Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Kevin Begos

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Who made the first wine, and where? How do so many flavors and aromas come from grapes? What did ancient wine taste like, and what does the future hold for wine lovers? Journalist Kevin Begos, a former MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellow and former AP Correspondent, was inspired to seek answers to these questions after a chance encounter with an obscure vintage made near Jerusalem. He began investigating the mysterious vineyard and quickly found himself caught up in a viticultural detective story—complete with false leads, DNA evidence, and rare grapes hidden in remote valleys and plains across the world. Begos quickly realize how little he and his audience really understood about the origins of wine and set out to find the history.

The result is Tasting the Past: The Science of Flavor & the Search for the Origins of Wine, (Algonquin Books: June 12, 2018) which chronicles Begos’s journey along the original wine routes—starting in the Caucasus Mountains, where wine was first domesticated 8,000 years ago, then down to Israel and across the Mediterranean to Greece, Italy, France, and finally to America, where vintners are transforming local wine culture by cultivating heirloom grapes with new, diverse flavors.

Eddie Trunk

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Hit the road with Eddie Trunk in the series premiere of TrunkFest, as the music historian rolls into the one and only Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. During the episode, Trunk hitches a ride in a fan’s sidecar; sits down for an exclusive interview with Southern Rock superstar George Thorogood; and gets schooled in the ways of motorcycle stunts with daredevil Doug Danger, who takes Eddie behind the scenes of his breathtaking Rattlesnake Jump.

Other highlights from the freshman series include a creepy cruise down to New Orleans on July 8 for the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience festival, where Trunk celebrates Halloween with a harrowing trip through a haunted house, eats a fried Oreo for the first time, catches up with Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters and learns how to make jambalaya, before joining Tom MorelloChuck D, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford to discuss their supergroup Prophets of Rage; then, Trunk heads south of the border for a concert vacation at Castaway with Southern Ground, talking with Southern Rock favorites Blackberry Smoke, and chart-topping Country mainstays the Zac Brown Band, before watching ZBB’s personal cuisine wiz Chef Rusty craft a sumptuous ceviche while standing in water.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jr Gilbert Schill John WMacllroy Robert D Hamilton Release Not Eactly Rocket Scientists

Listen to "Jr Gilbert Schill John WMacllroy Robert D Hamilton Release Not Eactly Rocket Scientists" on Spreaker. In these stories of misadventures from small town mid-20th century America, three lifelong buddies celebrate the fragile magic of youth, the enduring miracle of friendship, and the gift of fondly remembered tales told with laughter and tears. The zany, wondrous and sometimes bittersweet journey of their youth rested squarely on the broad shoulders of the Greatest Generation, grown-ups who really did know best, and whose patience and grace allowed their offspring to grow up gently. About ROCKET SCIENTISTS WE WERE NOT... and Other Stories Tony Dow ("Wally" on "Leave It To Beaver" TV series): "What fun! It was like I was hanging out with Lumpy, Eddie and the guys from our show again. Every adult will be able to see something of themselves in these great stories of youth. They are a must read for anyone who longs for the simple, innocent fun of growing up with the spirit of the 50's and 60's. I feel like I know these three loveable goofballs and wish I could have spent more time being with them. Rocket Scientists should be a television series itself, underscoring the sweetness, innocence, and simplicity that have passed us by." Pat Conroy (Novelist, "The Great Santini," "My Losing Season," "The Prince of Tides"): "A great book about friendship, growing up in the fifties, and a lost America that will never come again."

Warrick McZeke

Listen to "Warrick McZeke Releases Miss Absolutely" on Spreaker. Festival goers at the 2017 Carolina Country Music Fest in Myrtle Beach, SC, may recognize his face, as he was welcomed on stage by his college roommate at Clemson University and Country Music Superstar, Lee Brice. Warrick McZeke would go on to surprise his then girlfriend in front of 33K festival goers in asking for her hand in marriage. Instead of the typical “Yes! I will Marry You!”, she belted “I Will Absolutely Marry You!” Warrick would later turn those words into his debut single “Miss Absolutely” out now. The song was written after his fiancĂ©e sent him the entry link for the NASH Next 2017 Competition. He would write the lyrics the night before the submission deadline. Little did he know, this competition would re-ignite his dreams of becoming a music artist. “This past year has been nothing but a blessing. I caught wind of Lee’s future performance for CCMF 2017 two years prior and said to a buddy of mine, that if I was still dating Josie by the time CCMF rolled around, I was gonna ask her to marry me. Unsure of what Lee would say to my request, I am forever grateful for him allowing me to live out my dream - that’s asking Josie to marry me, and also being able to sing in front of thousands of people!” A native of Loris, South Carolina, now residing in Charleston, South Carolina, Warrick is looking to gain breakthrough success with the release of “Miss Absolutely” and follow up EP due out early Fall 2018. Warrick made his return to the CCMF stage this summer as a new artist and is preparing to have his style described as country soul heard by the masses.

Roland Philipps

Listen to "Roland Philipps Releases A Spy Named Orphan" on Spreaker. In A SPY NAMED ORPHAN: The Enigma of Donald Maclean (W.W Norton: May 1, 2018) historian Roland Philipps takes readers through the never-before told story of Donald Maclean, a member of the infamous “Cambridge Five” espionage ring. Maclean was one of the most treacherous and mysterious spies of the 20th century. This is a real life Russian spy story – go back to 1951 – Donald MacLean is a respected diplomat at the head of the American Department in Britain’s Foreign Office. But he leads a double life as a Russian spy – one of the most senior spies ever detected inside the British government. Throughout his career, Maclean transmitted an astonishing number of diplomatic and military secrets to the USSR. Eventually, MI5 would close in and Maclean would defect to Russia. Historian Philipps is the grandson of Sir Roger Makins – a British Foreign Officer and the last person to see Maclean before he fled to the Soviet Union. He weaves the story of these Cambridge spies that were young ideologues, energized by the ideas of Communism and driven to betray their country and families in pursuit of those ideals. A SPY NAMED ORPHAN provides an inside look at this era and vividly paints the impact of espionage on family, country and society and the long-lasting effects it had on British-American relations.

Christina Ricci

Listen to "Christina Ricci From Distorted" on Spreaker. Lauren Curran (Christina Ricci) and her devoted husband Russel (Brendan Fletcher) decide to move away from the bustle of the city and into the peaceful oasis of The Pinnacle, a coveted luxury condo boasting ultra-modern design, state-of-the-art features and advanced security systems. As the couple settles into their new hi-tech home, Lauren begins to experience disturbing and inexplicable occurrences which lead her to believe the building has a dark side. With a history of mental illness and concern from her husband and psychiatrist, Lauren questions if the "distortions" that plague her only exist in her mind. It is not until she enlists Vernon Sarsfield (John Cusack) an investigative journalist with an interest in cyber conspiracy that her suspicions are confirmed; The Pinnacle appears to be conducting psychological experiments on its residents. Together, Vernon and Lauren set out on a dangerous, mind-bending crusade to uncover a mind control operation with devastating consequences.

Believe In Change

Listen to "Believe In Change" on Spreaker. Andrew Ashwood shared with me a very important part of radio success, "Believe in change. When you come through that door everyday know that everything you planned for will probably not materialize. Change consumes all things and you have to welcome it without a fight." I remember standing in his office fearing his next set of sentences. The word change is a hairy ugly beast that has every reason to devour each inch of your dreams, ambitions and security in life. I grew into a pair of shoes that began a process of accepting change. It wasn't an easy walk. It got even tougher when I went public with my love for God. I had heard of the changes that would arrive. I tried to prepare myself for the twists, spins and stumbles. Even that didn't stop change from consuming the brighter bigger path of possibility. There's huge changes within the presence of spiritual travel and study. You're endlessly challenged to grow. Not because you can't forgive but rather to properly live. Your entire outlook is given a new field to plant seeds becoming vines. Bosses that leap all over you with higher than normal expectations. The old you would've fought back or hit Indeed or Zip Recruiter for a new job. The newer believer in change locates peace by becoming part of the change. My most recent cracks in the pavement have me front and center with an adopted four year old Pointer that has huge separation anxiety issues. The old me would've returned the monster. The changed me has allowed this moment to be a lesson. To learn more about how dogs have a lot of the same problems as humans and I am willing to grow through it by grasping the mental conditions that trigger bad behavior. What are your triggers? What should you be accepting as change that will lead you toward becoming more at peace? Sometimes you think about those moments in high school when you thought it was too difficult to make it another day with that teacher. Change invited you to places of new growth. It's not supposed to be easy or everybody on this planet would love, act and laugh just like you. Enjoy your glory.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dan Abrams

Listen to "Dan Abrams Releases Lincoln's Last Trial" on Spreaker. It's tough to claim to bring something truly new to the massive bibliography that's been written already about Lincoln's life, but Dan Abrams and David Fisher have done it with the help of a heretofore unknown transcript of People v. Harrison, a landmark self-defense case argued in the sweltering summer of 1859, just two years before his election to the nation's highest office. The stakes were truly high-the defense's case, which Lincoln argued, was by no means a sure thing. Just six months prior, Lincoln had been launched to national prominence with his daring performance in the Lincoln-Douglas debates. A loss on this stage could have crippled his political career. The debates also introduced Lincoln to Robert Hitt, the "steno man" charged with recording the debates verbatim, a fairly new practice. When Lincoln decided to take Harrison's case, Hitt was on hand to transcribe the trial. The result is one of the most colorful portrayals of Lincoln's monumental skill as a litigator that exists, illuminating verbatim Lincoln's interactions with witnesses, cross-examinations, and even courtroom downtime. Lincoln's Last Trial connects the events of the trial and the complex web of relationships between those in the courtroom to known elements of Lincoln's life outside the courtroom (his troubled marriage, brutal training as a self-taught, traveling new lawyer, and his time in the Black Hawk War) to create the fullest picture possible of one of the most examined men in American history. ABC's chief legal correspondent Dan Abrams brings us Lincoln in his own words, thanks to a one-of-a-kind transcript of the high-stakes trial that launched his presidential campaign.

Jordyn Simone

Listen to "Jordyn Simone From NBC's The Voice" on Spreaker. Jordyn comes from a musical family in Los Angeles. Her mom plays piano and her dad has pursued singing his whole life. Inspired by her parents' passion for music, Jordyn found her own talent from a young age. At the age of 7, Jordyn enrolled in a musical theatre program, The Amazing Grace Conservatory, and later attended the prestigious Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. In 2015, she sang the opening solo at the prominent Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl. Now a high school senior, Jordyn is hoping for her next great success on "The Voice" stage.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Awareness Becomes The Image

Listen to "The Awareness Becomes The Image" on Spreaker. I get it. I have no problem with it. Having physical proof of there being leads to less doubt. The awareness of there being becomes the image of God. Through awareness? How is that possible? I quickly come back with how does a seed become a forty foot tree? How do people come back together after horrid storms that left cities empty? We left in a sea of selfies. We call upon the almighty picture to serve as truth. Yet through modern technology the majority of all photos posted have somehow been doctored up if not retaken a billion times to get the proper feel. Through awareness an image appears. We are aware of the affects while trusting what infects and or heals. Rather than dump dirt on the lack of there being photographs. Put a little shine inside awareness. It does amazing things to your workplace attitude as well. Way too much assumption on that platform which leads to breakups and pitfalls. If you stay aware of all things moving the image of leadership becomes a healthier collection of roots. Being aware requires work. It doesn't fall into your lap like a bad mood or experience. Knowing the outcome can never be predicted. Being aware gives you plenty of room to grow in any direction.

Al Roker

Listen to "Al Roker Releases Ruthless Tide" on Spreaker. RUTHLESS TIDE: The Heroes and Villains of the Johnstown Flood, America's Astonishing Gilded Age Disaster by Al Roker, New York Times bestselling author and beloved, Emmy-winning co-host of NBC's Today (Hardcover; $28.99). This May marks the 129th anniversary of the Johnstown Flood, the deadliest flood in U.S. history. RUTHLESS TIDE is the first major work on the disaster in fifty years. As he did in his acclaimed The Storm of the Century (2015), Roker draws on his decades of coverage of extreme weather events and deep primary-source research to tell the dramatic story of the Johnstown Flood through the individuals who experienced it and its aftermath. He also reveals the tragedy's startling contemporary relevance, as we seek to grapple with climate change, our decaying infrastructure, and the growing income inequality that increasingly mirrors Gilded Age society. Central Pennsylvania, May 1889: After a deluge of rainfall-nearly a foot in less than twenty-four hours-swelled the Little Conemaugh River, panicked engineers watched helplessly as swiftly rising waters threatened to breach the South Fork Dam, built to create a private lake for a fishing and hunting club that counted Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon, and Henry Clay Frick among its members. Though they telegraphed neighboring towns on this last morning in May to warn of the impending danger, many residents-factory workers and their families-remained in their homes. At 3:10 p.m., the dam gave way, releasing 20 million tons of water. Gathering speed as it flowed southwest, the deluge wiped out entire towns in its path and picked up debris-trees, houses, animals-before reaching Johnstown, fourteen miles downstream. Travelling 40 miles an hour, with swells as high as 60 feet, the deadly floodwaters razed the mill town-home to 20,000 people-in minutes. The Great Flood, as it would come to be called, remains the deadliest in U.S. history, killing more than 2,200 people and causing $17 million in damage. RUTHLESS TIDE follows a compelling cast of characters whose fates converged because of that fateful day, including John Parke, the engineer whose heroic efforts failed to save the dam; Henry Clay Frick, the robber baron whose fancy sport fishing resort was responsible for modifications that weakened the dam; and Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross, who spent five months in Johnstown leading one of the first organized disaster relief efforts. Weaving together their stories and those of many ordinary citizens whose lives were forever altered by the event, Roker creates a classic account of our natural world at its most terrifying. The tragedy was also notable for overhauling the American system of legal liability, driven by public outrage when flood victims lost their court case against the dam's owners whose irresponsibility contributed to the disaster.

John Michael Higgins

Listen to "John Michael Higgins From America Says On GSN" on Spreaker. Game Show Network (GSN) is the leader in game show entertainment across multimedia. GSN presents original and classic game programming and skill-based competitive entertainment and games via its nearly 75-million subscriber television network, the website and its position as one of the leading social casino games companies in the world at GSN's cross-platform content gives game lovers the opportunity to win cash and prizes, through GSN's popular TV game shows and GSN Games' free casual games, mobile and social games, and skill-game tournaments. GSN's television network is distributed throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Canada by all major cable operators, satellite providers and telcos. GSN is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and AT&T Entertainment Group. For further information, please visit

Nathan Richie

Listen to "Bo Thompson From WBT Honors The Legacy Of Nathan Richie" on Spreaker. When God gets it right. Legacy can often times be an overused word. Not in the history this man brought to life within the waves that make up radio in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's going to take years to uncover everything Nathan had his passion for life in. His in depth conversations about the industry and where it's growing to the physicality of where your mindset was in trying to build tomorrow today. A Master in Martial Arts and deeply dug in contributor to non-profit organizations needing someone to give them a first chance. His visions were far and he knew how to get there. It was his process of thought and lack of fear. The moment any wall would appear he'd take on the challenge and find a source of energy to seize the core of the story.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dr Daniel Baxter

Listen to "Dr Daniel Baxter Releases One Life At A Time" on Spreaker. Daniel Baxter’s distinguished medical career has spanned the arc of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. From the first rumblings in the late 1970s to the terror of the 1980s and early 1990s to the persistence of the disease in the poor and homeless, he thought he had seen—and treated—it all. But a job offer in 2002 led him to the newest frontier in the AIDS crisis: Africa. Join Baxter on his heart-wrenching, life-changing journey in Botswana, where 24 percent of the country’s small population was infected with HIV when he arrived. With an often-wry outlook, Baxter recounts the stories of people like Ralph, a declining AIDS and cancer patient who nevertheless always wore a smile, or Precious, a woman found sick, abandoned, and hopeless. Part travelogue, part narrative of the “other,” and part witness to immeasurable suffering,One Life at a Time (Skyhorse Publishing hardcover; June 12, 2018; $25.99) tells the stories of the brave, the hopeless, and the remarkable Batswana, the people of Botswana. After eight and a half years on the front lines of the seemingly unbeatable African pandemic, Baxter realized that the only thing he could truly give his patients was precious time for them to save themselves. “One life at a time” was the only way to fight AIDS in Africa.

Erica And Warryn Campbell

Listen to "Erica and Warryn Campbell From We're The Campbells On TV One" on Spreaker. The new docu-series We're the Campbells on TV One gives viewers an intimate glimpse into the lives of Gospel entertainment power couple Warryn and Erica Campbell, as they tackle the everyday struggles that come with balancing family and work, nurturing their marriage, building their individual careers, and fostering their faith -- all while raising their three children Warryn, Zaya and teenager Krista. ​ Erica Campbell has received numerous awards and accolades for her music including a 2015 Grammy Award® for Best Gospel Album for her solo debut Help. As one half of the popular Gospel duo Mary Mary (with her sister Tina), Erica has earned dozens of awards from Grammys® to BET Awards to NAACP Image Awards, and also starred in the popular Mary Mary TV series that profiled the sisters' relationship and music career. She can also be heard each morning on the nationally syndicated radio program Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell. Her husband Warryn Campbell, is an award-winning veteran music producer and songwriter for today's most influential artists including Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott and Brandy. He's also Pastor of the California Worship Center, and founder of the record label My Block Inc. Speak with Erica and Warryn Campbell about their upcoming projects, sharing their family lives in front of the cameras and how they've dealt with common issues that could make or break any relationship.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Steve Dorff

Listen to "Steven Dorff Releases I Wrote That One Too" on Spreaker. One of the most successful songwriters and composers of the last 25 years, Steve Dorff has penned over 20 Top 10 hits for pop and country artists around the world, including Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Blake Shelton, Smokey Robinson, Kenny Rogers, Ray Charles, Anne Murray, Whitney Houston, George Strait, Dolly Parton, Judy Collins, Cher, Dusty Springfield, Ringo Starr, and Garth Brooks. He has scored for television shows, including Growing Pains , Major Dad , Murder She Wrote , Reba, and several films, including Any Which Way but Loose for which he penned the titular song, and more recently, he has embarked on Broadway (forthcoming musical Josephine ). Chronicling his four decades behind the music, Steve Dorff gives anecdotes, advice, and insights into his journey. The book follows Steve from his childhood in Queens to Manhattan to Nashville and to his eventual arrival in Los Angeles, California. Oftentimes, songs are attributed to the singers who perform them, but it is the songwriter who really knows the story behind the story from conception to execution. Full of heartfelt stories, hard-earned wisdom, and delightful wit, I Wrote That One, Too . . . is a great read for musicians, music fans, and whoever has chased their dreams and survived the surprising but often serendipitous turns in the road.

Ian Ziering

Listen to "Ian Ziering Talking Motorcycles And More" on Spreaker. Ian Ziering is best known for his decade-long role as ’Steve Sanders’ on TV’s original Beverly Hills 90210. He is one of only four series regulars to appear on the show for its entire duration. Ziering stars as ‘Fin Shepard’ in the Sharknado film series. And he is the voice of ‘Vinnie,' appropriately enough, in the animated Biker Mice from Mars. Ziering has ridden motorcycles for years on the road, and more recently, off road. He is a recent graduate of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation DirtBike School. And he plans on more training to become an even better rider. Ziering is teaming up with to promote riding safety and education.

Liza Gershman

Listen to "Liza Gershman Releases Cuban Flavor" on Spreaker. Cuba is a mysterious place for most Americans, especially the complex world of Cuban cuisine, history and culture. What are some of the most tantalizing things to know about Cuba? In her new book, CUBAN FLAVOR (Skyhorse Publishing, 2018), Award Winning Photographer Liza Gershman offers a tantalizing glimpse into the heart of Cuban cuisine and more. Gershman connects Cuba’s food with its turbulent past and present, giving readers perspective about how this nation’s food has been shaped by colonization, molded by immigrants, and influenced by scarcity. A land of contradiction, Cuba’s meals are a mix of fresh seafood, local harvests of pineapple, mango and guava, and such staples as rice and beans.

Seymour Stein

Listen to "Seymour Stein Releases Siren Song" on Spreaker. The autobiography of America's greatest living record man: the founder of Sire Records and spotter of rock talent from the Ramones to Madonna. Seymour Stein is America's greatest living record man. Not only has he signed and nurtured more important artists than anyone alive, now sixty years in the game, he's still the hippest label head, travelling the globe in search of the next big thing. Since the late fifties, he's been wherever it's happening: Billboard, Tin Pan Alley, The British Invasion, CBGB, Studio 54, Danceteria, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, the CD crash. Along that winding path, he discovered and broke out a skyline full of stars: Madonna, The Ramones, Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, Madonna, The Smiths, The Cure, Ice-T, Lou Reed, Seal, and many others. Brimming with hilarious scenes and character portraits, Siren Song's wider narrative is about modernity in motion, and the slow acceptance of diversity in America - thanks largely to daring pop music. Including both the high and low points in his life, Siren Song touches on everything from his discovery of Madonna to his wife Linda Stein's violent death. Ask anyone in the music business, Seymour Stein is a legend. Sung from the heart, Siren Song

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Joshua Kendall

Listen to "Joshua Kendall Celebrating Presidential Fathers Day" on Spreaker. Every president has had some experience as a parent. Of the 43 men who have served in the nation's highest office, 38 have fathered biological children and the other five adopted children. Each president's parenting style reveals much about his beliefs as well as his psychological make-up. James Garfield enjoyed jumping on the bed with his kids. FDR's children, on the other hand, had to make appointments to talk to him. In a lively narrative, based on research in archives around the country, Kendall shows presidential character in action. Readers will learn which type of parent might be best suited to leading the American people and, finally, how the fathering experiences of our presidents have forever changed the course of American history.

Johnny Bliss

Listen to "Johnny Bliss From NBC's The Voice" on Spreaker. Growing up as a young gay man was not easy for Johnny. He felt a lot of pressure from his conservative Dominican/Puerto Rican family and insensitive peers. His voice was the one thing he was confident in and it was this confidence that helped him come out to his family at 18. Now more comfortable with his future, Johnny has been running karaoke nights and participating in the music scene in NYC. Johnny is currently singing for his #1 fan and supporter - his grandma, whose breast cancer just recently resurfaced.

Mike Reiss

Listen to "Mike Reiss Releases Springfield Confidential" on Spreaker. "A truly great comic is rare. Mike Reiss, by definition, is a rarity."-Conan O'Brien In celebration of The Simpsons thirtieth anniversary, the show's longest-serving writer and producer offers a humorous look at the writing and making of the legendary Fox series that has become one of the most revered artistic achievements in television history. Four-time Emmy winner Mike Reiss-who has worked on The Simpsons continuously since episode one in 1989-shares stories, scandals, and gossip about working with America's most iconic cartoon family ever. Reiss explains how the episodes are created, and provides an inside look at the show's writers, animators, actors and celebrity guests. He answers a range of questions from Simpsons fans and die-hards, and reminisces about the making of perennially favorite episodes. In his freewheeling, irreverent comic style, Reiss reflects on his lifetime inside The Simpsons-a personal highlights reel of his achievements, observations, and favorite stories. Springfield Confidential exposes why Matt Groening decided to make all of the characters yellow; dishes on what it's like to be crammed in a room full of funny writers sixty hours a week; and tells what Reiss learned after traveling to seventy-one countries where The Simpsons is watched (ironic note: there's no electricity in many of these places); and even reveals where Springfield is located! He features unique interviews with Judd Apatow, who also provided the foreword, and Conan O'Brien, as well as with Simpsons legends Al Jean, Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta, and more. Like Cary Elwes' As You Wish, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong's Seinfeldia, and Chris Smith's The Daily Show: An Oral History, Springfield Confidential is a funny, informational, and exclusive look at one of the most beloved programs in all of television land.


Listen to "Chavo From Lucha Underground" on Spreaker. A third-generation star from one of the most famous families in wrestling, Chavo Guerrero has wrestled on every continent, and has held several major championships, including the WWE Tag Team Championship with his uncle, the late, great Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero. Chavo was even the Fight Coordinator for the hit series GLOW, teaching Alison Brie and the rest of the cast the fundamentals of the squared circle. Now, Chavo returns for the ultimate challenge in season four of El Rey Network's Lucha Underground. The thrilling, action-packed series has redefined wrestling and will continue to deliver guts, blood and glory for its passionate fans. ​​​ From executive producer Mark Burnett and Robert Rodriguez, Lucha Undergroundintroduces American audiences to the high-flying aerial maneuvers, slingshot moves, dramatic masks, intricate, rapid-fire combinations and distinctive wrestling techniques of lucha libre, one of Mexico's most popular sports. The series provides enthusiastic viewers with an incredibly visceral and explosive experience with a focus on the artistry, originality, intense action and over-the-top characters that have come to define the long-standing lucha libre tradition

Monday, June 11, 2018

Brett Berns

Listen to "Brett Berns Releases Bang On DVD" on Spreaker. BANG! The Bert Berns Story is now available for pre-order exclusively at It’s music meets the Mob in this biographical documentary about the life and career of Bert Berns narrated by Stevie Van Zandt and featuring Van Morrison, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Ben E. King, Solomon Burke, and many more. BANG! The Bert Berns Story tells the story of one of the most important songwriters, producers and label chiefs of the ‘60s whose hits include “Twist and Shout,” “Hang On Sloopy,” “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Here Comes The Night” and “Piece Of My Heart.” He helped launch the careers of Van Morrison and Neil Diamond and died tragically at the age of 38, before the decade was out. BANG! The Bert Berns Story was executive produced by Sid Ganis and produced by Michael B. Borofsky and Brooks Arthur. Brett Berns, Bert’s son, co-directed with Bob Sarles who also edited the film. Sarles is an Emmy-nominated film and television editor and documentary filmmaker. He co-edited the Peabody Award winning documentary series Moon Shot and directed and edited Sweet Blues: A Film About Mike Bloomfield; Fly Jefferson Airplane; John Lee Hooker: Come And See About Me; Feed Your Head: The Psychedelic Era and Soulsville. Brett Berns commented, “Because of the subject matter, there has been an understandable demand for a physical DVD of the film from fans of the music and collectors of my father’s body of work. We’re delighted to finally make it available now with a bounty of extra footage from many of the artists whose lives and music were touched by what he was able to accomplish in the short time he was given.” Until quite recently, Bert Berns had been relegated to obscurity, his very existence known only among the cognoscenti of hardcore record collectors and old school music industry veterans, but that has dramatically changed in recent years. The film is part of what The New York Times called “the Berns boomlet,” which began in 2014 with the acclaimed Joel Selvin-authored biography Here Comes The Night: The Dark Soul of Bert Berns and the Dirty Business of Rhythm & Blues (Counterpoint Press) and the source of the film’s narrative thread. The Broadway bound musical Piece of My Heart – The Bert Berns Story originally premiered Off-Broadway in 2014 in an extended run called “stunning” by The Village Voice and “gorgeously tuneful” by The New York Times. Stevie Van Zandt, the musician (Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band), actor (The Sopranos) and media mogul (SiriusXM’s Little Steven’s Underground Garage) posthumously inducted Berns into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016 and is, most appropriately, the film’s narrator. BANG! The Bert Berns Story chronicles the brief life of a musical genius who, over the course of a tragically brief career, managed to write and produce numerous groundbreaking hits on both sides of the Atlantic. Berns founded Bang, one of the most successful independent record labels of all time, the home of hits by Neil Diamond, The McCoys, The Strangeloves and Van Morrison. Shout Records, Bang’s sister label, yielded hits for Freddie Scott, Erma Franklin and other R&B greats. Bert Berns is the only songwriter in history whose work has been recorded by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals, Them and Led Zeppelin. Analog Planet, the highly influential high-end audio site encapsulated the film’s appeal: “Cross Goodfellas with the hippest Ken Burns PBS mid-sixties New York music business documentary you've never seen and then anchor it with a songwriter, producer, record label executive biography that were it not true would have been difficult for any fiction writer to invent. That's the heart of Bang! The Bert Berns Story.”

Derrick Campana

Listen to "Derrick Campana From Dodo Heroes On Animal Planet" on Spreaker. Catch up with Derrick Campana, one of the two-legged stars of the series who builds custom prosthetics for animals of all sizes, from elephants to rabbits. Campana runs Animal OrthoCare and is one of only a handful of people in the world who specialize in designing prosthetics and orthotic braces for animals. With each episode focusing on one inspiring and moving story of people who go to any lengths to help animals, the series will explore the personalities and emotions of both humans and animals, while highlighting their unique connection. Jabu, a 30-year-old bull elephant living in Botswana, has a life-threatening leg injury. His caretakers, Doug and Sandi Groves who run Living with Elephants Foundation, have reached out to Derrick in the hopes that he can help. Chi Chi is a quadriplegic dog rescued from the meat trade in South Korean who now lives with her loving owners in Phoenix. After having all four of her legs amputated, Derrick built four prosthetic legs so Chi Chi can walk and run again. Derrick meets with Chi Chi to adjust her prosthetics and check her progress before flying to Botswana to fit Jabu with the world’s first elephant orthotic leg brace – which he hopes can save his life.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Listen to "Jamella Releases Her Debut Song Love And Hate" on Spreaker. With NBC's The Voice under her belt the next step was to get into a studio and remain focused on pushing her lyrics and beats out to waiting fans and followers. Endlessly connected to them on social media Jamella keeps the music and excitement alive with songs like Love And Hate. She breaks down the journey and who put the kick in that beat while letting everyone know of her next song which is super top secret about the collaboration.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Judith Owen

Listen to "Judeth Owen Releases Rediscovered" on Spreaker. “Over the years, so many people, whether it be [film producer] Nick Wechsler or audience members who hear the covers I’ve done, have always had the question, ‘Why don’t you make a collection of these things because they’re so unique and unusual?’” Owen says. “And I had to really ask myself why I do these covers and why they bring me so much pleasure.” The answers are found throughout redisCOVERed. Owen’s choice of material – a pop chestnut from Grease (“Summer Nights”), modern chart hits (Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”), classic rock staples (the Beatles’ “Blackbird,” Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”), and ‘70s dance floor evergreens (Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff,” Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music”) – exemplifies the spirit of a relentlessly daring and inquisitive artist, one who also, it just so happens, has a pretty mega record collection. But covering songs means little if you’re not breathing new life into them, and as Owen puts it, “I don’t do karaoke. I don’t perform or sing music unless it means something to me. I knew I had to make these songs matter to me, to have my truth in them.” Sometimes connections came naturally, as was the case with a pair of Joni Mitchell gems, “Cherokee Louise” and “Ladies’ Man.” Owen was especially struck by a line in the latter song: “Why do you keep trying to make a man out of me?” “I really relate to that because when I met Joni, I realized I knew exactly what she was talking about,” she says. “She is someone who is one of the guys. She does not lead with her sexuality. She leads with her musicianship and her abilities…. She nailed it in that one line and it really touched me.” Owen had a similar response to Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun,” and her mission was to pay tribute to the late Chris Cornell and the message she found within the song. “When I heard it, I thought, ‘This is the best song about depression and being in the darkness that I’ve ever heard,’” she observes. But rather than try to out-grunge a grunge anthem, Owen went a different route, bringing out what she calls a “pompous kind of perkiness to it – which is how I feel when I have my game face on. Like most people who struggle with the ‘black dog,’ they have their daytime face that they go out with so you won’t see what’s going on inside. I liked the idea of doing this almost skipping, ‘Take Five’ version of it, which belies the words.” Her biggest test on redisCOVERed, however, came from a request she made to her husband, actor Harry Shearer, to “choose the more extreme thing, something contemporary that you would think I couldn’t relate to.” The result is a fully immersive torch song rendering of Drake’s hip-hop jam “Hotline Bling.” Owen clicked with the lyrics immediately because “I’ve been in that place where I was constantly waiting for the phone call that would come from the guy who would call me only when there was no one better to be around. That’s absolutely a woman’s song if ever there was one.” Aiding Owen on this musical odyssey is Grammy-winning producer/engineer/mixer David Bianco (Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Meghan Trainor), who collaborated with her on the albums Somebody’s Child and Ebb & Flow, as well as two key members of her live band, the legendary bassist Leland Sklar (James Taylor, Carole King) and master percussionist Pedro Segundo. There are also contributions from such noted players as Paul Beard (Bryan Ferry, James Blunt), George Shelby (Phil Collins, Bette Midler), Snarky Puppy member Michael ‘Maz’ Maher, Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter Nicholas Payton, along with Owen’s dazzling London string players: longtime cellist and collaborator Gabriella Swallow, and violinist Lizzie Ball (Nigel Kennedy, Jeff Beck). Owen’s adventurous re-interpretations of the dozen tracks on redisCOVERed are as cathartic as they are entertaining, and they reveal as much about her own artistry as they do the original writers. “This is the thing about music,” she stresses. “We always get a different read from the same song. A song means so many different things to different people, and they’re all true. It’s what it means to you that matters.” Whether as a headliner or as the handpicked opening act for Bryan Ferry’s recent tours of Europe and North America, Owen’s live performances have been wowing listeners and gaining fans like fellow artist Jackson Browne, who said of her onstage prowess: “It’s a masterclass on how a show should be done.”

Monday, June 4, 2018

J Stuart Ablon

Listen to "J Stuart Ablon Releases Changeable" on Spreaker. The violent behavior exhibited by today’s boys and girls is a full blown crisis. Traditional methods of rewards and punishments have failed. But a proven new method with surprising results may be the answer we need for changing bad behavior in our kids, and even society as a whole. J. Stuart Ablon is a professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School who offers an extremely effective tool for managing behavior in his new book, CHANGEABLE. Years of research and working in psychiatric hospitals made Ablon realize that people don’t act badly because they want to – it is because they don’t have the skills to do otherwise in an emotionally charged situation. In other words, instead of blame and punishment, what if changing problem behavior is a matter building someone’s ability to go beyond what they know? Using a method of Collaborative Problem Solving, or CPS, Ablon has been able to teach people how to get what they want without acting out. Even more, this method works across the board in schools, offices, and communities.

Rita Coolidge

Listen to "Rita Coolidge Releases Safe In The Arms Of Time" on Spreaker. Music legend Rita Coolidge has released her new solo album Safe in the Arms of Time. Produced by Grammy-winner Ross Hogarth, it features the songwriting talents of Graham Nash, Chris Stapleton, Stan Lynch, and Keb’ Mo’. In many ways, Safe in the Arms of Time is both a reflection and a continuation of Coolidge’s remarkable history, one that took flight during the heyday of the ‘70s L.A. music scene when she sang backup on Stephen Stills’ “Love the One You’re With” and Eric Clapton’s “After Midnight.” (And astute music fans are well aware of how she contributed the classic – and uncredited – piano coda to Derek & the Dominoes’ “Layla.”) “The idea was making an album that had the same appeal of my early records – to make a roots record about my own roots,” Coolidge says.

Michel Rubini

Listen to "Michel Rubini Releases Life In The Key Of Rubini" on Spreaker. A child prodigy, born into a famous yet dysfunctional family, Michel Rubini started playing piano at four years of age; became a juvenile delinquent at fourteen; and then achieved major success as a touring concert pianist by sixteen. Following high school, Rubini left classical music behind for good, however, to swiftly become one of the most sought-after studio musicians among the famous Wrecking Crew of the ‘60s and ‘70s, performing on smash hits for some of the most prominent artists of all time, including Sonny and Cher, Frank Sinatra, the Jackson Five, and Elvis Presley, to name but a few. Michel’s gripping, evocative memoir, Life in the Key of Rubini, details his illustrious musical career as well as a tumultuous personal life spent with an alcoholic mother; several instances of child abuse and sexual molestation; the hard reality of the music business; brushes with some of the colorful drug-addicted personalities of that time period; and a robust dating life that featured liaisons with some of Hollywood’s most glamorous starlets, including a long-term, off-and-on affair with the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Judy Tenuta

Listen to "Judy Tenuta Goes All Out Southern" on Spreaker. June 22nd Flat Rock, NC and June 23rd Spindale, NC. Judy Tenuta returns to the south to share her outrageous fun and laughter with as many apple orchard farmers and pie makers she can stuff into an apple basket and then some. Joining her on stage the 23rd is the brilliantly talented and very funny Pam Stone! In this conversation Judy and I have a blast laughing about every day life and everything required to get to this point. One of the most interesting parts of the fun is when I got to step inside her joke creating machine. We break it down like no other. She's fast, extremely energetic, mindfully funny and she plays the accordion while we're talking.

Joe Berlinger and Ronald Kuby

Listen to "Joe Berlinger and Ronald Kuby From Wrong Man On Starz" on Spreaker. The ground breaking STARZ six-part documentary series Wrong Man investigates three different inmates who’ve been incarcerated for decades. They claim they’re innocent. The series uncovers new theories, offers alternate suspects and reveals startling new evidence that could prove these prisoners are not guilty. In Wrong Man, Berlinger’s cameras follow a team of esteemed legal, investigative and forensic experts including renowned civil rights attorney Ronald Kuby, former prosecutor Sue-Ann Robinson, retired NCIS investigator Joe Kennedy, and Ira Todd, a member of Detroit’s elite Homicide Task Force, as they re-investigate the cases of three inmates who have been locked up for decades and claim they are innocent. Wrong Man follows investigators into prisons and to the scenes of the crimes to crack open the cases as they hunt for new evidence, track down witnesses, and track to often-reluctant law-enforcement, looking beyond guilt and innocence to expose the flaws in the criminal justice system. The series will take an in-depth look at the following cases: Evaristo Salas, who was 16 years old in 1997 when he was sentenced as an adult to 33 years in Washington state prison. His murder conviction was based on two witnesses, including a confidential police informant who came forward to our investigators and spoke on camera publically about his incriminating testimony for the very first time. Christopher Tapp - who confessed to killing and sexually assaulting an 18-year–old girl in Idaho but only after multiple and lengthy taped police interrogations. The mother of the victim has become convinced that his confession was coerced by police and that the wrong man is in prison for the murder of her daughter. And thirdly, Curtis Flowers, who is on Mississippi death row despite the fact that for two decades, he’s been tried six times for the same crime by the very same prosecutor in a case riddled with evidentiary problems. Flowers maintains he had no part in the quadruple murder that landed him on death row. Berlinger says: “partnering with STARZ to create a series that represents both great storytelling and an opportunity that actually moves the needle on social justice for the wrongfully convicted has been a great privilege.” Academy Award® nominee and seven-time Emmy® nominated and Peabody and Emmy®-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger has been a leading voice in nonfiction film and television for two decades. His films include the landmark documentaries Brother’s Keeper and the Paradise Lost trilogy, which helped lead to the recent release of the wrongfully-convicted West Memphis Three; Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, a film that re-defined the rockumentary genre; and Under African Skies, about Paul Simon. Berlinger's film Crude, about oil pollution in the Amazon Rainforest, won 22 human rights, environmental and film festival awards and recently triggered a high profile First Amendment battle with oil-giant Chevron. Criminal defense and civil rights lawyer Ronald L. Kuby has been in practice for more than three decades. His high profile cases have included representing convicted Central Park Jogger “rapist” Yusef Salaam on appeal and post-conviction; winning a massive judgment against racist subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz; and his first “wrong man” case in 2000, when he won the exoneration of two men who had been wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 13 years each behind bars. Kuby has also been a talk radio host and Court TV and MSNBC anchor. Kuby is immortalized in cinematic fame with The Big Lewbowski, where the Dude, in the Malibu Police Station, demands Kuby as his lawyer.