Friday, March 16, 2018

Jimmy O Yang

Listen to "Jimmy O Yang How To American" on Spreaker. "I was once a fresh-off-the-boat Chinese immigrant myself. I was Jian Yang. When my family immigrated to America from Hong Kong, I was a thirteen-year-old boy who looked like an eight-year-old girl.My life growing up in Hong Kong was like a bad stereotype. I played the violin, I was super good at math, and I played Ping-Pong competitively. In China, people take Ping-Pong seriously. It's not just a drunken frat house game; Ping-Pong is a prestigious national sport. The Ping-Pong champs in China are national heroes, like Brett Favre without the dick pics."-from How to American Jimmy O. Yang is best known as quiet troublemaker, prank caller, and hacker house-squatter Jian Yang on the Emmy-nominated HBO show Silicon Valley. This spring, he'll achieve what he jokingly calls The Holy Grail of Asian Actors: playing a white girl's boyfriend (alongside Melissa McCarthy in the film Life of the Party). And this summer, he'll appear in what he (only kind of jokingly) refers to as the most Asian studio film ever-Crazy Rich Asians, based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name. In his memoir How to American: An Immigrant's Guide to Disappointing Your Parents, Yang shares the beginning of his journey to stardom, starting with his family's emigration from Hong Kong to Los Angeles when he was a teenager. In a perfect storm, Yang, who didn't speak any English, hit puberty upon arrival in L.A. and found himself caught between the duality of his family's traditional Chinese values and the independent spirit of American culture. So he did what any clever young immigrant would do: He set out to learn American customs by watching BET RapCity. How to American details Yang's assimilation and education while dodging his parents' relentless attempts to convince him to pursue a more practical career. Much to his parent's disappointment, Yang quit a promising internship in finance to pursue an unlikely career in comedy. When his minimum wage job at the Comedy Palace didn't pay the bills, Yang went from DJing at a strip club ("I was pairing R&B songs with strippers like a sommelier at Spago suggesting which red goes best with the beef Bolognese"), to selling used cars, to driving for Uber. But eventually he achieved the American Dream, landing as a series regular on an award-winning TV show and, in 2016, becoming a US citizen. With thoughts ranging from the first time reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, to the best way to befriend a bouncer named Beast, to the art of silencing racist hecklers, Yang uses firsthand experience to examine the timely subjects of immigration and the presentation of minorities in Hollywood.

Ron Hall

Listen to "Ron Hall From Same Kind of Different As Me" on Spreaker. “An inspiring, beautiful story about love” (Dave Morales, Fox TV Houston), SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME arrives on Blu-ray and DVD February 20, 2018 from Paramount Home Media Distribution. The film arrives on Digital February 6, 2018. Based on The New York Times best-selling book, and recipient of the Dove Foundation seal of approval for ages 12+, SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME follows successful art dealer Ron Hall (Greg Kinnear, Heaven Is For Real) and his wife Debbie (RenĂ©e Zellweger, Bridget Jones’s Diary), who seemingly have the perfect life. But when their faith and family are tested, an unlikely bond with a homeless drifter (Djimon Hounsou, Blood Diamond) leads them on a remarkable journey that forges an everlasting friendship. “Loaded with surprising twists and turns” (Jim Ferguson, KGUN9 ABC Tucson), SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME shows how a simple act of kindness can change everything.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Chris Whipple

Listen to "Chris Whipple The Gatekeepers Returns For Update" on Spreaker. In 2016, our country endured one of the most divisive elections in modern history. Now into his second year in office, President Trump continues to lean on a revolving inner circle of advisers who are determined to execute his outsider agenda but who have little governing experience. One of the president's most important advisers is his chief of staff, a position the framers of the Constitution could not have envisioned. Unelected and unconfirmed, the chief serves at the whim of the president, hired and fired by him alone. And yet the chief's job is so critical that the presidency cannot function effectively without one. Reince Priebus, Trump's first chief, who held the job for just over six months, was never fully empowered by the president and was routinely outmaneuvered by louder voices in the room, including Jared Kushner and Stephen Bannon. When an ineffectual Priebus left the role, many hoped Trump's second chief, retired general John Kelly, would help bring order to a chaotic White House. But while Trump and the Republican Party scored a major victory with their tax plan, they stumbled when it came to dismantling health care and curtailing Trump's off-script tweets. There's also concern that aggression towards North Korea is leading the country down a dangerous path, thanks to this commander-in-chief's impulsiveness. Kelly has said he has no plans to change Trump, but as chief of staff, isn't one of his most important jobs to protect the president from himself? Based on extensive, intimate interviews with eighteen living chiefs of staff, including an exclusive new chapter with interviews from both Priebus and Bannon on Trump, as well as two former presidents, Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush, THE GATEKEEPERS: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency (Broadway Books, on-sale March 6, 2018), by award-winning producer and journalist Chris Whipple, is the story of men who defined the presidencies they served. In THE GATEKEEPERS, Whipple explains how every president needs an empowered chief of staff in order to govern effectively. Our most successful presidents understood the importance of a strong chief (Ronald Reagan, for example, knew that he needed a consummate Washington insider, James Baker, in order to get things done). Yet as Whipple's book shows, our political age is also littered with the wreckage of presidencies that failed to understand this lesson. From Watergate and the Iraq War to the bungled rollout of Obamacare and the disasterous announcement and execution of Trump's "Muslim ban," Whipple sheds light on moments in our nation's history that take on new meaning in this current climate.

Bobby Cannavale

Listen to "Bobby Cannavale From Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle" on Spreaker. Experience this year's biggest and best family fun adventure starring some of Hollywood's most popular actors - JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE is available on digital now and on 4K Ultra HDT/Blu-rayT, Blu-ray and DVD March 20 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. In addition, the physical skus will also include digital versions of the movie, redeemable via the all-new Movies Anywhere App. Explore the vast and exciting world of Jumanji with Dwayne Johnson (Fast and the Furious franchise), Jack Black (Goosebumps), Kevin Hart (Ride Along) and Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy franchise) as they work together to beat the mysterious game they were drawn into so they can return to the real world. JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE also stars Nick Jonas ("Scream Queens") and Bobby Cannavale (Ant-Man). Now fans can experience what it's like to be transported into the world of JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. For the first time ever, the home entertainment packaging will feature a Snapchat Snapcode that unlocks an augmented reality experience. When fans pick up a copy of the film on Blu-ray or DVD at any retailer and scan the Snapcode with their Snapchat app, they will find the jungle brought to life right in front of them. Once there, they can record their experience and share it with their friends. There will be an additional Snapcode on an insert inside the package, exclusively for consumers who purchase the disc, that will trigger a second first-of-its-kind AR experience that will bring the characters from Jumanji into your living room. With the Digital, Blu-ray and DVD releases of JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, fans can delve even deeper into Jumanji with the amazing bonus materials packed with more laughs, more action and more fun, including a hilarious gag reel, a music video and three behind-the-scenes featurettes. Prepare to be rocked when Jack Black and Nick Jonas share their mind-blowing take on an original theme song for the film in the epic music video "Jumanji Jumanji." Fans can follow the intrepid guide, Nigel, as he leads them through a behind-the-scenes journey showcasing how this epic adventure came to life in "Journey Through The Jungle: The Making of Jumanji." In "Meet the Players: A Heroic Cast," Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan discuss the fun they had diving into character and working with each other. Fans will also hear from the team of talented visual effects artists on how they created one of the film's most exciting scenes in "Attack of the Rhinos!" The Blu-ray and digital releases contain two additional exclusive featurettes, including "Surviving the Jungle: Spectacular Stunts!" a firsthand look of how the most eye-popping stunts were conceived and executed. "Book to Board Game to Big Screen & Beyond! Celebrating The Legacy of Jumanji" is a loving and nostalgic look at the enduring legacy of Jumanji as the cast and filmmakers reflect on the beloved original 1995 film and how the new film honors the original's exciting history.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Captain Dave Marciano

Listen to "Captain Dave Marciano From Wicked Tuna On National Geographic" on Spreaker. Wicked Tuna’s seventh season finds the captains in need of redemption. Captain Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise (@CaptMarciano) is out to turn things around after a disappointing season in Gloucester last year, in which he caught only five fish and landed near the bottom of the leaderboard. This year, Marciano is looking to start strong and land some big paydays as he teams up once again with his son and first mate, Joe, and welcomes a new crew member aboard — his oldest daughter, Angelica. For the Marciano clan, fishing is a family affair.

U God From Wu Tang

Listen to "U God Lamont Hawkins From The Wu Tang Clan" on Spreaker. "It's time to write down not only my legacy, but the story of nine dirt-bomb street thugs who took our everyday life-scrappin' and hustlin' and tryin' to survive in the urban jungle of New York City-and turned that into something bigger than we could possibly imagine, something that took us out of the projects for good, which was the only thing we all wanted in the first place." -Lamont "U-God" Hawkins The Wu-Tang Clan are considered hip-hop royalty. Remarkably, none of the founding members have told their story-until now. Here, for the first time, the quiet one speaks. Lamont "U-God" Hawkins was born in Brownsville, New York, in 1970. Raised by a single mother and forced to reckon with the hostile conditions of project life, U-God learned from an early age how to survive. And surviving in New York City in the 1970s and 1980s was no easy task-especially as a young black boy living in some of the city's most ignored and destitute districts. But, along the way, he met and befriended those who would eventually form the Clan's core: RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, and Masta Killa. Brought up by the streets, and bonding over their love of hip-hop, they sought to pursue the impossible: music as their ticket out of the ghetto. U-God's unforgettable first-person account of his journey, from the streets of Brooklyn to some of the biggest stages around the world, is not only thoroughly affecting, unfiltered, and explosive but also captures, in vivid detail, the making of one of the greatest acts in American music history. Born Lamont Jody Hawkins, U-God is an American rapper and hip-hop artist and one of the founding members of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. A native New Yorker, RAW is his first book.

Thoughts Are Energy

Listen to "Thoughts Are Energy" on Spreaker. We move because someone moved before us. Deep thought right? But an incredible place to grow from. Everything you put into play today can't be owned by the presence of self. It's a series of experiences influenced by the energy of others. All that is necessary in your moment doesn't always reach it's potential because we've allowed ourselves to let others make the move first. I looked up the word necessary today. Mainly because word check has made all of us very bad spellers on paper. Beneath it's headline were a couple of sentences defining what necessary means: Determined, existing, or happening by natural laws or predestination. Pre meaning before. Destination meaning a journey is required. Which means through awareness we are able to shape our new day with what is necessary. Many dogs eat every bit of food in their morning dishes. Does that make you a bad parent? Not so. In controlling their diet you know how much food is necessary for their healthy way. Where it goes wrong is when we give the dogs too much food. They have been trained to eat everything. Which is no different then your walk through an everyday world. Your mind body and soul digest all that sits in front of it. And when you're full with too many thoughts. You still keep feeding that imagination. Locating that proper balance of information is knowing what is necessary. I read all the time about how someone has disconnected from the social networks only to see them coming back. They speak of the promise land and how incredible it was to be without it. Really? Why are you back? We move because someone moved before us. Time to take some notes and start understanding your invisible habits. How you move does affect and infect others. Know what is necessary and begin growing forward in peace.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Jo Jo Siwa

Listen to "Jo Jo Siwa Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards" on Spreaker. Nickelodeon SlimeFest, in partnership with Live Nation, is the first multi-day music festival for kids and families in the U.S. Featuring performances by JoJo Siwa and additional pop music stars, the two-day event will be held at Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island in Chicago, Ill., on Saturday, June 9, and Sunday, June 10. Nickelodeon SlimeFest will also feature appearances by Nickelodeon stars, immersive one-of-a-kind experiences and plenty of the network’s signature green slime. General admission and VIP tickets are available starting March 6th via Lip Sync Battle Shorties is the ultimate music showdown for kids. Hosted by entertainer Nick Cannon, along with show sidekick JoJo Siwa, the series features talented, real-life kids lip-syncing pop songs in celebration of their favorite musical artists. JoJo is a social media star with more than 6.5 million followers on Instagram, over 15 million followers on and more than five million subscribers on YouTube. Her music video, "Boomerang,” released in May 2016, currently has over 450 million views and is RIAA-certified platinum. In addition to being signed to an overall talent agreement with Nickelodeon, JoJo has a global line of consumer products including her signature bows, accessories, apparel, toys, arts and crafts, cosmetics, home goods, bedding and party supplies. In spite of these early successes, JoJo’s priorities remain at the core of her Nebraskan/mid-western upbringing and grounded family values. A true ambassador of anti-bullying, JoJo continues to be a prominent and relatable role model for her countless fans, with the strength and power in her message of celebrating individuality, keeping strong in the face of adversity and never giving up.

Steve Hackett

Listen to "Steve Hackett Wuthering Nights" on Spreaker. "Wuthering Nights: Live in Birmingham" is the new live release by STEVE HACKETT (ex Genesis) commemorating 2017's 'Genesis Revisited with Classic Hackett' tour! Includes a majority of Genesis tracks from 1976’s “Wind & Wuthering”, solo highlights and masterpieces like ‘Dance On A Volcano’, 'Inside And Out', ‘The Musical Box’, and ‘Firth Of Fifth’.

Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Listen to "Valentin Chmerkovskiy I'll Never Change My Name" on Spreaker. Viewers of America's hit TV show Dancing with the Stars already know Valentin "Val" Chmerkovskiy as a fan-favorite ballroom dancer and heartthrob. And while he has captivated fans since his first performance on the show in 2011, there is a lot more to Val than meets the eye. After coming to America at the young age of eight, without knowing a word of English, Val was a stranger in a strange land, far from his family's native land of Ukraine. Now, as never before, Val opens up about what it was like for his family to move to Brooklyn, realizing the American Dream the moment he became the first American to win the World Championship in Ballroom dancing just a few short months after 9/11. In his upcoming memoir, I'LL NEVER CHANGE MY NAME: An Immigrant's American Dream from Ukraine to the USA to Dancing with the Stars (on-sale: March 6, 2018; Dey Street Books; Hardcover; $26.99), Val reveals the successes and failures he's had on and off the ballroom floor, from world championships up through his first step on Dancing with the Stars. For the first time, Val looks back at his childhood in Odessa, Ukraine, and his Jewish family's immigration to the United States-including what it was like to grow up in Brooklyn as a stranger desperate to fit into a different culture, how he worked to become a premiere dancer, and, of course, the collaborations and competitions with his brother and fellow Dancing with the Stars sensation, Maksim "Maks" Chmerkovskiy-who also wrote the book's foreword. In I'LL NEVER CHANGE MY NAME, Val speaks warmly of his close-knit family and shares intimate and inspiring stories meant to offer hope and motivation not only to fans, but to everyone with a dream. Enduring persecution in their native land, Val's parents wanted a better life for their children-a desire that led them to leave everything they knew and start again thousands of miles away in a foreign country. It was a gamble that paid off-after years of practice and discipline, Val, along with Maks, have reached the pinnacle of success. Though he admits he sometimes still feels like an outsider, Val reveals that he is every bit as American as he is Ukrainian, and he expresses his enduring gratitude for everything that America represents and pays homage to his adopted nation and the opportunities it has afforded him and his family. While Dancing with the Stars has demonstrated Val's beautiful physicality, I'LL NEVER CHANGE MY NAME illuminates his soul, revealing a deep, thoughtful person who channels his emotions and socially conscious views through his art. Inspiring, heartfelt, and compulsively readable, this is a classic story of the American Dream. Showcasing 16 pages of never-before-seen photos, I'LL NEVER CHANGE MY NAME is sure to touch readers' hearts.

Josh Hartnett

Listen to "Josh Hartnett From Oh Lucy" on Spreaker. Setsuko is a single, emotionally unfulfilled woman, seemingly stuck with a drab, meaningless life in Tokyo. At least until she's convinced by her niece, Mika to enroll in an unorthodox English class that requires her to wear a blonde wig and take on an American alter ego named "Lucy." This new identity awakens something dormant in Setsuko, and she quickly develops romantic feelings for her American instructor, John (Josh Hartnett). When John suddenly disappears from class and Setsuko learns that he and her niece were secretly dating, Setsuko enlists the help of her sister, Ayako and the pair fly halfway across the world to the outskirts of Southern California in search of the runaway couple. In a brave new world of tattoo parlors and seedy motels, family ties and past lives are tested as Setsuko struggles to preserve the dream and promise of "Lucy." Nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards - Best First Feature (Atsuko Hirayanagi) and Best Female Lead (Shinobu Terajima). From Executive Producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

JonPaul Wallace

Listen to "JonPaul Wallace Miss You Everytime and Connection" on Spreaker. I started singing at six years old, when I saw my older sister singing and immediately took to it. I began with classic rock music, listening to The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis, and other music legends that my parents thankfully exposed me to at a young age. Then I started to get exposed to Motown, particularly Stevie Wonder, who became my all-time favorite and hero musician. About halfway through high school, I became deeply interested in pop music and knew that this is where I wanted to focus my art—in the world of pop. Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran and Kendrick Lamar are just some of the artists I admire. I always try to channel my inspirations—old and new—into my writing, while adding my own style and making the music my own. The real beginning for me as an artist was my freshman year of high school at age 14. I was suddenly cut from the baseball team. But instead of this moment derailing a life of baseball, it provided clarity of what I was really meant to do: to sing, perform and play music. I was deeply in love with music. I learned how to play piano and kept singing and by the next year I had signed with Zen Bulldog Entertainment, an independent label and publishing company based in NYC. Here is where I really started to grow as a musician and develop my craft. Two years later and at the end of my senior year of high school, I rewrote the song “7 Years” by Lukas Graham and added my own lyrics about graduating high school and the emotional experience of moving on. I performed this at graduation, and a video of this performance surfaced online and went viral, attracting millions of views all over the world. Watch Here I am now working on my own original material, playing more piano, hitting the recording studio, and performing live as much as possible . And I’m just getting started.

Randy Bachman

Listen to "Randy Bachman By George By Bachman" on Spreaker. By George – By Bachman is a collection of Harrison compositions along with one original song. Randy says, "I figured I would take George’s songs and give them new grooves. I wanted the tempos and arrangements to be different but still recognizable by the lyrics. I took the major keys and turned them into minors. It was a whole new interpretation of a familiar song. I was quite excited about the prospect of re-imagining George Harrison’s songs.” The album opens and closes with “Between Two Mountains,” an original song written to tie the various elements together. In between are 11 Harrison compositions, but you will also hear bits of other songs. "Throughout the album, I put in little signature licks that are associated with George’s songs, like the slide part from ‘My Sweet Lord’ or the opening chord from ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ for the fans to notice. Kind of like Easter eggs.” Bachman will play tracks off the album at B.B. King's in New York City on February 24th, the day before Harrison would have turned 75.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sydney Franklin

Listen to "Sydney Franklyn Make It Hurt" on Spreaker. Hey, I’m Syd! I believe singing isn’t just about the artist – it’s about the audience and the people who enjoy the music. Singing creates an indescribable feeling for everyone in the room. It’s as if the artist and audience feel numb to everything except the music and – even if just for a moment – they are lost in a world without fear. Untouchable and invincible. If you were to take a peek at my iTunes playlist you would come across artists like Aretha Franklin, Jessie J, Jazmine Sullivan and Tori Kelly. These are a few artists that have influenced my music. As artists they are soulful, powerful and their music is meaningful – they bring stories to life, as do I hope to do one day too.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Jonathan Huber

Listen to "Jonathan Huber And Ted Geoghegan From Mohawk" on Spreaker. After its hit festival run, Dark Sky Films is proud to announce the theatrical release of Ted Geoghegan's Mohawk on March 2, with a simultaneous VOD and HD Digital release. A home invasion film where North America is the home and the invaders are the United States Army, Mohawk is a no-holds-barred action-thriller marking the second team-up between writer-director Ted Geoghegan, producer Travis Stevens, and cinematographer Karim Hussain after their award-winning 2015 horror hit, We Are Still Here. Praised as "poignant" and "thought provoking" by Rue Morgue Magazine, "gripping" and "a wild ride" by Indiewire, and "realistic and very personal" by the Hollywood Reporter, Mohawk unfolds over the course of one bloody day during The War of 1812. Kaniehtiio Horn (Hemlock Grove), Justin Rain (Fear the Walking Dead), and Eamon Farren (Twin Peaks: The Return) star as three young lovers who set fire to an American camp as retribution for the decimation of the Mohawk people, but a handful of soldiers survive, now consumed by a hunger for revenge. Led by Ezra Buzzington (Justified, The Middle), and including Ian Colletti ("Arseface" from AMC's Preacher) and Jonathan Huber (WWE Superstar Harper making his big screen debut), these angry, lost soldiers will stop at nothing to punish those who burned their camp and killed their comrades. As the day goes on, blood begets more blood and this running skirmish turns into a dramatic battle for survival in which no side is left unscarred. As Birth. Movies. Death. Says, "[Mohawk] does a fine job of reminding us that sometimes the truest horror is that of our own history." Produced by Dark Sky Films, the producers and distributors of We Are Still Here as well as House of the Devil, Stake Land, Hatchet, and many more, and Snowfort Pictures (Cheap Thrills, We Are Still Here, Starry Eyes) this is The Last of the Mohicans meets The Last House on the Left. Dedicated to the water protectors of the Standing Rock protests, and featuring numerous First Nations actors in its leading roles, Mohawk brings a forgotten part of the American past to rousing, bloody, white-knuckled life. Its heroes are not the noble frontiersman or the rifle-toting pioneers, but the ones who resisted their decimation, the skeletons in America's closets, who will no longer remain silent.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Pam Stone

Listen to "Having A Conversation With Pam Stone" on Spreaker. Wait! Before I jump into what took place with Pam Stone on the phone. She's on stage June 23rd with the legendary Judy Tenuta. Tickets on sale now! Go to The one thing a radio station program director could never say about Pam and I is "Long story short." I mean we are like two chickens in a hen house with a lurking fox wearing ear plugs outside the itty bitty door. I do want to say that Pam did Dennis Quaid me. I'm ok. It may take another 30 seconds to get over. But did you know that Pam and Jim Carrey shared a moment? Wait wait. I recorded her talking about it. This isn't fake news! Plus what is Pam's present dream tour? What's the one thing that would instantly put her back on the stage? You know what I forgot to bring up? Her dogs! No wonder she Dennis Quaided me! Look... we had a conversation. No digital devices. No incoming phone calls or bothersome postal workers dropping movie swag off. Not even a bathroom break. We are grateful that you chose to use the 2 party line. Did I just show my age?

Deney Terrio

Listen to "Deney Terrio Ultimate Disco Cruise" on Spreaker. THE LINEUP: Enjoy a star-studded vacation with unparalleled access to legendary stars from the Disco era. See them during the nightly performances, enjoy celebrity-led activities, attend meet and greets and run into your favorites all week long during meals, pool side relaxing, drinks at the bar and more: KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND KOOL & THE GANG GLORIA GAYNOR VILLAGE PEOPLE TAVARES NORMA JEAN WRIGHT, ALFA ANDERSON & LUCI MARTIN (FORMERLY OF CHIC) EVELYN "CHAMPAGNE" KING THELMA HOUSTON THE TRAMMPS FEATURING EARL YOUNG MUSIQUE CRUISE HOST DENEY TERRIO THE AUSTRALIAN BEE GEES SHOW - A TRIBUTE TO THE BEE GEES AND MORE! Now we know you love to boogie to the music, so we have programmed over 40 LIVE performances from some of your favorite disco legends to keep you groovin' all day and all night long. Get to know the legends of the Disco era! Artist Q&A sessions Panel Discussions Wine Tasting Celebrity Hosted Happy Hours Join Us for Other Disco Inspired Events: Theme Nights and Costume Parties Dance Parties Dance Classes Talent Competitions and Gameshows Trivia Contests Karaoke More information: