Monday, December 30, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Comedian Paul Hooper

He's been banned from comedy clubs for being to upfront and brash. He's been verbally attacked by audience members because he's brutally honest. Paul Hooper. A self proclaimed decedent of William Cooper who signed the Declaration of Independence. We are Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the kid that hit the comedy scene selling tickets at the front counter at Charlotte's Comedy Zone.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Bill Waterman Is Back

As we enter a new chapter in world history. Long gone and forgotten should never be the way of living. Still struck and bent at the knees is the country of Haiti. But because its not on the front pages of national newspapers and websites. Most average going people feel the earthquake is long gone and forgotten. I will never believe God gave me a place on I Heart Radio to talk with Rock stars and comedians. He said, "See that sliver of light between the darkest points of reality meeting fantasy. That's Bill Waterman. Take your 34 years of broadcasting and allow him to sip from the cup so that others can be fed." Find out how you can help Face Book Bill

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: MTV's Girl Code

Warning. This starts off easy then goes totally adult. Warning! I love it when comedians step into the studio without having to put up a painted face. Once they discover we're on I Heart Radio. Busting a gut any way you can get it becomes a cross the line mind melting moment that will embarrass your mother for about ten minutes then she'll admit to laughing about it. We are Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Jessimae Peluso, Chris Distefano and Carly Aquilno from MTV's Girl Code. Get tickets to their Charlotte show at:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Big Al Puttin The Brakes On Fakes

How many years does it take to build a relationship with the doctor keeping your heart and lungs moving properly? If you're a guy that's 50 and over...when does it become comfortable to talk about prostate cancer to a doctor? Your car, truck or van is no different than the human body. When then are you ignoring the experts and putting its future in the hands of the cheapest mechanic you can find?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Jack Dillard

Short stories wrapped up in a digital box sits closer to a fast paced reader than hoisting flags over a car dealership. Marketing is marketing. Without it? Silence is put to the test. What happens when a brilliantly gifted copywriter stays true to skills of catch and release? Isn't that what authors do? The words that fall off their fingers onto computer screens are flying fish correct? Author Jack Dillard is a Poet with a connection to turning word play into short stories. This being the 125th anniversary of Van Gogh's ear being ripped from the shreds of everyday then placed into history. Jack gets to digitally enhance your smartphone and Kindle with ample places to park your imagination. Get the book

Monday, December 16, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Author Constance Corcoran Wilson

Normally I play by the modern Social Networking rules of keeping interviews locked in at eight to seventeen minutes. I not only broke the basic principals of keeping true to your busy life and style. But you're gonna have to put this show on hold a couple of times to endure the full landscape of who Constance Corcoran Wilson is as an author, teacher and true American Hero. Her seasons are of many. Through every change of color there's been challenge, victory and newer ways to write the multitudes of expression. The interview runs roughly 38 minutes. If you're a teacher grab paper and pen and take notes. If you're a writer then expect to learn new ways to bend sentences. If you're a reader and or student. Open your imagination and let tomorrow arrive in ways that will affect you beyond forever. Connie (aka, Constance) Corcoran Wilson CEO, Quad Cities' Learning, Inc. The book

Friday, December 13, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Actor Comedian Shaun Jones

Behind those funny lines. Next to those watchful eyes. Nearest to the near to the ambitions of comedy insanity. There lives a real person. And that's the voice I love getting to know. Shaun's been on the comedy circuit for twenty years. He takes a sentence and gives it a reason to wrap around the block. He builds upon the foundation of life's everyday challenges and helps spin into play a worthy reason to keep being more real than real. Then you spend the next fifteen minutes laughing about it.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Actor Robert Davi New York Christmas

There's an elegance that no other city but New York holds. An untimely dance. A cherished touch. That simple kiss that sends echoes beyond the limits of love. Actor Robert Davi doesn't just step up to the microphone and big band a moment. The passion of a true artist gives birth for newer shapes of forever togetherness take shape in she the one they call Big Apple. No matter where you live in 2013. Knowing New York is still alive is every reason to believe so too is Santa Claus.

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Author Sandra Boynton

I fall deeper in love with being an author when the children holding to the writing instrument dress up in adult clothes and the rest of the creative world plays along. Sandra Boynton gets it. The importance of writing has the ability to reach beyond the pages or flat screen of a book. Her sixth flow of thought combines Country and Western performed not only by the edge of her skillful ability to connect readers to poetic expression. But the number of modern artists that participated makes me feel like I just interview Will Rogers. Find out more about Frog Trouble

Monday, December 9, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Astrid Haven Goes Christmas

The best part about Christmas? Has always been neighborhood carolers! Why not challenge the Carolina's biggest showmanship act to step way out of their three ring circus and rip from the chords a holiday classic done Astrid Haven style? Plus they broke the news about a new concert January 11, 2014 at The Chop Shop in NODA.

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Max Hawthorne Memoirs Of A Gym Rat

It's the end of the year and the mirror is telling you to lose weight! Get in shape! The television and radio have been overthrown by gyms screaming, "We can rebuild you!" But... the majority of your experiences have been negative more than positive. Max Hawthorne has left the big business of working out at the door and taken on the challenge of keeping your goals and pocket book in shape. Name of Book: Memoirs of a Gym Rat: Sex, Drugs and Barbell Curls Guest Website: Facebook:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Journey's Ross Valory

The single most important question I hold that demands an answer, "How far does an echo travel before it falls into silence?" For Journey's bass guitarist Ross Valory the original thump and thud of that California fed thunder has been shaking valleys and floors for five decades. The tour bus is about to leave town. Journey hits the road in 2014 with The Steve Miller Band and The Tower of Power. Journey Tour info Learn more about Ross Journey's Loyalty to the Philippines

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Rachelle Spector

During my 34 years or Radio broadcast there's never been a season or holiday celebration that hasn't included the craftsmanship or artistry of Phil Spector. In recent years the industry of Radio transforms its journey forward toward wall to wall Christmas music. No year has passed that I don't laugh like Santa. Knowing how valuable Phil's wall of sound has been to the presentation of music and here comes Radio attempting to pull off what Mr. Spector has brilliant stamped into the the soul of history. It's the 50th anniversary of A Christmas Gift For You. I can't help but wonder who'll be the on air Radio talent that will get to share a great conversation with a member of the Spector family when a simple thought changed the way we celebrate the holidays turns 75 and 100.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Blink 182's Tom Delonge

Listen to the interview on I Heart Radio Blink 182's/Angels & Airwaves' Tom Delonge has released a new children's book The Lonely Astronaut On Christmas Eve. Angels And Airwaves San Diego’s Rady Children’s Hospital

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Boston's Tommy DeCarlo

Listen to the interview on I Heart Radio Boston's brand new CD is out. Life Love & Hope grips fans of the band by the rims of their wire framed reading glasses and ignites their feet to feeding the children of their children with the very sound that helped make Classic Rock more than music for old men. In an age of double click purchases on ITunes and Boston gives back to music by pouring emotion driven riffs, real organs and harmonies that seize control of your willingness to be silent. Within seconds you're back to what I call the Plastic Coated Bathroom Mirror Concert. Those moments when Boston puts you on your own stage and no matter whose listening around the world. You're blaring those vocals like a true Rock Star. The luckiest of them all. Is new guy Tommy DeCarlo. Passion, dedication and loyalty took him away from Home Depot and put him on stage with Tom Sholtz. Boston Webpage Tommy's Face Book