Monday, February 29, 2016

Matt Haig

Like nearly one in five people, novelist Matt Haig suffers from depression. After contemplating suicide and very nearly killing himself, Matt Haig spent much of his twenties trying to return to normalcy. REASONS TO STAY ALIVE is Matt’s life-saving and inspirational memoir of how, minute by minute and day by day, he overcame the disease with the help of reading, writing, and the love of his parents and his girlfriend (and now-wife), Andrea. And eventually, he learned to appreciate life all the more for it. Everyone’s lives are touched by mental illness: if we do not suffer from it ourselves, then we have a friend or loved one who does. Matt’s frankness about his experiences is both inspiring to those who feel daunted by depression and illuminating to those who are mystified by it. Above all, his humor and encouragement never let us lose sight of hope. Speaking as his present self to his former self in the depths of depression, Matt is adamant that the oldest cliché is the truest—there is light at the end of the tunnel. He teaches us to celebrate the small joys and moments of peace that life brings, and reminds us that there are always reasons to stay alive. During an interview, Matt can discuss: • The most challenging part of writing REASONS TO STAY ALIVE • The differences between writing a novel and a memoir/self-help book • What influenced him to write REASONS TO STAY ALIVE • What he wants people to take away from reading his book • How REASONS TO STAY ALIVE is different from other books about depression • What the feedback has been like since the book came out in the UK As a novelist, Matt Haig is able to give voice to those who aren’t able to articulate what they’re experiencing. His frankness about his past is inspiring for anyone who feels daunted by depression and illuminating for those who feel confused by its effects. Above all, his humor and encouragement come from having lived through depression, so he never lets the reader lose sight of hope. About the Author: MATT HAIG is the internationally bestselling writer of five novels, including The Dead Father’s Club, The Humans and The Radleys. He has also written award-winning children’s books. His work has been translated into thirty languages. REASONS TO STAY ALIVE, a runaway bestseller in the UK, is his first work of nonfiction. He lives in England.

Matt McGorry

I love a movie that hits you like a wall and leaves you talking about it several days after. Rattle is such the picture. It deals with modern digital device reality. You'll be reaching for a wad of tape and covering that camera lens up quickly. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with actor Matt McGorry. Matt McGorry stars as Asher Millstone in ABC’s hit new series How to Get Away with Murder produced by Shonda Rhimes and created by Peter Nowalk. He can also be seen playing the post-military newbie corrections officer John Bennett in the Emmy nominated Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. Other television appearances include TNT’s upcoming drama series Public Morals produced by Steven Spielberg and Edward Burns, the Emmy nominated crime drama Elementary, CW’s well-known series Gossip Girl, the USA original series Royal Pains, the CBS Emmy nominated crime drama Person of Interest, and Comedy Central’s Onion SportsDome. Matt McGorry’s background in comedy began during college when he was a member of the well-known sketch group, “Emerson Comedy Workshop”. After graduating in 2008, Matt went on to appear in videos and years of improv performance after graduating from the prestigious UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) Improv Theatre Program. Matt previously spent time as a fitness expert and has been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Life & Style and NY1. McGorry was born and raised in New York City. He attended LaGuardia High School, the “Fame” school, as a drama major. Following LaGuardia H.S., he attended the Theater program at Emerson College in Boston, MA. ABOUT RATTER, on DVD & DIGITAL MARCH 1ST Ashley Benson (“Pretty Little Liars”) and Matt McGorry (“How to Get Away with Murder”) star in the voyeuristic thriller RATTER, debuting on DVD and Digital March 1 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Shown from the stalker’s point of the view, the film follows Emma (Benson), a graduate student who falls prey to a tech-savvy stalker who hacks into her digital world. The film harnesses the paranoia of today’s technology, serving as an uncomfortably relevant warning about a new breed of cyber stalking where at any moment someone could be watching your every move through the devices that keep us connected. An official selection at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival and the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival, as well as a nominee at the 2015 Film Independent Series Award, director Branden Kramer’s RATTER also stars Rebecca Naomi Jones (Lovesick). Bonus features include three deleted scenes. Synopsis: We’re constantly connected through our phones, laptops and the Web every moment of every day. But while we look at our screens, who’s looking at us? Meet Emma, a beautiful young grad student who has just moved from the Midwest to New York, excited to be on her own in the big city. But when a stalker hacks into her devices, he destroys Emma’s illusions of privacy and she discovers just how fragile our sense of security can be. Ashley Benson stars in the groundbreaking psychological thriller that explores a world where the cameras are always on and someone’s always watching. RATTER was written and directed by Branden Kramer. The film was executive produced by Stefan Haverkamp, Jan Jaworski, Tom Kropp, Matt Levin, Michael Maher, Evelynda Rivera and Sarah Shepard and produced by David Bausch, Ben Browning and Jamie Zelermyer. Bonus Features Include deleted scenes featuring Ashley Benson.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Vivian Campbell from Last In Line

Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice, Claude Schnell were all once members of Dio. One day while jamming in a rented practice warehouse. Vinny suggests they locate a vocalist. Vivian created only one rule. They can't be a Ronnie James Dio copy. Last In Line has released their new collection of songs, We are Unplugged and Totally Uncut on iHeart Radio with one of the greatest guitarists on the planet. Last in Line is an American heavy metal band formed in 2012 by former members of the original lineup of Dio. The band's name comes from the 1984 Dio album The Last in Line, the first album to feature the core lineup of Last in Line. Following the death of Dio frontman Ronnie James Dio in 2010, the original lineup of Vinny Appice on drums, Jimmy Bain on bass, Vivian Campbell on guitar and Claude Schnell on keyboards reunited along with vocalist Andrew Freeman to perform covers of Dio songs they originally recorded. The band will release a studio album of original material without Schnell titled Heavy Crown in February 2016.

David Mazouz from Gotham on FOX

A CHILLING VILLAIN EMERGES IN GOTHAM ON AN ALL-NEW “GOTHAM” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29, ON FOX Nathan Darrow (“House of Cards”) and BD Wong (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) Guest-Star Penguin takes a hit for Galavan’s murder, but doesn’t let Gordon off easily. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock investigate the body-snatching spree of Victor Fries (guest star Nathan Darrow), one of Gotham’s preeminent cryogenics engineers in the all-new “Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze” winter premiere episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Feb. 29 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-212) (TV-14 L, V) Cast: Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, Morena Baccarin as Leslie Thompkins, Michael Chiklis as Detective Nathaniel Barnes, Sean Pertwee as Alfred, Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Erin Richards as Barbara Kean, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle/the future Catwoman, Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma/the future Riddler, James Frain as Theo Galavan, Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galavan, Chris Chalk as Lucius Fox, Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent, Drew Powell as Butch Gilzean Guest Cast: Nathan Darrow as Victor Fries, Kristen Hager as Nora Fries, BD Wong as Hugo Strange, Tonya Pinkins as Ms. Ethel Peabody, John Pirkis as Nigel, Danny Hoch as Pharmacist

Teres Ghilarducci

Shockingly, a majority of Americans have less than $30,000 in retirement savings. One third has saved nothing at all. Tens of millions of middle-class Americans turning 65 in the next decade are on track to be living in or near poverty after they quit working. These are sobering figures, but the good news is that people DO have the power to plan their work life so it leads to a retirement on their own terms, meaning time for relaxation and exploration later in life. The clear answer to how this can be accomplished comes from Teresa Ghilarducci, a labor economist and nationally recognized expert in retirement security, a professor at The New School, a trustee to two retiree health-care trusts worth over $54 billion, and a frequent bipartisan advisor on Capitol Hill. Now, Ghilarducci shares her profusion of sharp economic insights in HOW TO RETIRE WITH ENOUGH MONEY: And How To Know What Enough Is (Workman; January 5, 2016; $12.95). This short, readable, direct book acknowledges that while retirement planning is a scary subject, it is possible to get past fear to an actionable plan. Cutting through the confusion, misinformation, and bad policy-making that keep people spending and saving poorly, in just 116 pages Ghilarducci provides essential advice on what people can do to plan a secure retirement, including: • A comfortable nest egg is eight times your annual salary. • How to make money grow, including a dozen good ideas to get current expenses under control. • Why you should “get rid of your guy”—that financial planner whose fees suck up your valuable assets. • How to get the very most out of Social Security—and why it’s a healthy and dependable system. • The incalculable advantage of paying off your mortgage. It’s tempting to put money into investments instead, but getting out from under home-ownership debt is a guaranteed win. • The dual benefit of downsizing before retiring, including ten proven strategies for cutting back on spending. • Eat your veggies and get more exercise. Doesn’t sound like financial advice? It is: Preventing diseases like diabetes can save a person over a quarter of a million dollars. Ghilarducci presents no gimmicks or magical thinking—just an easy-to-follow blueprint of common financial success that works for everyone, whether a person is in their mid-50s and starting to worry, or 20 years younger and planning ahead. Ghilarducci notes four key sources of power—wise workers, wise consumers, wise investors, and wise voters—and she shows readers how to become one of the powerful and plan a work life that leads to a financially-secure retirement. ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Teresa Ghilarducci is an expert on retirement, pensions, and personal savings and the Bernard L. and Irene Schwartz Chair in Economic Policy Analysis at The New School for Social Research. She has a PhD in economics from the University of California, Berkeley and taught previously at the University of Notre Dame. Her 2008 book, When I’m Sixty-Four: The Plot Against Pensions and the Plan to Save Them, was recognized for containing the best economic idea of 2008 by The New York Times. Her book Labor’s Capital: The Politics and Economics of Private Pensions won The Association of American Publishers award for the best business book of 1992. She has written for and been featured in The New York Times, Money, Kiplinger’s, Businessweek, U.S. News & World Report, Parade, and more. Visit Teresa Ghilarducci on the web at: / Twitter: @tghilarducci

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tony Grant

It's not the lyrics that make the love song. It's the passion the man puts into the lyrics that create the moments. Actor/Musician Tony Grant has been the highlight of Hollywood and national radio for several years. Without taking his fingertips off the pulse of what truly counts. People... He'll appear in Charlotte March 10th at McGlohon Theater at Komen Charlotte's Laugh for the Cure. Get tickets right now at Other special guests include Will Jacobs and the always funny Bobby Collins. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Tony Grant.

Owen Gleiberman

Entertainment Weekly's controversial critic of more than two decades looks back at a life told through the films he loved and loathed. Owen Gleiberman has spent his life watching movies-first at the drive-in, where his parents took him to see wildly inappropriate adult fare like Rosemary's Baby when he was a wide-eyed 9 year old, then as a possessed cinemaniac who became a film critic right out of college. In Movie Freak, his enthrallingly candid, funny, and eye-opening memoir, Gleiberman captures what it's like to live life through the movies, existing in thrall to a virtual reality that becomes, over time, more real than reality itself. Gleiberman paints a bittersweet portrait of his complicated and ultimately doomed friendship with Pauline Kael, the legendary New Yorker film critic who was his mentor and muse. He also offers an unprecedented inside look at what the experience of being a critic is really all about, detailing his stint at The Boston Phoenix and then, starting in 1990, at EW, where he becomes a voice of obsession battling-to a fault-to cling to his independence. Gleiberman explores the movies that shaped him, from the films that first made him want to be a critic (Nashville and Carrie), to what he hails as the sublime dark trilogy of the 1980s (Blue Velvet, Sid and Nancy, and Manhunter), to the scruffy humanity of Dazed and Confused, to the brilliant madness of Natural Born Killers, to the transcendence of Breaking the Waves, to the pop rapture of Moulin Rouge! He explores his partnership with Lisa Schwarzbaum and his friendships and encounters with such figures as Oliver Stone, Russell Crowe, Richard Linklater, and Ben Affleck. He also writes with confessional intimacy about his romantic relationships and how they echoed the behavior of his bullying, philandering father. And he talks about what film criticism is becoming in the digital age: a cacophony of voices threatened by an insidious new kind of groupthink. Ultimately, Movie Freak is about the primal pleasure of film and the enigmatic dynamic between critic and screen. For Gleiberman, the moving image has a talismanic power, but it also represents a kind of sweet sickness, a magnificent obsession that both consumes and propels him. ABOUT OWEN GLEIBERMAN Owen Gleiberman is an American film critic. He wrote for the Boston Phoenix and is best known as the founding movie writer for the then-startup Entertainment Weekly, where he was the lead critic for twenty-four years. Today Gleiberman continues to write for and lives in New York City with his wife Sharon and two daughters.

James Berardinelli

In a nutshell, here's a quick sketch of who I am and where I have been... I was born in September 1967 in the town of New Brunswick, New Jersey (USA). I spent my early childhood in the town of Morristown, NJ. I started writing when I was about 9 years old, and suffered through the traumatic experience of reading chapters from my stories in front of my entire fourth grade class. Around that time, I moved to Cherry Hill, NJ, which is where I endured my junior high school and high school years. During that time, I showed an equal aptitude for writing, science, and mathematics. Although my "first love" was writing, too many tales of starving authors scared me off that path, so I decided to sell out and go to college to become an engineer. I attended the University of Pennsylvania from 1985 through 1990, obtaining both a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering. Putting my education to good use, I went to work for a company called Bellcore (now re-named with the moniker of "Telcordia Technologies") and spent the next 15 years working in a variety of fields, including fiber optics, video testing (for which I commuted weekly to Chicago for 40 weeks), and software systems. My day job is currently with Telcordia; I make enough money to pay the mortgage, keep up my home theater, finance film festival trips, and buy the 20 gallons of gasoline I need each week to attend screenings. I got married during the summer of 2004. As for my "film history"... As a child, I did not spend much time in theaters. In fact, the first movie I remember going to was Jaws, at a drive-in. I fell asleep about 15 minutes into it, long before things got interesting. I was 7 years old at the time. The next film I saw, and the first in an indoor theater, was King Kong, in 1976. By that time, however, I had watched a huge number of classic horror movies on TV. As I entered my teen years, I saw more films, but not many. Probably 5-6 per year, and I never went alone (the idea of going to a theater by myself seemed strange). The three movies I recall standing in the longest lines for: 1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 1980's The Empire Strikes Back, and 1982's Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I really started getting interested in film when I was at college; my then-girlfriend liked to see at least one movie per week, and I accompanied her. After I graduated, my pace slackened off a little. In 1991, the year before I started reviewing, I saw about 30 films. The number jumped up to 180 in 1992, when I wrote capsule reviews for my own use. Starting in 1993, when I "went public," I began seeing between 220 and 250 theatrical releases per year. Until early 1997, I did this as a paying consumer, until, finally, I did something about becoming accredited. Website: The late Roger Ebert referred to James as the best of the web-based critics.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bobcat Goldthwait

I love opening up the door that lets me inside this nations most funniest people. There's always an adventure waiting. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Bobcat Goldthwait. Levity Live in West Nyack, NY is proud to present the one and only Bobcat Goldthwait February 26th – 28th. Goldthwait is no stranger to entertainment and is one of the most recognizable comedians in show business today. Bobcat’s stand up features hilarious riffs on politics, divorce, going broke, and his career as a writer and director of film. His show is a wild ride of fun finding the funny no matter what the situation. Goldthwait continues to follow his passion for writing and directing. In his latest film, “Call Me Lucky” he bravely tells Barry Crimmin’s incredible story of transformation from a rage-fueled funnyman into an acclaimed proponent of justice who personified the healing power of comedy. His new movie has had the film festival circuit buzzing with audiences and has won Best Documentary awards at the Boulder International Film Festival, the Tampa Gasparilla Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Chattanooga Film Festival. “Call Me Lucky” was also nominated at the Sundance and has received wide critical acclaim. Visit: Bobcat’s sixth movie entitled “Willow Creek,” a movie about Big Foot, is a found footage horror film about a young couple who hike into the remote woods in search of the famous Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot footage sight. It was shot on location in and around Willow Creek, and features a mix of actors (like Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson who co-star,) and local townspeople in real interviews done for the film. Bobcat’s inimitable talent for writing and directing was clearly displayed in his fifth film a black comedy entitled “God Bless America” which stars Joel Murray and Tara Lynne Barr. The movie was likened to a modern day Bonnie & Clyde. Bobcat’s imaginative eye behind the camera caught the attention of Esquire Magazine where they named Goldthwait “Director of the Year.” Bobcat unleashed his one of a kind brand of comedy in his Showtime one hour special entitled “You Don’t Look the Same Either.” The genre-defying Police Academy alum returned with a self-deprecating and topical instant comedy classic, taking the audience on a hilarious journey through his 30 year career as an eighties icon, to the guy who lit the Tonight Show set on fire…literally! He has come a long way since his first film “Shakes the Clown” back in 1991. Since then Goldthwait has gone to make many more movies including “Windy City Heat,” “Sleeping Dogs Lie,” and “World’s Greatest Dad” that stared Robin Williams. There’s no doubt, there will be many more movies to come. Since his first appearance on David Letterman at the age of 20, Bobcat has expanded his resume, directing movies and sharing his behind the camera talents on shows such as; “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “The Demetri Martin show,” “The Chappelle Show,” “The Man Show,” “Maron,” and “Crank Yankers.” Best known for his unforgettable movies that were huge in the 80's, Bobcat has also starred in several HBO specials and a slew of television appearances too numerous to mention. Bob continues to push the envelope with his unique brand of humor headlining major comedy clubs across the country. Showtimes: Fri. 7:30PM & 9:45PM / Sat. 7:00PM & 9:30PM / Sun. 7:00PM / Tickets: $17 - $20 Phone: 845-353-5400 / Visit: Levity Live is located at 4210 Palisades Center Dr. Suite A-401, West Nyack, NY 10994

Graham Nash This Path Tonight

His music has been part of our American story for five decades. From the Hollies to Crosby Stills and Nash and to several different solo projects in between. His newest is a journey a perfect page for the listeners he's always been inspired to reach out and touch. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the legendary Graham Nash. Pre-orders for the new studio album are available now! November 20, 2015, Los Angeles, CA: Legendary singer-songwriter Graham Nash announces 2016 US Tour and the release of his new studio album, This Path Tonight on April 15, 2016. The album will be released on CD, Digital and Vinyl thru Nash’s Blue Castle Label, distributed thru ADA worldwide. This Path Tonight is the new studio album and collection of 10 original songs from Graham Nash. Produced by Shane Fontayne, this is Nash's first solo record of new music in fourteen years. The album is one of reflection and transition of a singer-songwriter whose career (the Hollies, CSN, CSNY) has spanned more than five decades and counting. “What a pleasure it was recording this album,” says Graham Nash. “Shane and I had written 20 songs in a month and recorded them in eight days. The music has a different feel to my earlier albums although I hear echoes of each one. This journey of mine was one of self-discovery, of intense creation, of absolute passion.” This Path Tonight is available for pre-order now through Amazon and iTunes. iTunes: Deluxe pre-order: Standard pre-order: Amazon: Deluxe preorder: Standard preorder: In support of the new studio album Graham Nash has announced the first string of dates on his 2016 This Path Tonight Tour. Along with guitarist and producer Shane Fontayne, Graham Nash will perform a series of dates across the United States in 2016, starting January 27 in Ponte Vedra, FL and wrapping up February 22 in Tarrytown, NY. Fans who pre-order the new studio album, will have first in line access to pre-sale seats through the official Graham Nash website beginning December 1, 2015. Nash will continue his long-time tradition of raising money for charity through the Guacamole Fund’s special benefit seats; in addition, he will be donating $1 per ticket sold to charity. Advance tickets for this show, including special benefit seats, go on sale December 1 in conjunction with Giving Tuesday. “When you strip a song down to its very essence, you either have a song worth singing… or you don’t,” says Nash. “Playing music with Shane Fontayne is and always will be very satisfying. He has an innate sense of ‘performance’ and of arrangement. He never loses sight of the fact that the song must ‘come alive’, must have a reason for being sung in the first place. We want to look in the eyes of our audience, we want to know that we are connecting on a very real level. What a pleasure this tour will be for me.” Graham Nash is a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriter Hall of Fame Inductee, Grammy Award winner, a New York Times best-selling author, and Officer of the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) For album preorders and tour information, please visit For more information about Graham Nash – This Path Tonight, please contact Michael Jensen at Jensen Communications at (626) 585-9575 or Track Listing 1.This Path Tonight 2.Myself At Last 3.Cracks In The City 4.Beneath The Waves 5.Fire Down Below 6.Another Broken Heart 7.Target 8.Golden Days 9.Back Home 10.Encore US Tour dates February 25Graham Nash in Conversation with Budd Mishkin at 92YNew York, NY April 22The Saban TheatreBeverly Hills, CA April 23Talking Stick ResortScottsdale, AZ April 24Fox Tucson TheatreTucson, AZ April 27Boulder TheaterBoulder, CO April 28Belly UpAspen, CO April 30Stiefel TheatreSalina, KS May 1Hoyt Sherman TheatreDes Moines, IA May 3Brady TheaterTulsa, OK May 4Stafford CentreStafford, TX May 5Paramount TheatreAustin, TX May 7Granada TheaterDallas, TX May 9Empire TheatreSan Antonio, TX May 11City WineryChicago, IL May 12City WineryChicago, IL May 14The Town HallNew York, NY

Giles Baker from Dolby

This Sunday night at the Oscar Awards. Dolby is bringing the true sound and atmosphere to billions of people at home watching. You will feel like you are right there. I had to know more. So I placed a call to Dolby and got the Senior VP. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Giles Baker. Three Best Picture Nominees at This Year’s 88th Annual Academy Awards Feature Dolby’s Latest Sound and Picture Technology Join Us From the Heart of Hollywood to Learn How Dolby is Enhancing the Movie Experience in Theaters and in Your Home! WHAT: Whether it’s the wind blowing through trees in a movie, your favorite tunes filling your headphones at the gym, footsteps lurking behind you in a video game, or the sight of a breathtakingly bright and vivid sunset on your TV - Making experiences come alive through technology is the magic of Dolby. For 38 straight years, films with Dolby audio have earned Oscar nominations for outstanding sound, and Hollywood’s top producers and directors continue turning to Dolby to provide the tools that bring their visions to life in movie theaters. This year’s Best Picture nominees The Martian, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Revenant were all produced featuring the latest sound and visual technology available – Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. In fact, all of the Oscar-nominated films in the Sound Editing and Sound Mixing categories this year were released with Dolby technologies, with nine out of 10 released in Dolby Atmos! It doesn’t end there. Dolby has been hard at work creating the technology that will allow consumers to have that same magical experience at home! WHO: While you wait to hear those famous words “and the Oscar goes to….,” get the inside look at how Dolby is making movie magic with Giles Baker, Senior VP, Broadcast Business Group. Giles is available to talk about the Dolby Theatre and its conversion for the Oscars, Dolby’s role with Oscar nominated films, and how Dolby makes the Oscars sound amazing from inside the theater to the Academy Awards show heard around the world. As Senior Vice President, Broadcast Business Group, Giles Baker leads Dolby's engagement with the broadcast industry, delivering technology and innovations that continue to raise the standard of entertainment experiences across the world. Giles leads a global team that builds complete industry solutions—from content production to distribution and playback—bringing immersive entertainment experiences to connected devices, TVs, and set-top boxes. Under Giles's leadership, Dolby solutions have been integrated into national standards and adopted by operators and manufacturers that are addressing the transition to digital broadcast, from Northern Europe to the Middle East and Asia. Dolby also has unveiled innovations in the visual experience, including Dolby 3D, a suite of technologies designed to deliver full HD 3D content to 3D-enabled devices, including glasses-free displays. Before joining Dolby in 2010, Giles spent nearly 10 years in business leadership roles at Adobe Systems, where he was responsible for professional video software. Previously, he was responsible for the professional DVD-authoring business at Sonic Solutions.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LA Reid Sing To Me

Someone had to lead the artists and songwriters to create the soundtrack of the 1990's. Hip Hop was Rap and Beat. But someone had to push beyond old school. That man was LA Reid. From the iHeart Radio Studio we're Unplugged and Totally Uncut. In this long-awaited memoir, illustrated with over 100 never-before-seen photos from his personal collection, the groundbreaking record producer chronicles his struggles, his success, and the celebrated artists that made him a legend. Over the last twenty-five years, legendary music producer and record man LA Reid—the man behind artists such as Toni Braxton, Kanye West, Rihanna, TLC, Outkast, Mariah Carey, Pink, Justin Bieber, and Usher—has changed the music business forever. In addition to discovering some of the biggest pop stars on the planet, he has shaped some of the most memorable and unforgettable hits of the last two generations, creating an impressive legacy of talent discovery and hit records. Now, for the first time, he tells his story, taking fans on an intimate tour of his life, as he chronicles the fascinating journey from his small-town R&B roots in Cincinnati, Ohio, and his work as a drummer to his fame as a Grammy Award-winning music producer and his gig as a judge on the hit reality show, The X Factor. In Sing to Me, Reid goes behind the scenes of the music industry, charting his rise to fame and sharing stories of the countless artists he’s met, nurtured, and molded into stars. With fascinating insight into the early days of artists as diverse as TLC, Usher, Pink, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber, his story offers a detailed look at what life was like for stars at the start of their meteoric rise and how he always seemed to know who would be the next big thing. What emerges is a captivating portrait from the inside of popular music evolution over the last three decades. Part music memoir, part business story of climbing to the top, this beautifully designed book, jam packed with photos, showcases Reid's trademark passion and ingenuity and introduces a multifaceted genius who continues to shape pop culture today. LA REID BIO (FROM BIOGRAPHY.COM Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 7, 1956, Antonio Reid was one of four children raised by Emma Reid, a seamstress and interior decorator, who was forced to take on the role of single parent after her husband abandoned the family. A music fiend even as a child, Antonio (later known as "L.A.") grew up listening to James Brown, Sly Stone and Led Zeppelin. In his youth, Reid was known for turning nearly anything into a drum set, tapping out beats on pots and pans and other items, any chance he could. His home city of Cincinnati, with its own rich musical traditions, also played a huge part in his development. "The beauty of growing up in Cincinnati and how that's impacted and affected my career is really great," Reid once reflected. "I was able to listen to all kinds of music growing up. My taste in music has been vast and broad from the very beginning, because that's what you learn in Cincinnati, that diversity." By his teens, Reid was playing drums in a band, cutting his teeth as a live performer in front of modest crowds. Recognition started to come his way in the early 1980s as one of the original members of The Deele, an R&B group that featured Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds on lead vocals. Reid's own reputation was furthered by his taste in expensive clothes, prompting his buddies to nickname him "L.A." By the mid-1980s, however, Reid and Edmonds had moved away from performing and into writing and producing music for other artists, including Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul. In all, they produced 33 No. 1 singles, three of which were Grammy winners. In 1989, Reid and Edmonds teamed up to form LaFace Records, a label that quickly became a landing spot for a number of leading African-American singers. Reid proved to be especially adept at finding and cultivating talent. He was the first to sign a young singer by the name of Usher, and helped pave the way for Sean "Puffy" Combs to make his mark. In 2000, Reid and Edmonds sold their remaining shares of LaFace. Reid was hardly content to rest on his laurels, however. That same year, he took over as head of Arista Records. Four years later, he became the new head of the Def Jam Music Group, the famed hip-hop record company. There, he helped reignite the career of Mariah Carey, and introduced the world to a crop of other young artists, including Justin Bieber and Rihanna. In 2011, Reid stepped down from Def Jam, a move that paved the way for him to be tapped, just a few months later, as chairman and CEO of Epic Records by its parent company, Sony Records. Reid's impact in the music world goes beyond just the recording studio. In 2011, FOX brought hired him as a judge on the hit music competition show The X Factor, along with fellow record producer Simon Cowell, singer Britney Spears and singer/actress Demi Lovato.

Barry Crimmins Call Me Lucky

If you've watched the movie Call Me Lucky on Netflix or once caught him live during those active 1970's. Legendary comedian Barry Crimmins is still on fire with one lines and stories that bust open your gut with out loud laughter. He's performing tonight only at Charlotte's Comedy Zone. On iHeart Radio we are Unplugged and Totally Uncut. Former Air America Radio writer and correspondent, internationally renowned political satirist and author of the acclaimed Seven Stories Press book Never Shake Hands With A War Criminal helped bring the Boston Comedy scene into the modern age when he founded two of Boston's most fabled clubs: The Ding Ho and Stitches. Such acts as Steven Wright, Paula Poundstone, Bobcat Goldthwait, Kevin Meaney, Jimmy Tingle and many, many others cut their comedic teeth in the rooms Crimmins started and at shows he produced. On April 21, 2000, the Boston Herald's Robin Vaughn's review of one of Barry's shows included a concise Boston Comedy history lesson. "In 1979, Crimmins, a politically minded comedian from upstate New York, started booking Boston's brightest, brashest young wits into the Ding Ho, a seedy Chinese restaurant in Inman Square. The club, run for and by comedians, was an unpedigreed underdog, but broke conventions of the day in paying its performers reasonable fees and maintaining Crimmins' comedy booking standards. He was hell-bent on originality and unforgiving of plagiarism. It was boot camp for the best comics in Boston and some of the most successful standups in the country. " According to that same Vaughn review, Crimmins hasn't lost any prowess as a performer. "To his old crowd, Crimmins is the patron saint of original, creative comedy in Boston and a brooding ideologue. His wit is as sharp as his sense of social justice, which has been known to eclipse a joke or two. But his hour-plus show, 'Chicken Soup for the Vegetarian Soul', served as a persuasive example of what intelligent stand-up comedy, politically themed or otherwise, can be." After helping jumpstart Boston comedy, Barry left production to concentrate on performing. In short order he gained attention as one of the top political satirists in the country. He has made countless television appearances on everything from The NBC Nightly News to The HBO Young Comedians Special to The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. He has recorded two CD's: Strange Bedfellows on A&M and Kill the Messenger on Green Linnet. His writings appear regularly in the Boston Phoenix as well as several other publications. He was a staff writer for the syndicated Dennis Miller Show and has toured in performance with Billy Bragg, Jackson Browne, Utah Phillips, Michelle Shocked, Steven Wright, Dar Williams and numerous others. As special as it is to see Barry anytime, his election year performances are exceptional. After months of inundation with campaign ads and stump speech and media hot air nothing scratches the pesky political itch better than Barry's well-reasoned and just plain funny responses to political conventional wisdom. For example, we're told repeatedly that if we don't vote we have nothing to complain about. Barry's reply: "Oh yeah, have you read a ballot lately? The biggest problem with this election is someone is going to win it!" But by the end of his show there are very few people who wouldn't feel a little guilty about not voting or, for that matter. becoming active in grassroots efforts. Barry has worked tirelessly for a myriad of causes and has been honored on numerous occasions for his willingness to drop everything when his insight and leadership were needed. Crimmins received the Peace Leadership Award from Boston Mobilization for Survival. He has also been honored, along with Ms. Maya Angelou, with The Courage of Conscience Award from Wellesly College and The Life Experience School at The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts. Community Works gave the Artist for Social Change Award to Barry for his years of activism. •--------------------- Selected comments about Barry Crimmins: "Barry is hilariously funny, but more important, his humor comes out of a deep intelligence, and extraordinary understanding of the world around him and an intense commitment to social change." -- Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States. "He breaks down reality in a hilarious way. He seems ticked off at everything, and when you hear him, you agree. One of the few political comedians who are really good." -- Steven Wright in U.S. News and World Report "The finest political satirist in the nation. A prolific writer of comedy who is both keenly insightful and superbly humorous." -- Swift Kicks "Barry makes Jack Reed look like Michael Milken." -- Dennis Miller "Barry Crimmins uses his sharp sense of irony as a political weapon. In his hands, the subversive joke is the first small act of resistance." -- Billy Bragg "Crimmins did educate these folks about the arms race and other issues than hours of speeches and editorials could have done." -- Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility "A hallmark of Crimmins' shows are their unpredictability. He's known to go off on an unscripted monologue like a musician riffing in a jam session, an act of inspired spontaneity few comedians attempt." -- Mark Sommer Albany Times-Union For more information on Barry file a freedom of information brief with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Zoe Cassavetes from Day Out Of Days

You know me. I love independence. Especially those that grasp onto an idea and push it beyond unlimited expectation. Zoe Cassavetes is just the writer, producer, director. Her new movie Day Out Of Days is perfectly ripe for a side of Hollywood still hidden in the closet. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut. Zoe Cassavetes grew up in Los Angeles and worked on many productions as a director, writer, producer and actress. In the 1990’s, she teamed up with friend Sofia Coppola to make the TV show High Octane, one of the first shows to be entirely shot in digital video. Zoe also did stints as a host of MTV’s House of Style, as well as assistant directing feature films. Several years later, Zoe moved to New York and directed her short film Men Make Women Crazy Theory which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival (2000). In 2007 she made her first feature film BROKEN ENGLISH, which also premiered at the Sundance Film Festival as well as numerous others around the world. Zoe has made numerous commercials for clients such as Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Disney, Petit Bateau, Lamarthe, Chaumet, Johnnie Walker and Old Navy as well as music videos for Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) and electro band Scratch Massive. As a photographer, Zoe works for high fashion magazines (Elle, New York Times, Liberation, Air France Madame) as well as many campaigns such as Dom Perignon and Martel. She has just completed a short film for Bombay Sapphire "The Other Side of the Game". Zoe's second feature Film "Day Out of Days" starring Alexia Landeau, Melanie Griffith, Cheyenne Jackson, Vincent Karthiser and Eddie Izzard was completed and featured at LAFF and Deauville International Film Festival in France and will be released early 2016. ABOUT DAY OUT OF DAYS Alexia Landeau, Melanie Griffith (Working Girl, Milk Money) and Eddie Izzard (Valkyrie, Hannibal), star in the captivating dramedy Day Out Of Days, available on Digital HD and On Demand February 23 from MarVista Digital Entertainment. Co-written by Landeau, alongside Director Zoe Cassavetes (Broken English), the “lofty, yet realistic portrayal of trying to survive in Hollyweird” (Cinemacy) also stars Christa B. Allen (“Revenge”), Cheyenne Jackson (“30 Rock,” “American Horror Story”), Vincent Kartheiser (“Mad Men”), Alessandro Nivola (American Hustle), Brooke Smith (The Silence of the Lambs, “Law and Order”), and Bellamy Young (“Scandal,” “Criminal Minds”). Mia Roarke (Landeau) bathed in the Hollywood spotlight during her younger years, but now as a forty-year-old actress, she is faced with the reality of an industry that no longer embraces her. Her agent wants to get rid of her; she’s strapped with her mother (her former manager) who is fighting personal demons; and her actor ex-husband has moved on to a new relationship and still finds Hollywood a favorable bedfellow. Struggling to recapture relevance in the cutthroat and youth-obsessed world of “The Business,” Mia may just be her own worst enemy. After experiencing some humiliating events, she is forced to confront her situation and determine what her next role in life will be. An official selection at the Deauville Film Festival (2015) and Los Angeles Film Festival (2015), the compelling feature will be available on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vimeo, VUDU and Xfinity, as well as On Demand with AT&T, Charter, Verizon and Vubiquity.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Marty Balin Returns with Two New Albums

Without Jefferson Airplane the FM radio sound might not have been so free form. Album Rock was moving quickly and someone had to lyrically pinpoint the right places to be brilliant on the instruments supporting the song. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with one of the masters. Mr. Marty Balin. Oh wait... and because he's an artist that paints on a canvas. You know I had to take it there.

Gene Watson Real Country

Country music has its traditions and its deeply dug roots and legendary singer/songwriter Gene Watson has tapped into that vine. So much so I could hear my mother saying, "Country and Western Music." From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut. Gene Watson blends traditional, organic country that purists long for in his new album,Real.Country.Music., available for preorder now and digital retailers February 26. After five decades in the music business and more than 75 charting singles, Watson continues to deliver an authentic, soulful album with Real.Country.Music. “It’s exactly what we titled the album. These are songs that still have fiddle, steel guitar and, quite honestly, soul,” Watson said. “I’m not one to bash what those younger artists are doing, but I can tell you a lot of what you hear nowadays isn’t country. This is Real.Country.Music.” Real.Country.Music. is Watson’s 33rd studio album, which includes a gospel rendition of “Help Me,” a song penned by Larry Gatlin and recorded by Elvis Presley. “Enough For You,” written by Kris Kristofferson, and “When A Man Can’t Get A Woman Off His Mind” a co-write by Bill Anderson and Sharon Vaughn, showcases Watson’s powerful voice and multi-octave range. The 13-track album exemplifies Watson ability to sing some of the most challenging songs with an ease that comes from pure, natural talent as well as many years performing onstage. Considered one of the finest pure-country singers of his generation and known as “The Singer’s Singer,” Watson offers one of the best traditional country shows in the business when he’s on tour and still sings in the same key as 30 years ago. Fans are still transfixed whenever classics like “Love in the Hot Afternoon,” “Farewell Party” or “Fourteen Carat Mind” are played. REAL.COUNTRY.MUSIC. TRACK LISTING: 1. “Enough For You” (Kris Kristofferson) 2. “When A Man Can’t Get A Woman Off His Mind” (Bill Anderson/Sharon Vaughn) 3. “Help Me” (Larry Gatlin) 4. “Couldn’t Love Have Picked A Better Place To Die” (Bucky Jones/Curly Putman) 5. “A Girl I Used To Know” (David Ball) 6. “Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall” (Larry Gatlin) 7. “Ramblin Rose” (Joe Sherman/Noel Sherman) 8. “A Bridge That Just Won’t Burn” (Jim McBride/Roger Murrah) 9. “Ashes To Ashes” (Joe Chambers/Larry Jenkins/Mark Sherrill) 10. “Old Loves Never Die” (Dave Kirby/Warren Rob) 11. “She Never Got Me Over You” (Hank Cochran/Dean Dillon/Keith Whitley) 12. “All My Tomorrows” (Nat Stuckey) 13. “I’ll Find It Where I Can” (Michael Clark/Zack Van Arsdale) Be sure to follow Gene Watson on Facebook or visit to order Real.Country.Music and purchase tickets to upcoming shows. To book Watson, contact Rob Battle at GENE WATSON ON TOUR: March 04 Mill Town Music Hall- Bremen,Ga. March 05 Itawamba Community College- Fulton, Miss. March 07 Strawberry Festival- Plant City, Fla. March 11 Bear Creek Memories Dinner Theatre- Celina, Ohio. March 12 Effingham Performing Arts Center- Effingham, Ill. March 18-19 Ross Country Jamboree- New Washington, Ind. March 25 DoesyDoe- The Woolands, Texas. March 26 Arlington Music Hall- Arlington, Texas April 09 Coupland Dance Hall- Coupland, Texas April 15 Wild Rose Casino & Resorts- Clinton, Iowa April 16 Wild Rose Casino- Emmetsburg. Iowa April 17 Sisseton Performing Arts Center- Sisseton, S.D. April 22 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. April 23 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. April 29 Little Roy and Lizzy Music Festival- Lincolnton, Ga. April 30 Red Barn Convention Center- Winchester, Ohio. May 04 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. May 14 Old Dominion Barn Dance at the Henrico Theatre- Highland Springs, Va. May 15 Old Dominion Barn Dance at the Henrico Theatre- Highland Springs, Va. June 03 Cherokee Bluegrass Festival - Cherokee, N.C. June 17 Freiheit Country Store- New Braunfels, Texas June 18 Southern Junction- Rockwall, Texas June 24 Panhandle Watermelon Festival- Chipley, Fla. July 02 Gilley’s Choctaw Casino- Durant, Okla. Sept. 02 Blue Gate Theater- Shipshewana, Ind. Sept. 03 Blue Gate Theater- Shipshewana, Ind. Sept. 10 Renfro Valley Entertainment Center New Barn- Renfro Valley, Ky. Sept. 17 Truman Lake Opry- Tightwad, Mo. Sept. 18 Truman Lake Opry- Tightwad, Mo. Sept. 20 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. Sept. 23 Bluegrass Island Festival- Manteo, N.C. Sept. 24 Liberty Showcase- Liberty, N.C. Oct. 01 Prairie Knights Casino- Fort Yates, S.Dak. Oct. 02 Midwest Country Theatre- Sandstone, Minn. Oct. 15 Texas Opry- Weatherford, Texas. Oct. 26 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. Oct. 27 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. Oct. 28 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. Nov. 05 Meramac Music Theater- Steelville, Mo. Nov. 12 Music City Texas Theatre Kinden, Texas Dec. 01 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. Dec. 02 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. Dec. 03 Starlite Theatre- Branson, Mo. ABOUT GENE WATSON: This masterful country stylist from Houston, Texas has been thrilling audiences for more than 50 years. Gene Watson’s tally of 75 charted titles, 23 top-10 hits and six number-one records has led to membership in the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and the Houston, TX Music Hall of Fame. Radio listeners are still transfixed whenever classics like “Farewell Party,” “Fourteen Carat Mind” or “Love in the Hot Afternoon” are played. Considered one of the finest pure-country singers of his generation and known as “The Singer’s Singer”, Watson offers up one of the best traditional country shows in the business. For more information about Gene Watson, visit

Nicholas Petrie

Nicholas Petrie’s, THE DRIFTER (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; Publication), offers a trenchant exploration of the shattered lives of returning veterans, wrapped in the cloak of a riveting thriller. This literary page-turner pits Peter Ash, a damaged veteran of the wars Afghanistan and Iraq, against a criminal web in contemporary Milwaukee. Waging a different kind of battle within, Peter tries to put his own tenuous life together. In an attempt to tune out the noise in his own head, he offers help to the widow of his best friend from the battlefield—an act of expiation that turns deadly. “With THE DRIFTER, Nicholas Petrie has written just about the perfect thriller,” says New York Times bestselling author JOHN LESCROART. “I haven’t read such a well-crafted and gripping story in a month of Sundays.” “A timely, intelligent thriller, as much an indictment as a gripping page-turner." OWEN LAUKKANEN, author of The Stolen Ones “The Drifter is a stunning debut. Peter Ash is one of the most complex characters I've come across in a long time. The pace is like a sniper round, extraordinarily fast and precisely calibrated. The prose is fluid, original and frequently brilliant, the story heart-wrenching and uplifting at the same time."—DAVID BALDACCI, New York Times-bestselling author of Memory Man More on the book: Peter is living in self-imposed isolation in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest when he gets the news that his comrade-in-arm, Jimmy Johnson, has committed suicide. Heading to Jimmy’s hometown of Milwaukee, Peter invents a story for Jimmy’s widow, Dinah, telling her he has been sent by the Marines as part of a veteran’s benefit program to offer survivors help with home repairs. Under the watchful eye of Jimmy’s young son, Peter sets to work replacing the crumbling porch of Dinah’s house—and capturing and taming the junkyard dog that has taken up residence beneath it. The rotting structure harbors all manner of detritus, including an old suitcase. Peter is shocked to discover the valise is filled with $400,000 is freshly stacked bills and some plastic explosives. Dinah has one hunch about the origins of the money, but when she and Peter head to a dangerous neighborhood to try to return it, her theory proves wrong. Their attempt to track down whomever is behind this clearly illegal cache grows more and more complicated—and perilous—at each unexpected turn. Peter uncovers a complex web of criminal activity. And, always battling the white static in his head, he is thrust back into memories and situations that he had hoped he had left behind in war zones halfway around the world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicholas Petrie received his MFA in fiction from the University of Washington. He won a Hopwood Award for short fiction while an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, and his story “At the Laundromat” won the 2006 Short Story Contest in the Seattle Review. A husband and father, he runs a home appraisal business in Milwaukee.

Erica Chase

One of the most fascinating things about hosting Unplugged and Totally Uncut is getting to meet the artists before they become the stars featured at the award shows. This girl is fresh from the streets of Classic Rock Los Angeles style. And yet she's got a spin with her writing that slips her into the category of a modern wave of Sheryl Crowe. From the iHeart Radio Studio this is newcomer Erica Chase. Sometimes it takes a near-death experience to find out what you really want from life. That was exactly the case with new music artist, Erica Chase, when a freak accident nearly cost her, her life. Erica’s love of music began at the age of 7. “Something just clicked for me when I listened to music and I knew I had to learn to play the guitar,” she said. “It sparked something in me.” That spark very nearly got extinguished when, while still in grade school, Erica got up the courage to audition for the school play. The teacher stopped her halfway through the song and gave her some harsh criticism that took an emotional toll on the 7-year-old. “She told me that I couldn’t sing; that I didn’t have a good enough voice. And I believed her. That belief stayed with me for a long time.” Erica turned away from her true calling for years; choosing instead to devote her energies to sports. Music, though, was always in the back of her mind, never fully loosening its grasp on her. Years later, Erica began her last semester at Pitzer College thinking that she would use her English degree and become a teacher. It was the path she thought she should take, even though her heart was not invested. However, when a teaching program geared towards education in inner city schools rejected her, life became suddenly unclear. Though she fronted her college band, both singing and playing guitar, and was passionate about music, she admittedly didn’t know the first thing about the music industry. That was until Erica managed to arrange a phone call with a prominent artist manager/producer who would later play a key role in Erica’s life and career. This call had a profound effect on Erica; it gave her something she had not felt about having a music career: hope and encouragement. In a bizarre twist of fate less than 24 hours later, while riding her bicycle to meet a friend for lunch Erica was hit by a truck and nearly killed. She was transferred to a flight-for-life helicopter. “Everything went completely white,” says Chase of that day. “I’ve heard other near death stories where people talk about the white light, but to actually see it is a visual I will never shake.” It was a big wake up call for Erica; she had a new appreciation for the fragility of life and realized she had to follow her true passion for music. “I suddenly realized how tenuous our grasp on life is – how impermanent we are. That’s the moment I knew I had to put everything else aside and pursue my music, chase my dreams, and live every moment like it’s my last and hopefully I will inspire others to never give up on their own dreams.” Now after investing relentless time developing her own sound, Erica is ready to meet the world.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Peter Frampton

His passion for music is an invitation. So much so each piece is recorded in the way that must start a conversation, "Hey I've written a new song. Would you like to hear it?" From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the legendary Peter Frampton. Grammy Award-winning guitarist Peter Frampton will perform “Baby, I Love Your Way” on “Conan” February 29. The performance celebrates the forthcoming release of his new album Acoustic Classics, due February 26 via RED Distribution. In addition, a new live video of Frampton performing the song with longtime collaborator Gordon Kennedy is premiering on The Huffington Post today [insert link]. For the first time ever, Frampton brings us stripped-down versions of his classic hits including “Lines On My Face,” “Do You Feel Like I Do,” “Show Me The Way” and more. Acoustic Classics also includes one new song, “All Down to Me,” which was co-written by Kennedy, who also co-produced Frampton’s Grammy Award-winning album Fingerprints. “All Down to Me” is also the only track on the record that features a guest musician. See below for full track listing. The new album was mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Jeff Balding (Don Henley, Lionel Richie, Joe Cocker) and produced by Frampton himself. Of the recording process, Frampton explains, “The approach I took on this was that each song came across as if you are the first person to hear this song after I wrote it. I had to reverse engineer each song in order to get this result, which I feel I achieved.” Acoustic Classics is available for pre-order now and a special pre-order bundle is being offered exclusively on, which includes the album, a pick set and signed lyric sheet. Frampton will also perform on DirecTV and AT&T’s new weekly music program, the Audience Network, March 4. The programming will be available to both subscribers of DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse and the two platforms' mobile apps. Moreover, Frampton has extended his “Peter Frampton Raw, An Acoustic Tour” with more dates next month. Kennedy will join him again for the March run along with Frampton’s son, singer and guitarist Julian Frampton. Peter Frampton remains one of the most celebrated artists and guitarists in rock history. At 16, he was lead singer and guitarist for British band the Herd. At 18, he co-founded one of the first super groups, seminal rock act Humble Pie. His session work includes collaborations with such legendary artists as George Harrison, Harry Nilsson, David Bowie, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ringo Starr, John Entwistle and many others. His fifth solo album, the electrifying Frampton Comes Alive! is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and remains one of the top-selling live records of all time. ACOUSTIC CLASSICS TRACK LISTING 1. Fig Tree Bay 2. Wind of Change 3. All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side) 4. Show Me The Way 5. Lines On My Face 6. Sail Away 7. Baby, I Love You Way 8. All Down To Me 9. Penny For Your Thoughts 10. Do You Feel Like I Do 11. I’m In You PETER FRAMPTON LIVE March 9—Tucson, AZ—Fox Tucson Theatre March 10—Phoenix, AZ—Orpheum Theatre March 12—Thousand Oaks, CA—Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza March 13—Riverside, CA—Fox Performing Arts Center March 15—Carmel, CA—Sunset Center March 16—San Francisco, CA—Herbst Theatre March 18—Folsom, CA—Harris Center for the Arts March 19—Napa, CA—The Uptown Theatre March 20—Eugene, OR—John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts March 22—Redding, CA—Cascade Theatre March 23—Arcata, CA—John Van Duzer Theatre March 25—Portland, OR—Revolution Hall March 26—Tacoma, WA—Pantages Theater

David McCullum

One look at his long list of success. You'd think the best book to write would be an autobiography. Not so. He chose to make it a thriller, chiller drama with a twist of mystery. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with actor and now author David McCallum. David McCallum was born in Scotland and came to America in 1961. His credits include over 30 books on tape and CD, and his portrayal of Illya Kuryakin in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," earned him two Emmy Award nominations. His many theatre productions include "Amadeus," "Communicating Doors," "The Hunting of the Snark," "Comedians," "The Lion in Winter" and "Julius Caesar." His many television appearances include "Sapphire and Steel," "Colditz," "Trainer," "The Education of Max Bickford," on CBS, "VR5," "Motherlove," "Kidnapped," "The Invisible Man," and episodes of "The Outer Limits," "Law & Order" and "Sex and the City." He currently stars as Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard in the CBS-TV hit drama NCIS His feature film credits include "The Greatest Story Ever Told," "The Great Escape," "Mosquito Squadron," "Billy Budd," "Freud" and "A Night to Remember." In the Disney animated series "The Replacements," he is the voice of the very unconventional family car. McCallum lives in New York City with his wife, Katherine, an interior designer. They have a son and a daughter. He has two sons by a previous marriage and four grandchildren. His birth date is Sept. 19. ABOUT DAVID McCALLUM’S BOOK ONCE A CROOKED MAN DAVID MCCALLUM is best known for his roles as Illya Kuryakin from The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and Ducky on NCIS. Add to his resume crime fiction novelist! McCallum has written the highly entertaining ONCE A CROOKED MAN (Minotaur Books; On-Sale: January 12, 2016; Price: $25.99), which is perfect for fans of Elmore Leonard and Lawrence Block. Kirkus Reviews has already given a rave, praising: "a comic thriller... this good-natured debut gives the reader as good a time as it has plainly afforded its author." The Bruschetti brothers have spent a lifetime in the lucrative crime underworld, and they have carefully kept a low profile all throughout the building of their business. With only a couple men in the inner circle, they have built their empire and grown their profits. But they are getting older, have achieved wealth, and the brothers wish to retire from their nefarious work. But when New York actor Harry Murphy inadvertently overhears the Bruschetti brothers plotting to tie-up loose ends, which includes the murder of someone who has their dealings, he is stricken by conscience and decides he must act. After flying to London to warn one of the intended victims, Harry is caught in a shootout, forced into a high speed chase, and then mistaken for an agent of the Bruschetti circle. In way over his head, he is soon apprehended by the British authorities – but not before they decide to put his acting skills to work, and help flush out the Bruschettis. Easier said than done when you’re really at heart a regular guy who only wanted to land that mayonnaise commercial last week. Paired with a sexy special agent, Harry is sent back to New York and put to work, but he becomes separated from his handlers and is truly on his own. What follows is a wildly tense and entertaining game of cat and mouse before it culminates in a deadly confrontation between Harry and the men who have been dealing with danger for much longer than he has. ONCE A CROOKED MAN is a polished crime fiction debut that shows McCallum's ability to wink at the reader while spinning a fun, tense, titillating tale. PRAISE FOR ONCE A CROOKED MAN “This debut novel by actor McCallum (NCIS, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) suggests the author has spent time enjoying the crime-and-espionage farces of Donald E. Westlake and the master of the genre, Ross Thomas. He's not embarrassed by good dumb jokes (the mobsters are named the Bruschettis) or by what ensues when Harry teams up with a flirtatious British agent whose purpose is more to be the hero's partner in backchat than in bed (though they're suited there as well). McCallum also loves plot. He has a farceur's taste for seeing how many complications he can bring to any situation. This good-natured debut gives the reader as good a time as it has plainly afforded its author.” —Kirkus Reviews “There is fascinating stuff beneath the surface… McCallum gives us glimpses of tormented lives, such as the Wall Streeter with a secret and an Englishwoman crazed with vengeance for a slight done to her father. It’s Harry’s intrusion into their lives that provokes the horrors, adding some ambiguity to the usual formula, like the fact that cops can be fond of the people they track down. Even love them. This quirky novel will appeal to readers who like a bit of subtext with their thrillers.” —Booklist “An entertaining mystery… Reminiscent of darkly comedic works in which heroes spiral continuously downward, this zany tale is oddly humorous at several junctures… Readers would likely enjoy further adventures.”—Library Journal “An entertaining novel… There are surprises galore and no question is left unanswered. He paints New York City and London with a vivid brush. Harry’s portrayal of a somewhat successful bit actor is among the best.” —RT Book Review Magazine, 4 stars

Rory Scovel

Performing this weekend at Charlotte's Comedy Zone. He's Carolina risen and comedy driven. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Rory Scovel, Rory Scovel is a comedian and writer from Greenville, SC, currently living in Los Angeles. Rory grew up in Greenville, where he played basketball, tennis, and soccer. He described himself as hyperactive and the class clown. Rory starred in the TBS series "Ground Floor", numerous Comedy Central specials as well as a regular on CONAN and has be seen in many Nissan Altima commercials. He is currently starring in the comedy series "Those Who Can't" premiering February 11th on TRU TV.

Juan Martinez

One of the most verbally graphic court cases in the history of law. But no matter how many times Jodi Arias took her story deeper into the chapters of sex and betrayal. The one man that found focus on the truth led the jury to a conviction. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Juan Martinez. Juan Martinez, the fiery prosecutor who convicted notorious murderess Jodi Arias for the disturbing killing of Travis Alexander, speaks for the first time about the shocking investigation and sensational trial that captivated the nation. Through two trials, America watched with baited breath as Juan Martinez fought relentlessly to convict Jodi Arias of Murder One for viciously stabbing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander to death. What emerged was a story wrought with sex, manipulation, and deceit that stunned the public at every turn. Arias, always playing the wronged and innocent woman, changed her story continually as her bizarre behavior surrounding the crime and its aftermath came to light. Unwavering, Arias and her defense team continued to play off the salacious details of the case, until she was finally found guilty and—controversially—sentenced to life behind bars. Now, speaking openly for the first time, prosecutor Juan Martinez will unearth new details from the investigation that were never revealed at trial, exploring key facts from the case and the pieces of evidence he chose to keep close to the vest. Throughout the trials, his bullish and unfaltering prosecution strategy was both commended and criticized, and in his book, Martinez will illuminate the unique tactics he utilized in this case and how they lead to a successful conviction, and-for the first time-discuss how he felt losing the death penalty sentence he’d pursued for years. Going beyond the news reports, Martinez will explore the truth behind the multiple facades of Jodi Arias. Sparring with her from across the stand, Martinez came to know Arias like no one else could, dissecting what it took for a seemingly normal girl to become a deluded, cunning, and unrepentant murderer. Conviction provides readers with an in-depth examination of how Martinez’s dogged style and methodical approach convicted a woman who famously claimed, “No jury will ever convict me.” Complete with 16 pages of photos from the case and trial, this book is the definitive account of the case that shocked America. ABOUT JUAN MARTINEZ Juan Martinez is a Maricopa County prosecutor and is counted amongst the top death-penalty prosecutors in Arizona. He gained prominence prosecuting Jodi Arias for the murder of Travis Alexander. A graduate of Arizona State University, Martinez was admitted to the bar in 1984 and joined the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in 1988.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dan Ribacoff

We watch the TV shows but reality is much different. Learn how to be a private investigator from one of the best in the business. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Dan Ribacoff. There are many people who cannot hire private investigators. And often there are situations where you really don’t need to hire a private investigator, but a little know-how would go a long way to help resolve important issues and make informed decisions. I, SPY fills this very real need. Learn the tools to be your own private investigator when the situation calls for it, and get the facts on how to keep yourself, your home, and your business safe. --how to locate someone, be it a loved one, a birth mother, or someone who owes you money --how to obtain evidence of infidelity --how to conduct a background check on a person—a potential spouse, son-in-law, business partner, or employee --how to locate assets --how to protect your home, your valuables, and your privacy --how to do surveillance --how to go off-grid -- the ins and outs of the law explained, so you don’t break the law while being your own P.I. ABOUT DAN RIBACOFF Daniel Ribacoff is the founder and CEO of International Investigative Group, Ltd (offices in Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Los Angeles, and Boca Raton, FL). He is a trained polygraph examiner and has been a private investigator for over 23 years. He studied at The Academy of Scientific Investigative Training in Philadelphia. Ribacoff has worked on many notable investigations, which have resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars for his clients. His firm has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, CNN, CNBC, and many others. He is a regular guest on “The Steve Wilkos Show,” doing polygraph examinations. He lives in Long Island and Boca Raton, Florida.

Marty Kroffts

The legendary imagination of one of this nations most creative talent. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Marty Krofft from Sid and Marty Kroffts. Sid and Marty Krofft’s most beloved characters from their cult classic H.R. Pufnstuf will return to kids TV for the first time in over 45 years in the Kroffts’ latest live-action preschool series, Mutt & Stuff, on Nickelodeon. Featuring H.R. Pufnstuf, Cling and Clang, Freddy the Flute and the Rescue Racer, the special is part of an additional 20 episode order that Nickelodeon has greenlit, bringing the total to 40 for Mutt & Stuff’s first season. Production on the special, "H.R. Pufnstuf Comes to Mutt & Stuff!,” will begin this fall with a premiere date set for early 2016. “H.R. Pufnstuf was the first TV show my brother and I created, so it has always held a special place in our hearts,” said Marty Krofft. “Our fans constantly ask us to bring back Pufnstuf, and we feel the vibrant world of Mutt & Stuff is the perfect setting to revitalize these colorful characters and build excitement for new fans.” In "H.R. Pufnstuf Comes to Mutt & Stuff!," Stuff’s favorite uncle H.R. Pufnstuf decides to visit him at the canine school. When H.R. Pufnstuf arrives with his friends from Living Island, Stuff goes overboard in an attempt to impress him and make sure everything is perfect. Set in a unique school for dogs, Mutt & Stuff stars Calvin Millan and his dad, Cesar, star of Cesar 911 and original star of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, interacting with a cast of both real dogs and puppets. Mutt & Stuff currently ranks as the number-one preschool show in its time period on all TV and the series is created and executive produced by the Kroffts (H.R. Pufnstuf, Land Of The Lost), along with Bradley Zweig. Cesar Millan also serves as executive producer. Mutt & Stuff airs regularly weekdays at 10 a.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. “H.R. Pufnstuf’s wildly imaginative characters made an indelible impression on an entire generation, and now preschoolers and parents will get to see the two fantasy worlds of Sid and Marty Krofft come together on Mutt & Stuff through the same creative storytelling that defines both series,” said Russell Hicks, President, Content Development and Production, Nickelodeon Group. “It has been an amazing experience to be a part of Mutt & Stuff with my son Calvin,” said Cesar Millan. “The show is an amazing platform to educate kids on the responsibilities of being a dog owner and we are excited to be bringing it back for another 20 episodes.” Mutt & Stuff follows Calvin Millan and his best friend Stuff, a larger-than-life dog with a personality to match, as they take preschoolers inside the doors of Mutt & Stuff, a school for dogs, to explore the daily lives of these canine companions. Each episode features incredible tricks, training lessons and high-spirited humor. With the help of 15 playful puppies and charismatic puppets, Calvin educates preschoolers on how to train and guide their dogs, as well as showcase the friendship and loyalty that puppies can provide. The series has a social-emotional curriculum that helps preschoolers identify and manage emotions, build interpersonal awareness and develop social skills. Mutt & Stuff also carries a message of pet adoption and responsible pet care based on Cesar Millan’s philosophies. Nickelodeon, now in its 36th year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, online, recreation, books and feature films. Nickelodeon’s U.S. television network is seen in almost 100 million households and has been the number-one-rated basic cable network for 20 consecutive years. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB

Bob Perlow The Warmup Guy

Before any show hits that place before recording. Someone has to step out into the crowd and warm them up. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Bob Perlow. It’s the rare performer who can legitimately claim to have created an entirely new entertainment category. But Bob Perlow did and can. Chock full of backstage dish on some of TV’s biggest sitcom stars, he documents that in his new show business memoir: THE WARMUP GUY (Pelican Publishing Company/February 15, 2016) and will be performing his one man show at New York's Triad Theater on February 16th. There’s more to warming up a TV studio audience than an initial pre-show rah-rah cheerleader session to get the folks in the bleachers revved up. That was the way it once worked, but Bob Perlow changed that forever when, for a whopping $50 a week, he agreed to warm up the audience for the first tapings of “Laverne and Shirley.” Instead of cracking a few jokes to set the tone, with his own money he bought a supply of audience giveaway t-shirts, and performed what amounted to a stand-up comedy act every time there was a scene break, a re-shoot, or anything else that caused taping to stop during a three-, five- or eight-hour taping. “He knew all the secrets,” says Jay Leno and was “One of the best,” according to Garry Marshall. “Laverne and Shirley,” “Mork & Mindy,” “Taxi,” “Cheers,” “Newhart,” “Oh, Madeline,” Night Court,” “Growing Pains,” “Full House,” “Who’s the Boss,” “House Party,” “Coach,” “Home Improvement,” “Jay Leno and the Tonight Show,” “Friends,” “Dharma & Greg.” Perlow was there for them all....and all the shenanigans, flubs, slip-ups, star fights, feuds and friendships. THE WARMUP GUY lets us in on: *Penny Marshall’s and Cindy William’s animosity and competitiveness, so intense that at table reads each actress would count the number of lines in the script out loud in order to make sure the other wasn't getting more attention. *The night there wasn’t a single laugh during the “Laverne and Shirley” taping. No one had told the team that the audience was 100% Taiwanese and no one spoke a word of English. *Andy Kaufman always skipped “Taxi” rehearsals. An unknown --- Mike Binder, later a successful comic and director --- showed up on set every day and read the lines Kaufman would deliver in person later during taping. *What was normally a three-to-five hour shoot for “Cheers” regularly turned into a much longer taping because Shelly Long insisted her hair and make-up be totally redone after each scene, rather than just touched up as was standard procedure. *Peter Scolari insisted on juggling bowling pins for the audience between “Newhart” scenes, much to the initial amusement but ultimately boredom of the entire audience. *During a “Night Court” taping Harry Anderson’s love interest, actress Karen Austin, had a meltdown: in a rage she physically attacked Anderson and had to be removed from the set --- never to return. A sober John Laroquette, open about his own prior battle with alcohol, offered counseling to others who he thought might be in danger, and once the cameras stopped rolling the big loveable character of “Bull,” played by Richard Moll, was one of the most unpleasant people Perlow ever worked with. *In the “Growing Pains” heyday at a celebrity tennis tournament Chevy Chase bumped Perlow off the court so that Chase could play against Chris Evert, even though moments before Chase had left the court saying he was too tired to go on any longer. And before he became a right wing evangelical wing-nut, “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron walked the set with large exotic snakes twined about his neck. Ironic when one thinks about the role of the snake in the Biblical Garden of Eden. *One member of the “Full House” cast was daily stricken with such flatulence that even today when one watches old shows, fellow cast members can be seen moving away from him as he delivers his lines. *In “Coach” Craig T. Nelson and Jerry Van Dyke disliked each other intensely. Their backstage arguments were so loud the audience in the front of the house heard every furious word. *Tim Allen couldn’t abide having any eyes on anyone other than himself during “Home Improvement.” He once stalked onto the stage while Perlow was delivering a warmup comic set, yelled, “Hey, the show’s down here!” and had Perlow fired. *Longtime friends Jay Leno and Perlow, in Las Vegas for a Sinatra show, once unknowingly sneaked into the banquette reserved for the star’s mother, not knowing she had been killed that day in an airplane crash and the seat was now there “in memoriam.” *Perlow did warmup for “Friends” for the first three seasons and, to the disappointment of gossip columnists worldwide, never once saw any friction, personal or otherwise, between any of the actors, though show creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman demanded so many retakes that tapings often lasted eight hours and Perlow had to beg audience members to remain in their seats and not desert the theatre to go back home. THE WARMUP GUY Bob Perlow has many more juicy behind-the-sets-and-scenes tales to share. ABOUT BOB PERLOW Bob Perlow is a comedic entertainer who creates, produces, writes, and stars in taped performances. A product of TV, he grew up with the medium and spent more than thirty-five years as a warmup comedian. During that time he also received writing credits for Who’s the Boss?, Laverne & Shirley, and many other well-known comedies. Perlow is the star of a one-man multimedia show, Tales from Hollywood, which chronicles his career in entertainment. He lives in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Dave Stewart Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

He helped shape the sound that became the 1980's. It opened the door for him to create and be friends with the likes of Dylan and more. Now he's ready to talk about the experience. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with the legendary Dave Stewart. British musician, songwriter, producer and Eurythmics co-founder DAVE STEWART’s upcoming memoir SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS: A Life In Music is an atmospheric portrait of a golden age in music that lays bare all the sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll revealing untold stories from his adventurous career. It will be released in hardcover and audio Tuesday, February 9 via New American Library (NAL), an imprint of Penguin Random House. The memoir is packed with unforgettable never-before-told stories featuring the likes of Bob Dylan, Elton John, Stevie Nicks and Daryl Hall providing readers a behind-the-scenes look at the prolific musician, songwriter, and producer’s career that has spanned three decades and more than 100 million album sales. In the book Stewart opens up about: ●His little-known five-year relationship with Annie Lennox before Eurythmics ●Visiting Bob Dylan’s favorite underground club ●A wild night at Stevie Nicks’ Beverly Hills home in the 80s ●A psychedelic adventure with Daryl Hall ●Becoming one of the first musicians to sign with Elton John’s record label in the 70s, and failing spectacularly ●The making of numerous worldwide smash hits, including “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).” ●His adventures beyond Eurythmics, including collaborating, recording, and creating havoc with legends like Bono, Mick Jagger, and Tom Petty, as well as relative newcomers like Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Joss Stone DAVE STEWART BIO (FROM ROLLING STONE.COM Best known as one-half of the groundbreaking synth pop duo Eurythmics, Dave Stewart was also a highly successful producer and, on occasion, a solo artist. David A. Stewart (as he also sometimes was credited on record) was born September 9, 1952 in Sunderland, England; the product of an upper-middle class family, he enjoyed his first taste of musical success during the early '70s while fronting the band Longdancer. The group seemed poised for big things after signing to Elton John's Rocket Records, but they quickly fizzled out; Stewart soon resurfaced in a variety of short-lived groups, and eventually began writing songs with friend Peet Coombes. In the late '70s he was also introduced to an aspiring singer named Annie Lennox; the two became lovers, and with Coombes they formed a group dubbed the Tourists, issuing a trio of new wave-influenced LPs between 1979 and 1980. When the Tourists came to a halt in late 1980, Stewart and Lennox's romance ended as well; they agreed to continue their musical partnership, however, rechristening themselves Eurythmics. Their soulful synth pop sound was created solely via Stewart's technological mastery, capped off by Lennox's powerful vocals; after the title track of 1983's Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) became an international smash, the Eurythmics rose to become one of the '80s most successful and innovative artists, scoring such major hits as 1984's "Here Comes the Rain Again," 1985's "Would I Lie to You?," and 1986's "Missionary Man." In 1985, Stewart also scored his first outside success as a producer, working on Aretha Franklin's comeback album Who's Zoomin' Who; that same year, he also helmed Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' hit Southern Accents. In the years to follow, he went on to produce music for Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and the Neville Brothers. By the end of the '80s, Eurythmics' popularity was on the decline, and after 1989's We Too Are One failed to recapture the magic of their earlier work, they essentially disbanded, with only a hits compilation and a live LP to follow. Stewart, who in 1987 had married Bananarama/Shakespear's Sister vocalist Siobhan Fahey, initially turned to soundtrack work, scoring the Dutch film Lily Was Here in 1989; a year later, he put together a new band, the Spiritual Cowboys, with ex-Pretenders drummer Martin Chambers. Sporting a more atmospheric, guitar-driven sound than his previous work, the Spiritual Cowboys issued two albums, a 1990 self-titled effort and 1991's Honest, neither of which caught on with audiences. Stewart then spent the next several years in relative silence, accepting a few production jobs but otherwise staying out of the limelight. In 1995, he finally issued his proper solo debut, Greetings from the Gutter. In 1997, Stewart co-produced the album Destination Anywhere for Jon Bon Jovi. He emerged as an artist again in 1999; this time as a film composer scoring director Robert Altman's film Cookie's Fortune in 1999. In November 2002, he worked with former South African president Nelson Mandela. Stewart came up with the idea of turning Mandela's prison number into a telephone number. He wrote and recorded songs with Paul McCartney, Bono, and the Edge (among others) that could only be heard if you dialed this number; the cost of the call was in fact a donation in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the newly independent but beleaguered nation. Along with an ad agency, Stewart organized the entire campaign. In 2004, he collaborated with Jagger on the score for a remake of the film Alfie, and in 2007 scored Ted Demme's film The Ref. In March 2007, Stewart unveiled an initiative called "Greenpeace Works," which he labeled a "think tank" to dream up ways celebrities and Greenpeace could work together on green issues. For the project, he issued The Dave Stewart Songbook, a large coffee table-size book full of stories and photographs. It was accompanied by a newly recorded CD of 21 songs that been co-written or co-produced by him. Also included was the song "American Prayer," written with Bono. In 2008, Stewart shot a video for the tune as support for Barack Obama's presidential bid. In 2011, he completed work on his musical, Ghost, which opened in England in March; he also finished work on Stevie Nicks' In Your Dreams album, which was co-produced by Glen Ballard and released in May. Simultaneously, he also completed his first album of new material in 13 years in Nashville, with help from Martina McBride, Joss Stone, Colbie Caillat, and the Secret Sisters. Entitled The Blackbird Diaries, the set was recorded at McBride's husband John's Blackbird Studios and issued in late May. Stewart also helmed the sessions and co-wrote the songs for Stone's LP1, which was released in the summer of 2011. That same year, both Stewart and Stone joined SuperHeavy, a supergroup that also featured Mick Jagger, Damian Marley, and A.R. Rahman. A self-titled SuperHeavy album arrived in the fall of 2011, and then Stewart returned to Blackbird Studios, recording and releasing his solo effort The Ringmaster General in 2012. A year later, Stewart released Lucky Numbers, another solo album laden with guest stars, this time including Martina McBride and Karen Elson.

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Dr Lisa Marie Bobby

It's like an addiction. Love takes over your body and its hard to shake. But how can you get over what you'e lost? Is there help? From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby. Severing a cherished relationship is one of the most painful experiences in life—and science says cutting those emotional ties to a loved one can feel almost like ending an addiction. Up until now, people recovering from other problems were able to get real help—like AA and rehab—while those struggling in the aftermath of traumatic breaks dealt with platitudes and friends insisting they should “get over it already.” But now Exaholics Anonymous treats getting over an ex like kicking a chemical habit. Written by counselor and therapist Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, Exaholics: Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex Love offers meaningful support and advice to anyone trapped in the obsessive pain of a broken, or dying, attachment. She helps the brokenhearted heal, showing them, on a deep level, how to develop a conceptual framework for their experience, understand the emotional processes at work inside themselves, find the path to recovery, and free themselves of shame, injured ego, and remorse. In-depth case studies of others’ journeys will illuminate the way to future happiness.

George Hodgeman

When George Hodgman left Manhattan for his hometown of Paris, Missouri, to care for his aging mother Betty, he expected to be away for only a few weeks. But life conspired to keep him there, armed with not much more than a (mostly) willing heart, a broken past to sort out, and two irascible personalities: his own, and Betty’s. In his hilarious, heartbreaking memoir, BETTYVILLE, Hodgman shares their unforgettable mother-son journey, capturing truths about family, identity, and our current American landscape. At the center of BETTYVILLE is the inimitable Betty, a woman of her own time, a small-town wife and mother who nevertheless chafed at her limitations—who hated bad hairdressers, baking cookies, and gossip; who loved roses, driving fast, and speaking her mind with pithy directness, especially when it came to her only son. Betty and George were often in cahoots and often at loggerheads, locked in battle but sworn allies as well. And for all they shared, he kept one big secret from Betty: his identity as a gay man. That secret—who he is, and why things unfolded the way they did—lies at the heart of this elegant memoir. From the corridors of Graydon Carter’s Vanity Fair and various publishing houses, through AIDS, Fire Island in the ‘80s, a life among celebrities, and a return to a hometown now hollowed out and struggling, Hodgman paints a take-no-prisoners portrait of distant parallel worlds. His story is bracing, honest, and often laugh-out-loud hilarious. Evocative of The End of Your Life Book Club and The Tender Bar, BETTYVILLE is a warm, funny book about what it means to care for an older parent, to come home to small-town America, and to have complicated relationships with the people around you. But above all, it’s a book about families: how families shape us, infuriate us, and often give us strength when we least expect it—and need it most. When you finish reading, you’ll wish you could spend more time with Betty, George, and the other residents of Bettyville. About the Author GEORGE HODGMAN is a veteran magazine and book editor who has worked at Simon & Schuster, Vanity Fair, and Talk magazine. His writing has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Interview, W, and Harper’s Bazaar. He lives in New York City and Paris, Missouri.

Rhonda Ross

Jazz has a new frontier and its being carried forward by a very famous last name just in time for the next generation. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Rhonda Ross. Singer-Songwriter, Rhonda Ross is an African Diasporic Woman of the World. Bilingual in French and in English (and raising her son to be fluent in 4 languages), Rhonda often connects with her audiences through their native tongues. Her original music lives in the gap between Jazz, Neo-soul, Funk and Gospel. Her lyrics live in the pause between life’s most important questions and their answers. Rhonda has the entire package -- as an entertainer, as a poet, and as a human being. She has great power on stage and her refreshingly personal and moving performances set her apart from other vocalists of her era. Rhonda's music flows straight from her essence and her bright spirit uplifts everyone in the room. With a crown of natural hair, Rhonda graces the stage with the gravitas and glamour of a modern-day queen. As the only child of Diana Ross and Motown Founder Berry Gordy, it has become evident that Rhonda not only has the talent, but the significance to carry on her parents’ legacy, all the while establishing her own unique musical destination. Rhonda's music is based in traditional jazz, but pulls from the entire African diaspora. In 1994, she met, married, and began a 20-year musical collaboration with jazz pianist and composer Rodney Kendrick. Through him, Rhonda commenced studying with the late jazz great Abbey Lincoln. “It was Abbey and Rodney who convinced me to begin my journey as a singer-songwriter.” Rhonda says, “I primarily consider myself a story-teller and poet. I use my music to inspire and to uplift. To teach people – including myself.” Their live CD, Rhonda Ross Live: Featuring Rodney Kendrick is a hot internet seller. Now a mother to a young son, Rhonda’s music has taken on the more mature stance of a woman “with the understanding and wisdom of a 40 yr old, but the passion and dream-seeking of a 20 yr old!” And what a combination it is! Rhonda is one of the rare artists today using her music to examine the society she lives in – from racism to sexism to homophobia to the need for self-love and spirituality, Rhonda’s songs look through all of it and ask “In the midst of THIS, how can I still live the best life possible? New songs have emerged. Songs like: “Nobody’s Business” – a groovy, bass-led reminder that “your joy comes from the inside and that it’s nobody else’s job to make you happy”, and “Summer Day” - an upbeat realization that even after the harshest winter, the sun will re-emerge and “the buds of hope can still bloom”. ”Through Rhonda’s individual and creative expression, the legendary Ross influence continues to live on and expand. Rhonda headlined one of President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Balls, and later performed to standing ovations and rave reviews at The Hollywood Bowl, The Montreal International Jazz Festival, Wolf Trap, and The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Rhonda's live performance will thoroughly entertain you and move you to the point of tears – all while inspiring you to believe that you can do or be anything!

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Brooke Hummel

I can still remember meeting Sam Hunt before he was lifted to super stardom. Cam was in this studio long before she's grabbed the number one song on the charts. To see the beginning is the part of the story so many don't get to enjoy. That's why I love introducing you to the new artists. Like Brooke Hummel. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut. Born in Ocala, FL, but raised in St. Petersburg, FL. Brooke now calls Blowing Rock, NC home. Brooke moved with her family to Blowing Rock in 2012 where they have built a strong foundation. While leaving a last impression on her old Tampa area friends, Brooke still has strong support in the Tampa market. Brooke frequently participated in local festivals and showcases in the mountain region of North Carolina. Brooke was discovered by BNR Records A&R, Jermaine Spencer, at a showcase in Charlotte, NC in early 2014. Brooke was then signed to BNR Records in May 2014. Since that day, Brooke has been put in a BNR artist “boot camp” to accelerate her development. Brooke is now ready to breakthrough the 13-17 consumer demographic with her debut single, “Favorite Song”.

Carlos Mencia

It's like we're neighbors. The moment Carlos steps into the iHeart Radio Studio we jump right into having every day normal conversation. And yet he knows that somewhere in the middle I'm going to dig a little deeper about the art of comedy. Technique is a learned craft. He's not afraid to share the journey behind the joke. From the iHeart Radio Studio I'm Unplugged and Totally Uncut with Carlos Mencia.

Mack Brock from Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship is the worship team of Elevation Church, based out of Charlotte, NC. Led by Pastor Steven Furtick, the church was formed in 2006 with a vision to see people far from God raised to life in Christ. Over the past ten years, Elevation has launched multiple locations in North Carolina and beyond. worship2 Elevation Worship is made up of worship leaders and musicians who serve faithfully in the church every weekend to see this vision come to life. And since the beginning, Elevation Worship has believed in the power of writing and recording songs that lift up the name of Jesus and reflect what God is doing in and through the people of Elevation Church. The latest collection of songs from Elevation Worship’s upcoming album, Here As In Heaven, are declarations of faith that announce the Kingdom of God is here among us. This new live album, recorded in July of 2015 in front of a maximum-capacity crowd at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC, inspires us to worship with a new sense of expectation and purpose; to let our lives be the evidence of God’s presence on earth. Filled with stirring anthems and shouts of praise, Here As In Heaven is a must-have soundtrack celebrating God’s presence among us, His church, in every moment and every situation; here as in heaven.