Friday, September 27, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Heather McDonald

Bright. In touch. Very aware. The kind of girl you want hosting a morning radio show with you. Fast. On the edge. Ready to look at life and have fun with it. Heather McDonald. Proves that being great looking reaches beyond the Hollywood stereotypical. Mindful. Energetic. A great singing voice. And able to make fun it with the most true to life smile and wit. Totally California but without the Valley Girl talk. Or as its been labeled these days Vocal Frying. She commands without demanding. Her eye contact is a language of its own, "I hear what you're saying. But wait until I get to participate." And she brings it! Brave in the way of making waves in a politically correct world without someone saying, "You went too far." Books. Stage show. Chelsea Lately. Tiny... compared to where she's going. listen to the Podcast

Monday, September 23, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Pam Stone

The greatest thing about living in the South is knowing there's a lot of undiscovered history waiting to be born. Outside these open fields of rolling hills and cattle nestling up with ancient barns...the rest world plays a game at trying to pinpoint the sound, image and lifestyle of who it is that's made this part of the United States the thickest minded, most focused, determined and loyal American's on the planet. Pam Stone isn't about to tell a story about moonshine and fast cars. Shared are the experiences. Shared are the true eyes of those that lived it. Shared is fun combined with an edge of your seat attraction to biding by the rules by day and turning everything accepted upside down the very moment that hot southern sun kissed the edge of Mother Nature's horizon. Running Flat Out hits your flat screen Thanksgiving 2013. The Journey Maker Pam Stone was in my studio and she's Unplugged and Totally Uncut. Check out the trailer Listen to the interview

Friday, September 20, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Tommy Davidson

He's unplugged and totally uncut. Actor Comedian Tommy Davidson. Appearing this weekend at the Comedy Zone. You know his name. You know his game. You know he's funny. You know he's connected to everything real in life. But this is a 30 minute podcast that puts boom in the room. Again... I warn... this is very adult. It is very out of control. Very real. Listen to the podcast

Friday, September 13, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Dov Davidoff

Born in Jersey. Now living in Venice Beach. Dov Davidoff! Performs at the Charlotte's Comedy Zone this weekend. You're gonna frickin love this guy! He's raw like an oyster. Blunt like a plastic knife. But sharp like broken glass on the Jersey shore. Dov loves to laugh but won't admit it while he's doing it. Which makes him even funnier! 30 minutes with the Dude...and I never asked once about his damn name! WTF? It was right there in front of me! His Dad is Jewish and his Mom is a Hippie! There it is...Dov! listen to the interview

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Walt Parazaider From Chicago

Being a Jock on a two speaker stage longer than most 7-11's keep their doors open. I've always found a uniquely way to introduce bands. Even before MTV... If you weren't featured on American Bandstand, The Midnight Special, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert or Friday Night Videos. Barely a fan of 45's and albums knew the full setup of members making the process of band identification impossible. With Chicago hoisting more members around than a Canadian Ice Hockey team. I had weeks of material to bring to life on those exceptionally long song intros. The one name I loved to pour through those speakers the most was Walt Parazaider. I loved saying his name. It's like a second grader discovering a twelve letter word that only doctors know. I can see why Chicago has been around for 46 years. Is there anybody more humble? More in love with being a musician? They love their fans and aren't afraid to show it. Listen to the interview

Monday, September 9, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top

I don't wanna talk about the history of ZZ Top. Especially since Billy Gibbons rides at the same speed I do. Life isn't about collecting old man slippers. Classic Rock and everything associated is meant for the generations we'll never meet. A good example is his new movie Snake and Mongoose. I've always believed the one thing missing from this digitally addicted configuration of instant history is physically knowing the true roots of how we got here. Do you know how the Funny Car made its way to the stage of drag racing? Yeah... thank God for Billy Gibbons. A song lyric. Penned out by his own fingertip. Has the staining power to make both music and movies work as one when guiding and gliding the future toward the who, what, where and when of why it is we do what we do. I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. listen to the interview

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Craig Shoemaker

Being part of the Radio rodeo for thirty four years puts you inside some seriously out of control ideas that make you shake your head. But in the end. The journey ends up being far greater than anything else. Comedian Craig Shoemaker was constantly the most giving Radio talent. Pam Stone opened the door for me to do her show from Hollywood and Craig gladly opened his studio door to dine on the stages of imaginations at play. Sitting in the studio with Craig today was totally a family reunion moment. Not only is he the only comedian that's made me laugh so hard I hurt for a week. But to play Radio with him 8 years after the vision that brought us all together faded...proves there's still a lot of love between the pages of things Radio listeners never get to see. Pam joked all the time, "The best part of the show was while the commercials were playing." Craig's love for entertainment. Passion for the people and brilliant display of connecting to all things still breathing makes him Radio's biggest hit and miss. The industry turned on him and Pam too soon. Craig performs at Charlotte's Comedy Zone this week! Listen to the 30 minutes podcast