." "We know our fans enjoy eating at Cracker Barrel, just like we do," said all three Alabama members Jeff Cook, Teddy Gentry and Randy Owen. "We are excited to be able to have our new gospel album available where so many of our fans eat after church on Sunday." The 15 songs featured on Angels Among Us: Hymns & Gospel Favorites: Deluxe Edition (including the title cut, a classic Alabama hit from the early '90s) are as follows: 1) "I Saw The Light" 2) "Because He Lives" 3) "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" 4) "Knights Of Molite" 5) "What A Friend We Have in Jesus" 6) "Church In The Wildwood" 7) "The Old Rugged Cross" 8) "Raising Alabama" 9) "Jordan's Banks" 10) "Let's All Go Down To The River" 11) "Lift Me Up" 12) "Angels Among Us" 13) "The Last Altar Call" 14) "Oh, The Lord Has Been Good To Me" 15) "I'll Fly Away"

Justin Silver

If you're like me. The world has gone to the dogs. I love my dogs!!! What are they truly saying to their pet humans? From the i Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Justin Silver The canine expert and star of the hit TV show Dogs in the City shares his cutting-edge methods for training and caring for happy, healthy dogs in the city. Do you have a doggy dilemma? Struggling with canine claustrophobia? Are you trying to give Fido the best care and attention, but your busy life is getting in the way? Meet Justin Silver. As a dog trainer by day and stand-up comedian by night, Justin combined his two vocations and created the charity "Funny For Fido," providing assistance to homeless animals and the groups that support them. In 2006, after fostering and rehabilitating abused animals for more than a decade, he opened a full-service pet care company in New York, which was featured on the hit CBS show Dogs in the City. With a creative and instinctive ability to connect with dogs and solve problems between pets and their owners, Justin became New York City’s top dog guru. Now, in The Language of Dogs, Justin shares insider tips—not to mention his best hound humor—for socializing dogs of all ages and preparing new puppies for well-adjusted city lives. Packed with expert training techniques, recipes, and grooming advice, this book is a complete guide for people with dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments. Justin’s work with pet owners is more than a business; he has a true gift for distilling complex issues into simple solutions. A must-read for all dog lovers, The Language of Dogs will help you become the best dog owner you can possibly be.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sam Moore from Sam and Dave

Breaking bread with one of the makers. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the Legendary Sam Moore from Sam and Dave As half of the legendary R&B duo Sam & Dave, Sam Moore was one of the great voices of the soul music era, but it wasn't until 2006 that his solo career began earning the attention it deserved. Born in Miami, FL, in 1935, Sam Moore cut his musical teeth singing gospel before he began making a name for himself on Florida's R&B circuit. While playing a Miami club called the King of Hearts in 1961, Moore met another struggling soul singer, Dave Prater; the two discovered they worked well together on-stage when Moore helped Prater through a shaky version of Jackie Wilson's "Dogging Around," and they formed an act called Sam & Dave. After an unsuccessful string of singles for Roulette Records, Sam & Dave hit pay dirt when Jerry Wexler signed them to Atlantic Records in 1965, and sent them to Memphis to work with the Stax Records production crew. At Stax, Sam & Dave scored a long string of hits, including "Soul Man," "Hold on, I'm Coming," and "I Thank You," but while they were a dynamite combination on-stage, Moore and Prater did not get along off-stage, and in 1970 the duo split up. Plenty Good Lovin': The Lost Solo Album - In 1971, Moore intended to launch his solo career with an album produced by the legendary arranger and saxman King Curtis; however, Curtis died in a violent incident shortly before it was completed, and the finished album, Plenty Good Lovin', was not released until 2002. Moore and Prater reunited as Sam & Dave a number of times in the 1970s and '80s, but their relationship remained strained and Prater died in 1988 in a car wreck. Throughout this period, Moore continued to play live shows and record when the opportunities arose; he recorded a new version of "Soul Man" with Lou Reed for the 1986 movie of the same name, appeared in the 1988 comedy Tapeheads as part of a famous soul duo alongside co-star Junior Walker, teamed up with Conway Twitty for a cover of "Rainy Night in Georgia" on the all-star artists album Rhythm Country and Blues, and contributed backing vocals to Bruce Springsteen's 1992 album Human Touch. In 1992, Moore was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his work with Sam & Dave, but he had trouble finding a record label that wanted to sign him until Rhino Records took him into the studio to record Overnight Sensational in 2005. Released the following year, Overnight Sensational was produced by Randy Jackson and included guest appearances from Bruce Springsteen, Steve Winwood, Jon Bon Jovi, Sting, Paul Rodgers, Eric Clapton, and many more.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Blake Cooper Maze Runner

Number one movie over the weekend was Maze Runner. Inside the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Chuck!!! Actor Blake Cooper After reading James Dashner’s international bestselling adventure story, THE MAZE RUNNER, twelve year old Blake Cooper related so well to the character of ‘Chuck’ that upon discovering a big screen adaptation in the works, he took to Twitter to voice his case to play the role. The book’s rabid fan base took it from there with a passionate grassroots casting campaign, ultimately convincing director Wes Ball to audition the young actor. Blake landed the role of Chuck, and the rest is history, as THE MAZE RUNNER (20th Century FOX) opens nationwide on September 19th, effectively launching the career of this Boy Scout from an Atlanta-area farm to the Hollywood limelight. 2014 is proving to be a life-changing year for Blake who has also just been chosen to star as Xander Jaxson, the son of Sam Trammell, and grandson of Brian Dennehey in Amazon Studio’s new series, COCKED. An hourlong dramedy, COCKED follows an estranged son (Trammell) who returns to work with his family at their gun manufacturing company. Blake’s previous film and TV credits include PARENTAL GUIDANCE with Billy Crystal, USA Network’s NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, and THE GAME (B.E.T.). When he’s not acting, Blake and his three older siblings enjoy doing the Brazilian Martial Arts form, Capoeira. Talented in music as well as acting, Blake plays the guitar, and has won two awards for his singing. He enjoys Queen, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Mumford & Sons, and One Republic. A huge video game fan, Blake’s current favorites include The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Halo: Combat Evolved, and Castle Crashers. Blake and his family live on a Georgia farm complete with horned Jacob Sheep, two French bulldogs, a Jack Russell, a Pomeranian, four cats, a mule named Holder, a donkey named Diamond, and a flop eared bunny named Charlie Pat. WATCH THE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwwbhhjQ9Xk

Randy Couture Dancing With The Stars

Here comes week number two of Dancing with the Stars. He's back in my I Heart Radio Studio!!! Unplugged and Totally Uncut with MMA legend Randy Couture. If you thought Randy Couture was bound to be a little clunky and awkward on "Dancing with the Stars," you might want to check out his debut and think again. Couture made his first appearance on the show on Monday night, the dancing competition’s 19th season premiere on ABC. Dancing with pro Karina Smirnoff, Couture may have been the biggest surprise of all 13 stars out of the gate. A taped package showing Couture and Smirnoff in rehearsals leading up to their first dance implied that the 51-year-old UFC Hall of Famer and now actor might be a lot of muscle and brawn, and perhaps lacking in smoothness and musicality. But, donning a tuxedo, Couture’s foxtrot with Smirnoff got a standing ovation from the studio audience and high praise from the show’s four judges. Couture and Smirnoff got three 8s and a 7, giving them a score of 31 out of a possible 40 – and putting them in fifth place of 13 heading into tonight’s first elimination. Judge Bruno Tonioli said Couture was “haute Couture,” while female judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Julianne Hough entered swooning territory, with Inaba saying the dance made her “weak in the knees.” Head judge Len Goodman, typically the most grounded of the judges, called the dance “lovely” and “well done.” Dancers are eliminated based on the combined scores of the judges and audience voting. The leaders after the first show were actor Alfonso Ribeiro and pro Witney Carson with 36. Heading into the season, betting odds on Couture and Smirnoff to win the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy were 20-to-1 – fourth lowest of the cast. Ribeiro and Carson were favored at 3-to-1 before Monday night’s season premiere. Couture is one of just two fighters to win titles in two divisions for the UFC. Couture is no stranger to the small screen. Along with an ever-growing filmography that includes all three “Expendables” movies, the three-time college wrestling All-American was a coach on Spike TV’s lone season of “Fight Master,” Bellator MMA’s reality competition series, and currently can be seen in Spike TV’s “Gym Rescue” along with Frank Shamrock. He’s the second MMA fighter to be cast on the long-running show, which airs Monday nights on ABC. In Season 9, in Fall 2009, then-active UFC fighter Chuck Lidell was on the show. He and pro partner Anna Trebunskaya were the fifth pair eliminated that season. This season's cast of celebrity dancers also includea a fashion icon, a YouTube sensation, a NASCAR legend, and a movie star, to name a few. For the first two weeks viewers may cast their votes for their favorite couples via phone on Monday nights during and up to 60 minutes after the end of the Dancing with the Stars broadcast in each time zone. Online voting at ABC.com and on Facebook is open for 15 hours, beginning from the start of the episode on the East Coast at 8:00 p.m., ET/5:00 p.m., PT and closing at 11:00 a.m., ET/8:00 a.m., PT the next day. From week three until the finale, viewers may cast their votes for their favorite couples via phone on Monday nights during and up to 60 minutes after the end of the Dancing with the Stars broadcast in each time zone. Online voting at ABC.com and on Facebook is open for 24 hours, beginning from the start of each episode on the East Coast at 8:00 p.m., ET/5:00 p.m., PT and closing at 8:00 p.m., ET/5:00 p.m., PT on Tuesday evenings. Hosted by Emmy® Award-winning host Tom Bergeron (America's Funniest Home Videos) and Erin Andrews (sports host & <="" i=""> Season 10 finalist), Dancing with the Stars is the hit multi-award-winning series in which celebrities perform choreographed dance routines which are judged by renowned ballroom judge Len Goodman and dancer/choreographers Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba and ballroom dancer and Emmy®- Nominated choreographer Julianne Hough. Here's Randy foxtrot video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PNJFtLgk_g

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Performing this weekend at Charlotte's Comedy Zone! Cloe!!!! Oh wait... what if you didn't watch 24? From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Mary Lynn Rajskub She was born Mary Lynn Rajskub on June 22, 1971, in Detroit, Michigan, into a family of Irish, Czech, and Polish ancestry. She was brought up in Trenton, Michigan. In 1989 she graduated from Trenton High School, then attended Detroit's College for Creative Studies, majoring in painting, before she transferred to the San Francisco Art Institute, graduating as a painter. She also studied music and acting, and for a few years she performed as a stand-up comedian at various clubs and restaurants. In 1995, Rajskub made her debut on television, she was cast by David Cross as one of the original cast members of Mr. Show with Bob and David (1995). After her split from Cross, she left the show during its second season, and briefly took a job as a coffee brewer at Seattle's Best Coffee. In 1999 she joined the cast of 'Veronica's Closet' TV series, as Cloe, appearing in 15 episodes of the show.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jackie Lee

Country Music isn't afraid to step into the future. Look who they just brought back! From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Jackie Lee Is there anything more fun than sitting in radio station control room talking with a chance taking singer/songwriter that's quickly developing a relationship with fans of Country Music. To be here in the moment. There's nothing like it. I guess it's connected to the first time I was introduced to Alabama. Lonnie Bell told me to keep an eye on the future of Country and you'll never be alone.

Randy Bachman

The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive. Two incredible bands with one man in common. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Randy Bachman There are few musicians who have penned as many anthemic rock tunes as Randy Bachman. Often referred to as the "architect of Canadian rock n’ roll, Bachman’s catalogue of hits include "American Woman," "These Eyes," "No Time," "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet," "Takin' Care of Business," and "Roll On Down the Highway." And now, Bachman himself offers thrilling in-concert renditions and earnest tales behind the creation of all of these classics (and many more), on 'Every Song Tells A Story,' a fourteen-track CD/DVD set that will be released on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 via the Independent Label Services Group (ILS). A video teaser of the DVD can be viewed via this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rqJ8pG0Ir0&feature=youtu.be And a pre-order option is available via Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00IDDHUZ4 Recorded in April 2013, at Pantages Playhouse Theatre in Winnipeg, 'Every Song Tells A Story' features Bachman in a rare and intimate setting, weaving together the transcendent and iconic hits of the Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive with the often-humorous stories that originally brought the songs to life. Inspired by his award-winning radio program 'Vinyl Tap,' Bachman takes his master storytelling and voluminous musical knowledge on the road and leads fans on a guided journey that encapsulates the last 30 years of popular music presented by one of the greatest rock legends of our time. A legendary figure in the rock and roll world through his talents as a guitarist, songwriter, performer and producer, Bachman has earned over 120 Platinum and Gold album and single awards, garnered the No. 1 spot at the top of radio play lists in over 20 countries and has amassed over 40 million records sold. Earlier this year, Bachman was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville, as well, he received his second inauguration into the Canadian Musician’s Hall of Fame when Bachman-Turner Overdrive are honoured at the 2014 JUNO Awards; The Guess Who were previously inducted in 2001.

Mony Python's Michael Palin

From Monty Python comes the pen behind the paper. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Michael Palin Keith Mabbut is at a crossroads in his life. His writing career is stalled, his marriage is over, and his ex-wife has a successful new fianc├ę. Mabbut’s children are on their own questionable paths in life—his son is involved with an unconventional theatre production, while his daughter has begun a relationship with a mysterious young man. As Mabbut tries to figure out what’s ahead for him and his career, he’s offered the opportunity of a lifetime—to write the biography of the elusive Hamish Melville, a highly influential activist and humanitarian. Mabbut’s search to find the real story behind the legend takes him to the lush landscapes and environmental hotspots of India, where Keith begins to feel rejuvenated. The more he discovers about Melville, the more he admires him—and the more he connects with the idealist who wants to make a difference. But is Melville really who he claims to be? As Keith discovers, the truth can be whatever we make it. In this wonderfully insightful and compelling new book, Michael Palin turns his considerable skills to fiction in the story of an ordinary man on an extraordinary adventure. MICHAEL PALIN BIO (FROM YAHOO MOVIES) Born:May 5, 1943 in Yorkshire, England, GB Considered by fans as the “nice” member of England’s legendary comedy group Monty Python, Michael Palin was an actor, writer and documentarian whose genial nature provided a cover for a hidden reserve of absurd brilliance. With fellow Oxford alum Terry Jones, he was a regular contributor to some of the best British TV comedies of the late ‘60s before joining forces with John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam for “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” (BBC, 1969-1974). His boundless energy and versatility made him one of the group’s most popular members; after Python, he was able to explore a wide variety of projects, ranging from films like “The Missionary” (1982) and “A Fish Called Wanda” (1988), to several highly praised travel books and documentaries for the BBC. His contributions to entertainment - always graced by a gentle off-kilter wit - made him a favorite among moviegoers and television audiences around the world.

Dawn Wells Mary Ann from Gilligans Island

Dawn Wells... Mary Ann on Gilligans Island gets me to confess as to where my Radio name Arroe came from. On I Heart Radio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut On Sept 26th, the 50th anniversary of the unexpected hit series "Gilligan's Island." Dawn Wells (who portrayed the lovable farm girl next door, Mary Ann Sommers), will be releasing "A Guide To Life: What Would Mary Ann Do?" through Taylor Trade Publishing and Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc. Dawn writes about the meaning of the Mary Ann character and observes the cultural shifts that have occurred since she was on the island. From the get-go, the Mary Ann character was different. She wasn't a Hollywood creation. She was molded by Dawn, from Dawn. The Character that was originally listed as "And the rest" on the credits became the fan favorite, garnering more fan mail that even the title character. With over 100,000 fans on her FaceBook page and fan clubs across the U.S., her following has remained faithful. Dawn says that Mary Ann fits today just as she fit two generations ago, because she is timeless. In a world where the industry and society has been celebrating their "Bad girls," Mary Ann continues to be, for many, the breathe of fresh air as the "Good Girl." Pop culture is too powerful and too pervasive to be controlled by parents, siblings or colleagues. It can be confused with reality. This leaves young people in a vulnerable position - they have to make decisions that are normally beyond their maturity. Dawn discusses decisions we make in life and even goes straight to the BIG DECISION and delivers her concept of the meaning of sex. In a world of participation trophies, easy praise, and entitlement attitudes, how do you define achievement? Dawn describes it as a journey of failure and learning and tenacity that requires a constant personal re-examination of what success really means. Sample topics: * Regarding men? She loves them! "I don't think of men as the enemy," says Dawn. "You have to learn to talk to and with men. Enough with the gripes about how he doesn't listen! Maybe you should try saying it in a listenable way. If you have a target and you miss every time you throw something at it, you need to work on your throw, not the target." Adding, "If you look for handsome, you'll find it, but that might be all you find." *Manners? Although she lists some Do's and Don'ts, an says that "Manners aren't silk stockings and lifted pinkies. It's about being selfless. Etiquette is not political correctness...and vice versa. In fact, Manners and etiquette are nothing more than self-censorship." *Optimism for Dawn is a way of life, and this chapter is a prescription for optimism for the reader. Dawn uses a powerful personal story of a close friend - his lifelong, steadfast dedication to overcoming a handicap - to bring her attitudes about optimism to life. "Your optimism, or lack of it, shows. Your little brain and your Big Brain are both optimists. There's a difference. One is a wishing brain. The other is a working brain." * Fame and Gossip? Dawn discusses the subjects, with cautionary advice about both. "The wrong people are famous today. Fame without accomplishment is empty," suggests Dawn. Adding, "The only upside about being the target of gossip is that it means you are the interesting one. Although, I can't imagine a daily routine, a daily pastime, that depends upon what other people do." *The allure of being alluring: Dawn offers useful and down-to-earth tips on developing a personal style along with heartfelt advice about what beauty really is. "Good makeup lets the real you shine through. Remember, what is trendy is very different from what is fashionable and there are some things that should never, ever come near spandex. * Family & Friendship: Dawn explores the meaning of friends and family using her own life and her TV life with the Gilligan's Island castaways as models. "First of all, your mother is not always wrong and the very essence of stupid is experience without learning. If you are in a room and everybody in the room is in total agreement with you, you are probably in the wrong room." * They call it The Work Ethic, NOT The Work Theory: Dawn shares her views on the joy of working by asking the reader to imagine herself as a business and then applying the business principles that lead to success to herself. "Lets just say that you are the president, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, maintenance department, advertising director, production department and chief cook and bottle washer at Myself, Inc. * Show Business: Dawn pulls back the curtain and talks about breaking into show business. She stories and offers tips to novices and then delves into the Gilligan's Island work week as an example. "The reason they call it show business is because it is a business. If >>you want to be in the business, treat it like a business." * Aging: Most people loathe aging. Dating at any age. Getting married. Getting remarried. "Age is a pre-existing condition, I don't think you can live every minute when you are young. * That’s a wrap: Dawn ends the book with a discussion about self-renewal. It's an uplifting message of optimism and opportunity. She wraps it up by imagining what Mary Ann would be today after coming off the island. "Without gratitude, you can't stand in awe of the gift of life. Without gratitude, you can't marvel at the world, the universe that surrounds you. Without gratitude, you might start believing those blessings you count are created by . . . you. Oh, what a mistake." In addition, the Photo Album: Pages of rarely seen shots from Dawn's personal life, from her long entertainment career, and from the set of Gilligan's Island are included throughout the book. ABOUT DAWN WELLS Despite the rumors, there is so much more to Dawn Wells than Mary Ann of GILLIGAN'S ISLAND (the longest running sitcom still showing worldwide in over 30 languages!) A native of Reno, Ms. Wells represented Nevada in the Miss America pageant in 1959. She found success in Hollywood immediately afterward, appearing in such shows as 77 Sunset Strip, Maverick, Bonanza, and Hawaiian Eye. She was later cast in the role of a lifetime as Mary Ann in Gilligan's Island, beating out 350 other actresses, including Raquel Welch. She's an actress, producer, author, spokesperson, journalist, motivational speaker, teacher, and humanitarian. She has starred in over 150 TV shows, and 7 motion pictures, and has starred in 60+ theatrical productions across the country and on The Great White Way.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Part One of Five Radio's Roadies Sal from the Premiere Radio Network

How do Radio stations get their unique one of kind stories and special cuts? The passion begins by getting off Google and getting hooked up with a Radio Roadie. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Sal Cirrincione In the late 1990's my daughter worked for the paparazzi in Los Angeles. That's where I learned the importance of social media. In today's world you can't wait to break the news. You need break it story while the news is happening. Who are Radio's Roadie's? This is part one of five part series with The Premiere Radio Networks Sal Cirrincione

Queensryche's Michael Wilton Soul Bender

They reached beyond the Grunge age and helped to purify a metal sound that became New Rock. The guitars were faster, heavier and crammed with enough distortion that it melted the face off your IPod. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Queensryche's guitar thrasher Michael Wilton From the pages of michealwilton.com After high school, I attended the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where my studies included jazz and classical music, and where I learned to appreciate ethnic and improvisational music. Chris and I then met Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson, and began collaborating on original music as well as some heavy cover tunes. We played some parties and roller rinks with different singers calling ourselves The Mob, but was not satisfied with that direction. We then met Geoff Tate, and asked if he would be interested in recording a demo of some original tunes. In the late summer of 1982 we recorded four songs during the graveyard hours at Triad Studios in Redmond, WA. We played the tape for the owner of Easy Street Records and agreed to have the tape sent to various sources. A magazine in the UK called Kerrang! gave us a great review and the phone calls started coming. We decided to press a small amount of EPs on our own label, called 206 Records. We then signed a deal with Harris Management, quit our day jobs and changed the name of the band to Queensr├┐che. The rest is just a work in progress..

Dog The Bounty Hunter

Sometimes you've got to hand it over to the dogs. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Dog The Bounty Hunter The “Dog” is back and bringing a bigger bite than ever before in DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT, premiering this April on CMT. Considered one of the greatest bounty hunters in the world by many, this ex-con turned icon could easily be dubbed the king of comebacks. Credited with more than 7,000 captures throughout the course of his illustrious 40-year bounty hunting career, Dog continues to prove that people really do change. Over the course of his legendary career, Dog has been responsible for the capture of notable high profile criminals such as: Quinton Wortham - The Capital Hill rapist, The Atlanta Child Murderer, and a white supremacist convicted of murdering Denver radio shock jock Alan Berg. Dog’s career as a bounty hunter gained national attention after catching infamous fugitive and Max Factor Cosmetics heir Andrew Luster who was wanted on 87 counts of rape. The infamy of Luster’s capture soon led to many high profile television appearances and later, the long-running reality series “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” Dog is the author of two bestselling books Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given and his memoir You Can Run But You Can't Hide which debuted on the New York Times Best Seller List in the #1 position where it remained for several weeks and garnered great reviews for his candid honesty and detailed personal accounts of overcoming hardships and bettering oneself. When he’s not bounty hunting, Dog tours the country giving motivational speeches to crowds by the thousands, participates in the Make-A-Wish Foundation where he is the charity’s most requested celebrity and is the proud father of 12 children and 14 grandchildren. Now, having made bounty hunting his life’s work for close to four decades, Dog, along with wife and business partner Beth and son, Leland, are back in their new series, DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT, to continue their tireless efforts in bringing the bad guys to justice and encouraging them to turn their lives around. ABOUT DOG & BETH ON THE RUN, SATURDAYS AT 9 ET ON CMT The world’s most famous bounty hunters, Dog and Beth Chapman, are back! Their hit television show, “Dog and Beth: On The Hunt” airing Saturdays at 9pm EST on CMT is adrenaline-filled and like no other show on TV. Leading a legacy into three generations and having captured more than 7,000 fugitives throughout his 27-year career, Dog – along with his wife, Beth; son, Leland; and grandson, Dakota – will arrive in a different city each week to motivate, inspire and educate local bondsmen on every aspect of the business while tracking down America’s most dangerous criminals. Among a dangerous profession, Dog and family promote safety and efficiency while effectively taking fugitives into custody, and above all else, family loyalty, respect and love. The diverse couple has kept busy over the years, utilizing their experience and influence to help reform the industry through training, regulation and certification for bounty hunters.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jackie Venson The Light In Me

A new age of Blues. Her name is Jackie Venson. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut t is legend that during a drunken back-alley brawl, Jackie Venson punched Pluto straight out of planetary existence. Sure to please persons who enjoy a good groove, Jackie is a multi-instrumentalist with an out of this world voice. With 16 years of piano-smashing skills in addition to 7 years of vocally seducing angels, 7 years of inspired songwriting, and 3 years of non-stop guitar shredding. (it is scientific fact that she can sleep and rock at the same time) Though she doesn’t like to brag, Jackie spent her college years at Berklee College of Music where she received her major in composition and studio production (with a minor in ass-kicking). To hear Jackie make hardened warriors cry with her glorious voice, you can check out her online mp3s and music videos or come help her paint the town red at her live shows in Austin, TX and beyond! http://www.jackievenson.com/

Cheryl Ladd The Perfect Wave

Faith Based Films. Making movies that reach beyond the four walls of decision making. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with actress Cheryl Ladd Born Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor on 12 July 1951, to an engineer father and waitress mother, she dreamed of becoming a movie star, so took tap lessons and sang at home with her dad. In high school, she played in a jazz trio, Music Shop Band, which travelled from the Midwest to California, to try and make it professionally. When the group broke up, Ladd decided to stay and chase her dream. Her first real gig was singing backup on the cartoon show, 'Josie and the Pussycats'. After acting in commercials, she landed a role in a 1973 movie, 'Jamaica Reef', and met her first husband, David Ladd. They married in 1973, and two years later, their daughter, Jordan, was born. The marriage lasted six years. She kept his surname after their divorce as she had become famous as a Ladd. In 1977, she was scouted by 'Charlie's Angels' producer Aaron Spelling to replace Farrah Fawcett, who had unexpectedly left the year-old sensation. Petite, but with plenty of spirit, Ladd was a hit as Kris Munroe. "She had to fill a big pair of shoes, and she did it with confidence," says co-star Jaclyn Smith. After her 1979 split, Ladd found romance with Scottish-born Brian Russell, who had cut two 1970s pop albums before turning to movie producing in the 1980s. She became a step-mother to Lindsay Russell. Cheryl won kudos for a role in the edgy 'Permanent Midnight' (1998), and played a mother in family drama 'A Dog of Flanders' (1999). She said that her dream gig would be, "Some wonderful Mrs. Robinson part, where I can be really attractive, sexual and powerful. There are a couple of young actors I'd sure like to work with." Over the last decade or so, Ladd has appeared in several episodes of 'Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place' between 1999 and 2000 as well as 'Charmed' (2003) and 'Hope and Faith' in 2004. Between 2003 and 2008, she starred in TV series 'Las Vegas' before making appearances in 'CSI: Miami' (2009), 'NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service' and 'Chuck' in 2011. In terms of films, she has acted in 'Her Best Friend's Husband' (2002), 'Eve's Christmas' (2004), 'Though None Go With Me' (2006), 'Baggage' (2008) and 'Love's Resounding Courage' in 2011. Her hobbies include golf, art, and writing children's books. Ladd is also an ambassador for the child abuse prevention and treatment charity ChildHelp. In 2005, she published an autobiographical book entitled 'Token Chick: A Woman's Guide to Golfing With The Boys' recounting her experiences of the sport. ABOUT THE PERFECT WAVE, ARRIVING ON BLU-RAY, DVD AND ON DEMAND SEPTEMBER 16th Anchor Bay Entertainment presents the inspiring story about surfing and second chances, THE PERFECT WAVE, starring Scott Eastwood (Trouble with the Curve, the upcoming Fury), Rachel Hendrix (October Baby), Cheryl Ladd (“Charlie’s Angels”), and Patrick Lyster (“Black Sails”). Based on true events, THE PERFECT WAVE follows avid surfer, and future ordained minister, Ian McCormack, on his travels to find the perfect wave. This visually-stunning film, shot in exotic locations – New Zealand, Bali, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the island of Mauritius – will be available on Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital Download and On Demand September 16, 2014. SRP for the Blu-ray™ is $29.99, and $24.98 for the DVD. Scott Eastwood – son of screen legend Clint Eastwood – delivers a breakthrough performance as Ian McCormack, a rebellious young surfer who impulsively decides to leave home and travel the world’s most exotic surf spots. But living in the moment can have its thrills – including a romance with beautiful kindred soul Annabel (Rachel Hendrix of October Baby) – as well as its sacrifices. And following a horrific accident and near-death experience on the Island of Mauritius, Ian receives a glimpse into eternity that will change his life forever. Patrick Lyster (“Black Sails”) and Cheryl Ladd (“Charlie’s Angels”) co-star in this inspirational true story about the power of faith, the love of family, and one man’s search for THE PERFECT WAVE. The film’s talented cast also features award-winning professional surfers, Matt Bromley and Rosy Hodge. THE PERFECT WAVE Blu-ray™ and DVD special features include an interview with director Bruce Macdonald, “The Perfect Wave: It’s Not Just About Love” featurette, “Perfect Wave” music video, “Collide: Uphill Struggle Of A Downhill Skater” featurette, behind-the-scenes footage, and more!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dr Andrew Ordon from The Doctors

Getting to know a doctor from the outside in. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Dr. Andrew Ordon from The Doctors Have you ever wanted to talk to your doctor about pressing medical concerns, but were too afraid to speak up? A team of four physicians with different specialties answers your health questions! Meet The Doctors: E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork; Lisa Masterson, an OB/GYN; plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears. The Doctors, now in its seventh season, won the 2010 Emmy® Award for Outstanding Talk Show/Informative and has been nominated five times in the category. In addition, the co-hosts on The Doctors received consecutive Emmy® nominations for "Outstanding Talk Show Host" in 2011 and 2012. For additional information on The Doctors, please visit www.thedoctorstv.com. Watch Monday thru Friday – check local listings DR. ANDREW ORDON BIO Dr. Andrew Ordon is an Emmy®-nominated co-host of the award-winning talk show The Doctors. For over three decades, Dr. Ordon has been an acclaimed surgeon in the areas of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery with a private practice in Beverly Hills and Rancho Mirage, Calif. No stranger to television, Dr. Ordon has been featured on television shows and networks including Dr. Phil, The Early Show, Rachael Ray, 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, 48 Hours, BBC News, CNN, NBC News and ABC News. He has been quoted in such publications as Allure, Mademoiselle, Redbook, Glamour and Prevention Magazine. Dr. Ordon is also the author of Revealing the New You, A Guide to Plastic Surgery, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Plastic Surgery, and most recently Better in 7: The Ultimate 7-Day Guide to a Better You. He also contributed to one of the most respected textbooks in the field of plastic surgery, Facial Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. One of Dr. Ordon’s proudest accomplishments has been his role as a founding member of the Surgical Friends Foundation (www.SurgicalFriends.org), comprised of a group of doctors who offer complimentary reconstructive surgery to people in the US and abroad who cannot afford medical treatment. Many of these patients suffer from birth defects, physical abuse and burns, among other adverse conditions. He has traveled to Haiti on three occasions to help in medical relief efforts following the devastating earthquake in 2010. In addition, Dr. Ordon has performed cleft lip and palate repairs in such places as India on behalf of Smile Train, which provides free cleft surgery to hundreds of thousands of poor children in developing countries. Dr. Ordon is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California at Irvine, where he graduated with honors in biological sciences and was the recipient of a National Science Grant for his research in neurophysiology. He then received his medical degree from the USC School of Medicine with honors in medicine. He completed his general surgery training at USC/Los Angeles County Medical Center, followed by a residency program in head and neck surgery at White Memorial/Loma Linda University. Dr. Ordon then completed a second residency training program in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the prestigious Lenox Hill Hospital/Manhattan Eye and Ear Infirmary Program in New York City. Affiliated with Cornell University and NYU, this program is recognized as one of the oldest and most renowned centers for aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery in the world. Dr. Ordon is currently an assistant professor of plastic surgery at Dartmouth School of Medicine and The University of Connecticut. Formerly, he was assistant professor of surgery at both UCLA School of Medicine and The New York Medical College. His hospital affiliations include Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and Eisenhauer Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif. Dr. Ordon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Double Boarded Society of Plastic Surgeons and the California Society of Plastic Surgeons. In addition, he is a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the National Board of Medical Examiners. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the International College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Born in Chicago and raised in Long Beach, Calif, Dr. Ordon and his wife divide their time between Los Angeles, New York City, and Rancho Mirage, CA. They have two children who both in medical school. In his spare time, Dr. Ordon enjoys surfing, skiing, playing golf and tennis, boating and traveling.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Alastair Greene

If you love your rock a little bluesy and love your blues with an edge of rock. It's time you get to heart Alastair Greene. From the I Heart Radio Studio. I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the first of a two part series. Blues and rock have met at many different crossroads. From Cream and Johnny Winter to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gov’t Mule these blues rock recipes are often boiled down to a simple trio. Such is the melting pot of influences and presentation of the Alastair Greene Band. Greene formed his first blues rock trio with former members of the legendary Southern California band the Pontiax in 1997. The Alastair Greene Band (AGB) has gone through several incarnations and line-ups over the years and has included alumni of the Steve Miller Band, Paul Butterfield Band, and Junior Wells Band. The AGB has also backed many blues artists in the studio and on stage, including Delta Groove recording artists Mitch Kashmar, Franck Goldwasser, as well as the incomparable James Harman. Currently, the line-up has solidified with Alastair Greene on guitar and vocals, Jim Rankin on bass and vocals, and Austin Beede on drums. Not only is Greene a blues rock guitar slinging and singing front man, but he has also served many years as a side man to some legendary musicians. Currently, Greene is the touring guitarist with Alan Parsons and has been touring internationally with the English pop/ progressive rock veteran since 2010. After Greene played on Parsons' 2004 release A Valid Path, Alan was quoted as saying, "Alastair should be out playing guitar with the biggest bands in the world. I believe it's just a matter of time." Heady praise indeed coming from the man who engineered Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, served as second engineer on the last two albums by The Beatles, and has also sold millions of albums with his own Alan Parsons Project. When the guitar slot for Parsons' band opened in 2010, Greene got the call. Alastair has also appeared on albums by high profile artists such as drum legend Aynsely Dunbar as well as Toad the Wet Sprocket front man Glen Phillips. Alastair Greene has released four studio albums and one live record since 2002. His fifth studio recording will be the Eclecto Groove Records offering Trouble at Your Door. This is sure to be his most explosive recording thus far. The Alastair Greene Band combines a deep respect for traditional forms and themes, but adds a modern approach combined with a classic rock sound. Drummer Austin Beede brings a deep knowledge of jazz and rock grooves, as well as an innate ability to shuffle with the best of them, while Jim Rankin’s rock solid rhythm & blues and classic rock influences on both bass and vocals have been a welcomed addition to the band. "This is the happiest I've been musically in a long time," Greene said recently. "These guys are so much fun to play music with. We've got a great chemistry, and I can't wait for the world to hear it."

Grayson Rogers All Fired Up Is Out

We are living a new age of Country Music. It's no longer about banjos and fiddles. Lyrics take the listener into every genre and this band is fired up about it. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Grayson Rogers

Damon Dimarco Tower Stories

The stories as told by the people. The journey back to victory. The actor that stopped his life to open the door for people to speak their silences. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the author of Tower Stories Damon Dimarco A young writer in New York City began a very special journey immediately following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. In the spirit of Studs Terkel and the Roosevelt Administration’s WPA Slave Narratives, Damon DiMarco set about constructing a comprehensive oral history of the attacks on the World Trade Center. The result was Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11, a living time capsule of the day that forever changed America in the words of the people who were there. "Arguably the most successful attempt at capturing the enormity of the events of 9/11, Damon DiMarco’s sprawling oral history runs a wide gamut of testimony from survivors, responders, witnesses and people whose lives were forever altered by the attacks. The human stories are presented with raw candor a thousand times more affecting than any cold statistic offered by a commission . . . ‘Tower Stories’ is a riveting and disarmingly emotional read." - NBC’s The Today Show "I hope this book remains in print for a very long time to come, because everyone should read it. Our children should read it. With regard to 9/11, we – as a people -cannot allow a myth to take root. We must ground ourselves in our pain if we have any hope of moving forward. And move forward we must.”- Tom Kean, Chairman of the 9/11 Commission (from the foreword to Tower Stories.) A year and a half after his mission began, DiMarco’s list of interviews spanned a staggeringly broad cross-section of participants in September 11th. Survivors of the Towers. Police. Firefighters. Paramedics. Volunteers. Their accounts were published as: “The only widely available oral history of 9/11 from the perspective of New Yorkers . . . monumental work . . . In the weeks following the World Trade Center attack, DiMarco, in the tradition of Studs Terkel, wandered Manhattan collecting the stories of Gothamites who survived the collapse of the the towers, came to help or simply bore witness-whether from elsewhere in they city, across the country or overseas. . . DiMarco’s contribution to the memory of that horrific day is enormous; the testimonies collected here form an amazing, one-of-a-kind account.” ABOUT DAMON DIMARCO Damon DiMarco is the author of the oral histories Tower Stories: an Oral History of 9/11 (with a foreword by Tom Kean, chairman of the Independent 9/11 Commission), and Heart of War: Soldiers’ Voices from Iraq. He has also written the collaborations My Two Chinas: The Memoir of a Chinese Counterrevolutionary with Baiqiao Tang (featuring a foreword by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama), Out of Bounds: Coming Out of Sexual Abuse, Addiction, and My Life of Lies in the NFL Closet with former offensive lineman Roy Simmons, and the forthcoming Fat Kid Got Fit, a memoir of the obesity epidemic with Bill Baroni (Globe Pequot, December 2011). A professional actor as well as a writer, Damon has appeared in primetime and daytime television programs, on CBS, ABC, and NBC, commercials, independent films, regional theater, and trade shows. He has written two books on acting: The Actor’s Art & Craft with world renowned acting teacher William Esper (featuring a foreword by Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet) and The Quotable Actor: 1001 Pearls of Wisdom from Actors Talking about Acting. Damon has been a guest on CNN, National Geographic Channel, Premiere Radio Networks, FOX News, and Odyssey Networks. He has written for the stage, screen, and television, and taught acting on the faculties of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, and the New York Film Academy in Manhattan. For more information, please visit www.damondimarco.com. Hatchfund Campaign Launches for Tower Stories, the Play On August 15, 2014, a Hatchfund campaign launched to fund development of a play based on “Tower Stories: an Oral History of 9/11.” The campaign will run until September 16. Donors receive rewards at select donation tiers - all donations are tax deductible. WHAT IS TOWER STORIES: THE PLAY? A project to adapt Damon DiMarco’s book “Tower Stories: an Oral History of 9/11" for the stage. Donations will fund the play’s development cycle, including readings by professional actors in New York City, with an eye toward mounting a full production on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 (September 2016). CAN YOU TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT THE BOOK? A Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW called Tower Stories: “Monumental . . . In the weeks following the World Trade Center attack, DiMarco, in the tradition of Studs Terkel, wandered Manhattan collecting the stories of Gothamites who survived the collapse of the the towers, came to help or simply bore witness-whether from elsewhere in they city, across the country or overseas. . . DiMarco’s contribution to the memory of that horrific day is enormous; the testimonies collected here form an amazing, one-of-a-kind account.” WHY WRITE A PLAY ABOUT 9/11? It’s one thing to read history in a textbook, quite another to experience actual people embodying it on stage. The unique oral history format of Tower Stories (the book) invites transformation into a powerful piece of theater that will humanize 9/11 for generations to come. The voices of people who participated in the actual event – policemen, firemen, paramedics, volunteers, survivors, and the bereaved – will speak directly to audience members, telling them what actually happened and how it affected our culture. HOW WILL MY DONATION BE USED? A well-made play requires extensive development. Its first draft initiates prolonged collaboration between actors, directors, producers, and the playwright. Over subsequent readings, these artists test, shape, and reshape the material so the final script can withstand the stress of production. The need for a healthy development process holds especially true for material related to 9/11, where historical and personal stakes must be respected. Your donation will cover studio rentals, actor stipends, office supplies, research, and publicity for an open read of the play’s final draft. Any overfunding will allow us to augment the project's scope, as well as efforts to publicize the final read. Thank you for your support. Please spread the word! And please visit www.towerstories.org andwww.damondimarco.com for more information

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Mike Rutherford The Living Years

I'll never forget when Mike and Mechanics released The Living Years. It was the first time grown men called the radio studio and not only requested the song. But through tears they were compelled to tell me the stories about their fathers. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Mike Rutherford My notes. Scratched into the surface of reality. Taking thoughts and building a story. Just like the book of Genesis. The band Genesis has been music's everlasting new beginning. Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Mike and the Mechanics... On this side of the music industry...the message felt has always been based on artists having respect for each other's gift of performance. _____________ The Living Years was the first time grown men were calling me not to just request the song but they felt compelled to tell me the stories about their fathers ______________ With Google, Wikipedia and everything else world wide web... where along the way did you finally say, "People need to get it right. I need to write a book." ______________ You write: I didn’t like the idea of being a front man. It might have been different if I’d had a voice. I’ve always thought that 60 per cent of the world have an okay-enough voice to be a singer of some sort, and some great singers don’t have a great voice. _________ You write: Sightseeing wasn’t really possible given our schedule, but Rich could never drive past a lake without taking off all his clothes and going for a swim _________ You wrote The Farm. It began as quite a funky old building with a barn in which we stowed the gear, and a milking shed that we used as a garage. As time went on we developed the accommodation for crew and engineers and built a stone-clad drum room _________ The Box set 37 songs... every shape of Genesis to the solo years. Its almost like you are saying, "This has nothing to do with who we were... this is who we still are." _________ I can't imagine what it must be like to be on stage... the eyes of an aging fan and standing next to them isn't their son or daughter but their grandchild. How do you emotionally keep fit for what you have been give the choice to do? __________ LOS ANGELES – Genesis will release the three-disc anthology collection R-KIVE on September 30 on Rhino. Spanning 42 years, the 37-track set documents the band’s history with classic Genesis material compiled alongside selections from the solo careers of Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, and Mike Rutherford / Mike + The Mechanics. Genesis and their associated solo projects have accumulated a remarkable and undiminished series of accomplishments over the years, and have collectively amassed an incredible 14 chart-topping albums as well as over two dozen more which reached the Top 10. In total, Genesis and the members’ related solo projects have sold more than 300 million albums worldwide. Chronologically ordered, R-KIVE features Genesis’s biggest hits including “Invisible Touch,” “Turn It On Again,” “Land of Confusion,”’ and “I Can’t Dance.” Along the way it also visits Mike + The Mechanics’ classics “The Living Years” and “Over My Shoulder,” Collins’s “In The Air Tonight” and his Philip Bailey duet “Easy Lover,” and Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill.” R-KIVE opens with “The Knife”- a nine-minute proto-punk number which became a favorite closing set during the band’s early shows, and was written before either Hackett or Collins had joined the band. In addition to 22 Genesis songs, each member’s work outside of the band is represented democratically with three songs each. Such an approach contributes to a hugely eclectic body of work which features early material including the sprawling seven-section odyssey “Supper’s Ready” and the title track of the conceptual masterpiece “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.” Yet R-KIVE also visits the unexpected – as evidenced by Hackett’s flamenco-inspired “Nomads,” Gabriel’s “Signal To Noise” which featured Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (“possibly the greatest singer we had worked with”), and “Calling All Stations,” the sole representative from the short-lived era in which Genesis were fronted by former Stiltskin vocalist Ray Wilson. “This album jogs memories about old albums, things people might have missed the first time around,” says Collins. “Most of the time, the singles always seem to be the things that are remembered from albums. Sometimes the lesser-known tracks deserve better than to be forgotten.” “I’m a songwriter first of all,” adds Rutherford. “When you put these songs together, it’s a wonderfully impressive array and variety of songs. It’s an interesting combination that doesn’t normally get put on the same page.” The release of R-KIVE will be followed by the accompanying reunion documentary Sum Of The Parts which will be broadcast on Showtime in October. Strength in depth. Vitality in variety. Creativity in diversity. In terms of what they’ve done together, and what they’ve done apart, there’s never been a band like Genesis. It’s a captivating story, told here from the beginning to the end for the very first time.

Corbin Bernsen Born To Race Fast track

From LA Law to hardcore racing. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Corbin Bersen Corbin Bernsen made it look so easy to play the bad guy, especially with his career-defining role of divorce lawyer Arnie Becker on the 1980s legal drama behemoth, "L. A. Law" (NBC, 1986-1994). With his steely exterior and unrivaled intensity, the actor made a career out of portraying charming yet unsavory characters. But the talented Bernsen was not all 'bad boy' business - he navigated between genres seamlessly, appearing in countless made-for-TV dramas like the biopic "Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story" (NBC, 1991) and thrillers like "Shattered" (1991), but also delivered the laughs as a prima donna baseball player in the feature comedy "Major League" (1989). He gave a chilling performance as an insane dentist exacting revenge in the cult horror film "The Dentist" (1996) and was pitch-perfect as a stern ex-cop on the dramedy series "Psych" (USA Network, 2006- ). But it was Bernsen's memorable turn as the sleazy, womanizing Becker on the hit drama "L.A. Law" that catapulted him to fame and punctuated his long career as a truly talented and multi-layered actor ABOUT THE FILM BORN TO RACE: FAST TRACK, AVAILABLE NOW ON ITUNES AND ON DVD SEPTEMBER 9th Get ready for thrills clocked at 150 MPH when Anchor Bay Entertainment presents the high-octane race car spectacular, Born to Race: Fast Track, on Blu-ray™, DVD, OnDemand and Digital Download. Born to Race: Fast Track is the inspiring, thrilling second film in the Born to Race franchise. The fast-paced, high-octane racing action is even more exciting and compelling, putting the audience behind the wheel and on the track! Fans of Born to Race and newcomers to the franchise will be thrilled with the exciting action of Fast Track as well as its heart. Featuring “old-school” filmed-in-real-time, non-CGI enhanced race sequences, Born to Race: Fast Track crosses the finish line starting August 29th when it’s available for digital download on iTunes. It’s available on Blu-ray™, DVD and OnDemand September 9th. SRP is $26.99 for the Blu-ray™ and $22.98 for the DVD, with pre-book on August 6th. Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff of MTV’s “Awkward” star as Danny and Jake, small-town street-racing rivals with fast cars and bad tempers. When Danny scores a summer scholarship to a top racing school, he’ll find himself in fierce competition with an international class of drivers, in an illicit relationship with a new peer (Tiffany Dupont of “Greek”), and reluctantly teamed with his old nemesis Jake. To win big on this track, survival of the fastest is the only rule that matters. Diogo Morgado (“The Messenger,” “The Bible”), Corbin Bernsen (“Psych,” “L.A. Law”), Grant Show (“Devious Maids,” “Melrose Place”) and Sharon Lawrence (“Rizzoli & Isles”) co-star in this inspiring and thrilling second film in the Born to Race franchise. The creative team behind the first Born To Race -- director Alex Ranarivelo, screenwriter Steve Sarno, and producer (and professional race car driver) Ali Afshar -- have returned to make Born To Face: Fast Track an unforgettable excursion into the world of rookie race car drivers. Visit Born To Race: Fast Track on Facebook and Twitter at http://facebook.com/BornToRaceMovie and http://twitter.com/borntoracemovie

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Danielle Fishel Cause For Concern

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Arroe goes Unplugged and Totally Uncut on I Heart Radio with Girl that met boy. But not the boy the met the girl. It's Danielle Fishel!!!! A warm and witty memoir by Danielle Fishel, the beloved star of the ’90s sitcom Boy Meets World and the eagerly anticipated spin-off, Girl Meets World. Best known for playing Topanga Lawrence on Boy Meets World, Danielle Fishel was many a tween’s first crush and the quintessential girl-next-door for seven years as she joined 10 million viewers in their living rooms every Friday from 1993 to 2000. The real Danielle is just as entertaining and down-to-earth as the character she portrayed on her hit show. But even life for a successful actress can be messy, from disastrous auditions to dating mishaps and awkward red carpet moments. Normally, This Would Be Cause for Concern is a fun romp through Danielle’s own imperfections and mild neuroses. It’s a book for anyone who, like Danielle, has ever tripped and fallen down a flight of stairs in a room full of people, had a romantic moment with their significant other that was ruined by horrendous gas, or taken a Halloween photo without realizing there was a huge chunk of chocolate-covered strawberry in their teeth. Here is the real, imperfect Danielle, who knows that a good sense of humor and a positive attitude makes life so much more enjoyable. Even when you’ve just face-planted in front of Ben Affleck. DANIELLE FISHEL BIO Danielle Fishel is an actress and TV host best known as America’s first television crush, Topanga Lawrence, from the hit 1990s sitcom Boy Meets World & the eagerly anticipated spin-off, Girl Meets World

Yamma Brown Cold Sweat

Yamma Brown. The daughter of the Godfather of Soul. Unplugged and Totally Uncut on I Heart Radio Being the child of a global superstar is never easy, but being the daughter of the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business”—that’s a category unto itself. Like every little girl, Yamma Brown wanted her father’s attention, but fame, drugs, jail, and the complicated women in James Brown’s life set the stage for an uncommon childhood. She got caught in the same trap as her mother, doing things in her adult life and troubled marriage that, as a child, she’d promised herself she’d never do. The struggles she went through, both as a child and as an adult, make for a gripping read and, in the end, a profound examination of the nature of celebrity, violence, and survival. Though packed with celebrity appearances ranging from Michael Jackson to Al Sharpton, Cold Sweat ultimately focuses on an everyday issue faced by millions of women—domestic violence—and in this book Yamma faces it in an honest and powerfully moving way. REVIEW OF COLD SWEAT FROM NPR Celebrity child autobiographies fall into two categories. There's the scorched earth approach: One sordid story after another — call it the "Mommie Dearest" syndrome. The second category is the warts-and-all approach, in which the performer's progeny relates parental faults in oft-painful detail, but with the ultimate goal of deeper understanding. In many ways, the warts-and-all way is more challenging, because it requires the author to explain why — despite the horrors — they still loved Mom or Dad. And that's exactly what Yamma Brown does with Cold Sweat: My Father James Brown and Me. Co-written with Robin Gaby Fisher, Cold Sweat is surprisingly bereft of backstage histrionics and — with the exceptions of Michael Jackson and Denzel Washington — celebrity anecdotes. Instead, Brown takes the reader into the home she shared with the "Hardest Working Man in Show Business" in Beech Island, S.C. The result is the most intimate and unflinching portrait of James Brown yet. Cold Sweat begins on Christmas Eve 2006, when James Brown is in an Atlanta hospital with pneumonia. Yamma Brown, now married and a mother of two, wants to visit — but her father declines; he's not looking his best. "He never wanted people seeing him — not even his own kids — when his hair wasn't perfectly rolled and coiffed into his famous bouffant style," Brown writes. "I'd wanted to respect his wishes." But later that evening, she receives a phone call from Charles Bobbitt, her dad's personal manager: He's gone. Rushing to the hospital, she sits next to his body, overcome with a myriad of emotions and memories. She recalls her father's sweetness toward her and her older sister Deanna, as well as his egotism. (He once got upset when he found his daughters listening to a Natalie Cole record instead of one of his.) And then she remembers his violent side. "Until I was grown, every time I heard him raise his voice, even when he was talking business on the phone, I shook with fear," Brown writes. "I had heard that rage so many times as a child, and it usually meant he was high and pummeling Mom behind closed doors." That abuse and its long-lasting ramifications for Yamma is what gives Cold Sweat its emotional resonance. Brown writes about her feelings with an uncommon honesty: "As much as I loved my father, and I sure loved him, I hated him during those times. And I didn't like my mother much either." Her reasoning? "If she couldn't stand up for herself, how would she protect me?" The turning point comes when 5-year-old Yamma witnesses her father beating her mother, Dee Dee, out in front of the house. She leaps on her dad's back, screaming at him to stop. Embarrassed, he does, and eventually her mother leaves, relocating to Maryland with her daughters — but for Yamma, the damage has already been done. "I'd been programmed to accept abuse as part of life," she writes. Still, young Yamma vows she'll never let that happen to her. "It probably would have helped," she writes ruefully, "if someone had warned me that children who live with abuse often become abusers or victims themselves." Grown up and desperate to escape an abusive marriage, she calls her father and tells him about it. His response stuns her: " 'Yamma,' he said. 'I love you both. Marriage is hard. Everyone has problems. Disagreements. You're no different than anyone else. Try to work it out. Don't call me again until you do.' " Cold Sweat is courageous in its depiction of the way abuse afflicts famous families. There is no sadder moment in the book than Yamma's description of her father trying to woo her mother back: Dee Dee bluntly informs him that it was the beatings that drove her away. He insists she should have stayed. "I would have learned my lesson eventually," he says. "I would have grown out of it." But James Brown wouldn't have. History shows he never did. Ultimately, Cold Sweat celebrates a survivor who found the courage to walk away — and paints a valuable, warts-and-all portrait of a troubled icon. ABOUT YAMMA BROWN Yamma Brown is the vice president of the James Brown Family Foundation and the president and founder of Daughter of Soul Productions. She is the youngest daughter of Deidre Jenkins and James Brown. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

MTV VJ and Beyond Mark Goodman

From MTV to my I Heart Radio Studio. I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Mark Goodman Mark Goodman is a radio DJ, TV personality, and actor. He is best known as one of the original five VJs on MTV, from 1981-1987. Goodman has been in the music business for 30 years. He started in radio in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at WMMR and in 1978, became the music director of the station. In 1980, he moved to New York City to work at WPLJ, the number one rock station in New York. In 1981, Goodman left WPLJ to join the as yet unknown music video channel called MTV. As one of the 5 original VJs Goodman interviewed a variety of music and entertainment stars including Paul McCartney, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Brian De Palma, Heart, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Madonna, Billy Idol, Patty Smythe, Nick Lowe, Roy Orbison, Carlene Carter, Mark Knopfler, Journey, Scorpions, Pointer Sisters, Richard Marx, Rick Springfield, Duran Duran, Prince, Pee-Wee Herman, Lea Thompson, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andrew McCarthy, Howie Mandell, Robin Williams, Tracy Ullman, Billy Squire, Asia, Jerry Harrison, Hall and Oates, The Hooters, David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Eddie Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Bono, Bette Midler, Depeche Mode, Night Ranger, Pete Townshend, Dee Snyder, Robert Plant, John Mellencamp, Chrissie Hynde, Brian Wilson, Jack Nicholson, Paul Schaeffer, Phil Collins, Genesis, Bryan Adams, Huey Lewis, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, David Bowie, Tom Petty and many others. He also hosted several special shows for the channel including “The Week In Rock”, “120 Minutes” and the first show ever syndicated to broadcast by MTV: “The Top 20 Video Countdown.” In the late 80s, Goodman began an acting career that saw him working in film and TV. Goodman appeared in several films including “Man Trouble” with Jack Nicholson, “Don’t Be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood” with the Wayans brothers and Police Academy 6: City Under Siege. On TV, Goodman could be seen in such shows as “Married With Children”, “The Practice”, “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”, “Vinny And Bobby” and others. In 1989, Goodman returned to radio in Los Angeles at the legendary but short lived, “The Edge”. Over the next 10 years he worked at stations including KROQ, KMPC-FM (The Edge) and Star 98.7 in Los Angeles as well as Q101 and WLS-FM in Chicago, IL and Mix 96.9 in Phoenix, AZ. Through the 90s, Goodman hosted several different TV shows and music specials. In particular, “Fit TV” ran on cable for years after the final episodes were shot. Goodman receives no royalties from the show but is pleased he is still helping people learn how to eat right, exercise more and be open to alternative methods of healing and stress reduction. Goodman also hosted the Illinois Lottery game show Illinois Instant Riches and its revamp Illinois’ Luckiest from 1994 to 2001. In 1999, Goodman became Senior VP of Music Programming for Soundbreak.com, an internet radio station. He developed the format, hired and trained the air staff and developed all the special programming which became available for syndication to other sites including British Telecom Open World, As Seen In (Aaron Spelling’s site) and Newgrounds. After the dot com crash, Goodman continued his search for the new musical underground. Oddly, it presented itself from outer space in the form of satellite radio. Goodman was offered a position on Sirius Satellite Radio on their Big 80s channel with the other three original MTV VJs still living, Nina Blackwood, Martha Quinn, and Alan Hunter. Since starting there in 2004, Goodman has added shows on Classic Rewind (late 70s through early 90s rock) and The Spectrum (a lively mix of rock, pop and indy for grownups). Concurrent with his work at SiriusXM, Goodman’s understanding of the power of combining music and visuals made his next step in the music business almost a given: music supervision...putting music in films and TV shows. While he had music supervised several pilots for Fox, it was the Touchstone/ABC TV show “Desperate Housewives” which offered Goodman his greatest challenge. Goodman was tapped as music supervisor to help launch the series. Developments lately though have allowed Goodman to agree with his old pal Jon Bon Jovi who asks, “Who says you can’t go home?” In the mid 2000s, Goodman did go back home (sort of) on VH-1 and VH-1 Classic doing interviews and hosting special programs while continuing to broadcast 7 days a week on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. NOTE: MARK IS PROMOTING THE RELEASE OF THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL TV SERIES ON DVD. HE IS FEATURED IN ONE OF THE DVD EXTRAS AND SAYS THAT MTV WOULD NOT HAVE EXISTED WITHOUT THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL ABOUT THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION Artists Featured include Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Bee Gees, Earth, Wind & Fire, Electric Light Orchestra, Fleetwood Mac, Gordon Lightfoot, Heart, Helen Reddy, Jim Croce, John Denver, KC and the Sunshine Band, LaBelle, Linda Ronstadt, Marvin Gaye, Captain & Tennille, Peter Frampton, REO Speedwagon, Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Village People and many more Fairfax, VA—In the period between American Bandstand and MTV, several shows tried to bring rock ‘n’ roll to television. In the wake of Elvis Presley and the Beatles’ debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, ‘60s series like Hullabaloo, Shindig and The Music Scene featured rock and pop performers. But it wasn’t until The Midnight Special premiered on August 19, 1972, that rock ‘n’ roll found its own home on the air. This September, the TV DVD archivists at StarVista Entertainment/Time Life will bring consumers back to the ‘70s for the seminal, groundbreaking live music TV show on DVD, featuring extensive bonus features! THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION, available exclusively online at MIDNIGHTSPECIALDVDS.COM beginning August 12, 2014 will be released in a beautifully-packaged 11-disc set, featuring nearly 5 hours of specially-produced bonus features and a 32-page collector’s book. There will also be two retail configurations, available September 9: a 6-disc set and a single DVD.

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Bryan Adams Tracks Of My Years

Here comes the music industries greatest songwriter after Paul McCartney. From the I Heart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Bryan Adams Iconic multi-platinum recording-artist Bryan Adams is set to release his first studio album in more than six years with Tracks Of My Years (Verve Records), a diverse collection of time honoured classics from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, announced today. Releasing September 30, 2014 in the US and Canada (October 6 in Europe and other territories), Tracks Of My Years is co-produced by Adams, David Foster, and Bob Rock, and includes ten cover songs featuring a wide range of influential musical styles, from Chuck Berry's "Rock & Roll Music," Ray Charles' "I Can't Stop Loving You" to the Beatles' "Any Time At All." The collection also includes a brand new track, “She Knows Me” co-written with his long-time writing partner Jim Vallance. The Adams/Vallance partnership was responsible for many of Adams’ classic hits including “Heaven,” “Summer of ‘69” and “Run To You.” The 11-track release, and 16-track deluxe version will be available digitally and at retailers nationwide. "Making the selection of the songs for the album took a long time" noted Adams. "We recorded all kinds of songs until the songs sort of presented themselves, or sounded different enough from the originals. We did about 3 months of recording, spread out over the course of 2 years. Radio was king when I was a teenager," Adams reflected, "you'd hear McCartney's ‘Admiral Halsey’ straight into ‘Kiss and Say Goodbye’ by the Manhattans. Radio didn't discriminate back then." Tracks Of My Years, the first studio release from Adams since Eleven in 2008, is an eclectic mix of songs reflective of the time when rock was played alongside pop, country and R&B, and follows Adams’ critically-acclaimed acoustic album, 2010’s "Bare Bones" a release that resulted in sold out shows across Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa. ABOUT BRYAN ADAMS Bryan Adams is one of the world's most highly acclaimed singer/songwriters. In a career that has spanned more than four decades, the Grammy-winning singer has sold more than 65 million albums worldwide, garnered 21 top ten hits, earned nominations for three Academy Awards and five Golden Globes, received 18 Juno Awards, an American Music Award and five ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards for Most Performed Song from a Motion Picture. Adams is the recipient of the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada; he has received an award for "Artist of the Decade" and has been inducted into the Juno Hall of Fame. He has a star on Canada's Walkway of Fame, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and his handprint has been added to the Wembley Square of Fame in celebration of his 25th show at the famed stadium. Bryan Adams' live performances have benefited His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales Prince's Trust, Live Aid, Live 8, The Concert for Freedom for Nelson Mandela, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Net Aid, The Canadian Avalanche Foundation and Breast Cancer to mention a very few. Through his namesake foundation he has helped build schools and supported organizations that have helped disadvantaged people around the world. Adams is also an acclaimed photographer. His work has also been on display with Hear the World presents "Hear the World Ambassadors" – featuring exclusive portraits of renowned personalities from the film, music, and fashion industries. His critically acclaimed exhibit, “Modern Muses,” was on display in 2008 at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Amongst the books he has released (his most recent through the prestigious German publisher Steidl) are "Exposed" a collection of portraits and fashion work chronicling his photographic work to date, and "Wounded - The Legacy of War", a collection of intimate photographs documenting the personal sacrifice of war. Adam's outstanding live concerts have established him as one of the world's best rock singers of our time, performing over 120 concerts a year for audiences around the globe. www.bryanadams.com