Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Jon Reep

Comedian/Actor/YouTube Video Producer but never compare him to a toilet Jon Reep performs tonight through Friday August 30th at Charlotte's Comedy Zone. I've seen this guy around John Boy and Billy so many times. I mean John Boy busting a gut is the best site on earth. Why wouldn't I want to step into a patch of some homegrown? Jon Reep is Hickory born and raised. All around Southern! And yet them there folks out in Hollywood-ville Hollywood-boro and Hollywood-land hired a professional to help teach Jon how to talk southern. We are unplugged and totally uncut with Jon Reep!!!! Listen to the interview

Friday, August 23, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Arnez J

One of the most honest studio hangouts to date. In my studio with comedies Arnez J. Before I jump into his bio you've got to be set up. None of my guests know the show begins the moment the door opens. They pop their head in...we're on live. Every word. Every sound. Every subject. Arnez J is a workout king. Biking 60 plus miles. Pumping weights. Living life in a pure and healthy way. How do you think he reacted when he walked into my studio and saw my huge tub of Carnivore powder jam packed with 50 grahams of protein? By the time we got locked up in a conversation about life on the road. I go totally real life and off Arnez J goes into the most brilliant display of heartfelt raw open eye reaction to the presence of reality. It's always been my goal to get hooked on a vibration. Comedian's are face to face with the hardest working people in the country. If there's one thing I learned in creating with Pam Stone...there's an unforgettable story behind the laughs. The moment you get to it. The rest of the world will laugh with you. Arnez J performs at Charlotte's Comedy Zone this weekend. Arnez J on IMDB The Interview:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Comedian Adam Cayton Holland

Comedy is ever changing. Demands are high. Audiences want the experience more than a laugh track. Breaking out of Denver, Colorado to perform at Charlotte's Comedy Zone is Adam Cayton Holland. A Socially Networked mountain loving straight to the point plop your butt down in a chair and sip on some coffee attitude. Being from Montana... I had to take the kid on. Two Bronco fans from separate sides of the open plains before they're brutally attacked by huge ass jagged peaks. Check out the interview

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Pauly Shore

You think you know him. I get it! You've seen the movies. Read the paparazzi. You've laughed. You've shaken your head from side to side thinking, "I don't fricken get it." But what if there's more to Pauly Shore than what's you've been given? You know me. I don't care how funny or brilliant you are with handwriting. It's my dedication to you. To look beyond the surface and find the real person. WARNING: We go deep. We go extreme adult. We hit subjects that could never be caught on the radio. You have been warned. Pauly Shore is Unplugged And Totally Uncut. Listen to the interview

Friday, August 2, 2013

Unplugged And Totally Uncut: Tom Arnold

A regular guy that just happens to be employed by Hollywood. His battles, struggles, weight loss and addiction are rusted nails shoved through a single block of wood. And yet...what still remains after 100 years of wind, freezing snow, rain and out of control hurricanes and floods. The wood. That is Tom Arnold. The interview