Monday, May 21, 2018

Gabriel And The Apocalypse

Listen to "Lindy From Gabriel And The Apolcalypse Announce New Tour And Video" on Spreaker. To wrap up the 18-month long tour and promotional campaign for The Ghost Parade album, Gabriel and the Apocalypse release a music video for "Behind the Sun." The video closes the chapter on this highly acclaimed and commercially successful album, as the band plans on entering the studio to record a brand new studio album for 2019 in the near future. To also celebrate the end of the album cycle, the band will hit the road with Mushroomhead in late April. The audience is used to seeing Gabriel and the Apocalypse operate on level 10. Their high-energy stage show electrifies audiences, as do their edgy, thought-provoking music videos, like "Beauty Under Glass" and "Thrill of the Kill." The new video "Behind the Sun" is a complete 180 from what we are used to seeing from the band. The video showcases the other side of the group and proves they aren't a one-trick pony by any means. Using a cold and snow covered setting, the band takes on a somber side and direction to give the audience an amazing journey. "Behind the Sun" represents the closing of a chapter to The Ghost Parade, not only for the record but on a personal level. "I opened myself up so much for that record," says vocalist Lindy Gabriel. "I was in such a raw emotional state and, through it all, I believe I became a stronger person with a thicker skin. My mind is a clean slate now and I am ready and excited to dive into the new record." Look for Gabriel and the Apocalypse on tour across the US. For the latest information

Nadene Joy

Listen to "Nadene Joy Releases Uncover Your Purpose" on Spreaker. An inspiring Life and Career Coach may have the answers your audience has been seeking. In Nadene Joy’s new book, UNCOVER YOUR PURPOSE: HEAL AND SHARE YOUR GIFTS WITH THE WORLD, she highlights some common mistakes people make which limit their happiness. She offers aid in the form of simple step-by-step methods to help listeners on the right path. Joy shares insight and advice on the following topics: · Helping your child find their calling · How to overcome negative habits that undermine your success · How to discover your authentic self · Detoxing your life and letting go of baggage · How one’s beliefs can pave the way for career development · How to transform your gifts into living a purposeful life Joy made a drastic life change back in 2008. She fell ill and left her career in geology. After doctors could not find any remedy, Nadene looked inside herself to begin her journey in finding her authentic core values and her true passion. She started a Feng Shui consulting business and later became a life coach in order to share her story and inspire others.


Listen to "Wilkes From NBC's The Voice" on Spreaker. In high school Wilkes joined a pop/rock band, High Flight Society, and toured with them for 12 years. In 2010, country artist and Wilkes' former classmate, Sam Hunt, asked High Flight Society to accompany him on tour. That same year, Wilke's daughter, Linley Jane, was born, but after a while the strain of having a family and being on the road led Wilkes to leave. Currently, Wilkes writes country music for a Nashville publisher while taking care of his wife, Chelsey, who suffers from lupus. Wilkes writes country songs but wants to get back to his pop/rock roots.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Steven Raichlen

Listen to "Steven Raichlem Releases Project Fire" on Spreaker. After thirty books, seven TV series, two decades of Barbecue University classes, 60 countries and 6 continents traveled, one might wonder what else Steven Raichlen could possibly say about grilling. Turns out, it’s a lot. Never before have home cooks used a wider range of grilling techniques, nor had access to a more diverse array of flavors and ingredients. The once ubiquitous briquette has given way to specialty charcoals from as far away as Paraguay and Japan while tongs and grill brushes are now joined by sophisticated digital thermometers and high-tech rotisseries. Even the grill itself has changed–from kamados to pellet grills, plancha grills to hybrid wood burners—the options are dizzying. In his latest, PROJECT FIRE: Cutting-Edge Techniques and Sizzling Recipes from the Caveman Porterhouse to Salt Slab Brownie S’mores [Workman; MAY 2018; $22.95], Steven provides an indispensable guide to this ever-evolving world of live-fire barbecue, delivering both a complete step-by-step handbook to mastering the essential techniques—including how to caveman grill (directly in the embers) and make a smoker pouch—and a hunger-inducing collection of over 100 innovative recipes for grilling every kind of food, from beef tomahawks to sangria, starters to desserts. Grilling is the world’s oldest and most universal cooking method, using the power of fire to unlock bold, irresistible flavors.

Facing Fire

Listen to "Scott Artis From Facing Fire" on Spreaker. Facing Fire is a hard rock band from Southern Ohio. Collectively, the members have been in multiple bands and played countless shows. They officially formed as Facing Fire in late 2016 when vocalist Scott Artis, guitarist Tony Phillips, and bass player Josh Quillen began writing material together. “We quickly knew we were on the right track as the music began to pour out of us,” Artis says. Soon they had written enough to complete an EP and headed into the studio in early 2017. After much anticipation, they released their first single, “Dying Inside,” on May 5, 2017. On Tour Monthly describes the track as “a straight-up and in-your-face sound that has been received with open arms by all that have heard it.” The band released a music video to go along with the single. After so much success with the first single, the band headed back to Nashville to put the finishing touches on their EP in early 2017. "Facing Fire has been the chance of a lifetime. I finally get to make the kind of music I've always wanted. When all the pieces come together like this and there's that chemistry there, it's an amazing experience as an artist. You can't help but want to work even harder and do even more. We just want to explore where the music takes us and we really hope the listeners will be as involved in the experience as we are," says Phillips. The band then rounded out their lineup by adding Samuel Gibson on drums and began crafting their live show. After receiving several offers from various labels, the band finally settled on a deal with Pavement Entertainment in July of 2017. "We have been fans for a long time of many of the bands on this label and we knew it would be a good fit to propel our music to the next level," said Artis. The EP is coming out through Pavement Entertainment on February 16, 2018. The bad is excited to bring their heavy-hitting music to life. Look for Facing Fire with their high energy live performance in a city near you!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dr Traci Stein

Listen to "Dr Traci Stein Releases The Everything Guide To Integrative Pain Management" on Spreaker. More than 100 million Americans suffer from a chronic pain condition – as many as 1.5 billion people worldwide, and countless others struggle with feeling anxious, unhappy, and stuck in unhealthy patterns – but one psychologist and integrative medicine expert believes people can take control of their well-being by using natural techniques to craft a balanced health plan. “So many people can live a happier, fuller life, but they need to become aware of the tools out there to help them feel better physically, spiritually and emotionally,” said Traci Stein, PhD, MPH, a New York-based licensed clinical psychologist in private practice and an adjunct professor at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Stein, who penned the award-winning book from Adams Media, The Everything Guide to Integrative Pain Management, has a prescription for not only pain management, but an empowering approach to achieving maximum well-being. Dr. Stein is a health psychologist who is certified in clinical hypnosis, a expert on integrative medicine, an adjunct professor at both Teachers College, Columbia University, and at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Columbia, the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) topic expert at, and the former director of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center. She has developed eleven affirming self-hypnosis and meditation audio programs on topics that include developing a healthy body image, self-esteem improvement, mindfulness meditation, how to create positive change, conquering procrastination, and more. Her newest audio programs, “Guided Imagery for Developing Your Intuition,” and “Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships” will be released in mid-December 2017. Her approach is collaborative and multidisciplinary, emphasizing out-of-the-box thinking. She also emphasizes that patients usually have the best outcomes when they understand that both health and illness are multifaceted, and thus, benefit from a multi-pronged approach. “Think of each area of one’s life, and each healing tool, as spokes on a wheel. Each spoke contributes support in a unique way,” says Dr. Stein. “When one or more spokes are weaker, or out of balance, it is much harder to feel and be well.” Dr. Stein also has studied intuitive development for nearly two decades and can discuss how to help people tap into their own intuitive guidance to make better decisions and enhance feelings of spiritual connectedness and personal meaning. “Most people have an aspect of themselves that is far wiser, and infinitely more self-compassionate, than they realize. We can access this inner sage more readily via regular meditation, prayer, or guided imagery. Our intuitive guidance can help us know when we are on the right track regarding relationships, career paths, and can help us make better personal health choices. Paying attention to one’s intuition can also help therapists be more attuned and helpful to their patients.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Vinny Esposito

Listen to "Vinnie Esposito From The Garage To The Super Bowl" on Spreaker. How much has the digital age affected and infected the way quality is delivered? Vinny Esposito knows the journey hasn't come easy but he's taken his trail from the garage to the Super Bowl. One of the most creative business minds in the South East, Vinny continues to build upon a vision of true leadership. His new book features eight explosive chapters on how to utilize your personal strength to reach not out of the box but to drop the walls and put yourself beyond city limits. For some the pay off for hard work and dedication is money. Not in Vinny's heart, the payoff for him is getting more involved and deeper into the vibration of the community. I've known Vinny for many year, totally respecting his drive and the perfection of his image. Then I saw something in that picture that through me onto his Facebook page to ask if he was going to be running for public office. His words, his story, his visibility was changing right before our eyes and I needed to know who, what, where, why, how and when? His answers will shock you because he's that transparent. More importantly he's that humble. From the studio we are Unplugged and Totally Uncut!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Joe Pera

Listen to "Joe Pera Talks With You On Adult Swim" on Spreaker. He’s Now a Breakfast Food Specialist, Just in Time for Your Morning Interview with Him. The Funnyman Heads to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula For Adult Swim’s All-New Original Series Joe Pera Talks With You. Created by and starring Joe Pera,Joe Pera Talks With Youfollows a teacher (Pera) in Michigan's Upper Peninsula as he explores subject matters such as pancakes, blueberries, eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, English muffins, coffee, orange juice, maple syrup, waffles, cornbread, and strawberries. Joe Pera most recently performed his stand up onLate Night With Seth Meyersto rave reviews. His animated specialJoe Pera Talks You To Sleepcan be seen on Adult Swim, which he executive produced, wrote and voiced. Joe has created, directed and produced digital content through his production company Chestnut Walnut Unlimited. He performs stand- up comedy in venues around the country and on television.

Marty Krofft

Listen to "Marty Krofft Receives Lifetime Of Achievement Award" on Spreaker. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) today proudly announced that Sid and Marty Krofft, two legendary television producers, and Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes, stars of television, film and stage and will be honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards this year during the Daytime Emmy® Awards. The Krofft Brothers will be celebrated at the 45th Daytime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards which will take place on Friday, April 27th, 2018, while Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes will be celebrated on Sunday, April 29th, 2018 at the 45th Daytime Emmy® Awards. Both presentations will take place at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Southern California. "I've been star-struck by the dynamic duo of Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes for decades," said David Michaels, SVP, Daytime Emmy Awards, NATAS. "The scope of their work across the television, film and stage landscape is amazing. Their continuing roles of almost 50 years on Days of Our Lives, where they also met and married, is a Daytime story like no other! Sid and Marty Krofft, our Daytime Creative Arts honorees, are masters of children's television programming and have been part of my family viewing since the creation of H.R. Pufnstuf, Sigmund & the Sea Monsters and Land Of The Lost. Their terrific variety programs such as The Donny and Marie Series on ABC and Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters have only solidified the breadth of their talent across the television spectrum." The Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards and The Daytime Emmy Awards recognize outstanding achievement in all fields of daytime television and are presented to individuals and programs broadcast from 2:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. during the 2017 calendar year. The 45th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards and The Daytime Emmy Awards is a presentation of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Yangaroo, Inc. is the official provider of the Digital Media Distribution System Awards Management Solution ("DMDS") for the submission, judging and voting of all programs in the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. United Airlines is the official airline of the Daytime Emmy Awards and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Joe Grushecky and The Houserockers

Listen to "Joe Grushecky and the House Rockers raw" on Spreaker. If it’s worthy rock n’ roll that you’re after, the latest release from Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers, ‘More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows,’ will most certainly meet your requirements. “‘More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows’ is our first studio recording since 2009’s ‘East Carson Street’,” the band leader, Joe Grushecky explains. “The last few years have been marked by loss and turmoil. This record has me facing down the past while looking to embrace the future as a man who has definitely seen more yesterdays than tomorrows. That does not mean we are ready to go quietly into the night. Rather, we are starting fresh with a new hard earned perspective and a new line-up. The Houserockers are more than ever, ready to rock.” Joining Grushecky on the album is guitarist Danny Gochnour, bassist Jeff Garrison, and drummer Joffo Simmons, as well as a certain person that Grushecky has known for years. “My son, Johnny, who was born a Houserocker, steps into a new role as producer along with our soundman, Brian Coleman, and long-time producer, Rick Witkowski. Together, they have fashioned a sound that is both fresh and familiar.” There are certain tracks on the album that standout for the singer/songwriter. “‘More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows’ asks us to come together and help each other. It ties our past to our future and asks us to do our best in the here and now. It’s about waking up every day realizing your days are numbered, but indeed it is a brand new day. The Houserockers are the driving force behind the song proving we have no plans on slowing down anytime soon.” “‘That’s What Makes Us Great,’ ‘Burn Us Down,’ and ‘Hell To Pay’ are my state of the disunion address. As I was writing these songs, I asked myself, ‘How close are we to losing what we hold dear?’ Especially the song, ‘That’s What Makes Us Great’, which was the first single from the album, we collaborated with my good friend, Bruce Springsteen, to make one heck of a rocker. And ‘One Beautiful Night’ is my tribute to the Brill Building and all of those old great Drifters records. I wanted the listener to feel like they were strolling down the Boardwalk on a hot summer night. And with ‘Work in Progress,’ I just want to get a little better everyday. “Hope I die before I get old.” No way. On this record, we put all those years learning our craft into the songs.” It's surprising that "Joe Grushecky" is not a better-known name amongst the rock n' roll community. After all, he has worked with the crème de la crème of the rock business over the years: Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter are listed as producers of his 1980 release ‘Have A Good Time but Get Out Alive!’ (Steven Van Zandt was unlisted as a co-producer), Steve Cropper produced his 1981 set ‘Blood on the Bricks,’ and Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen!) produced Joe's 1995 album ‘American Babylon,’ and toured with Grushecky as his guitarist that same year (Bruce and Joe have continued to perform and co-write together). Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and serving as the leader of the Iron City Houserockers, Grushecky and company created a buzz with ‘Have A Good Time but Get Out Alive!,’ which Rolling Stone called a "new American classic." And despite never scoring that all-important breakthrough hit, Grushecky has certainly built a following, which continues to this day - as evidenced by the arrival of ‘More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows.’ As the man himself states, “This record is an essential for all fans of Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers, and everyone else who just loves rock n’ roll.”

Jennifer Palmieri

Listen to "Jennifer Palmieri Releases Dear Madam President" on Spreaker. As a country, we haven't wrapped our heads around what it should look like for a woman to be in the job of President. Our only models are men. This, of course, was seen during Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and no one knows this better than Jennifer Palmieri. As she makes clear in DEAR MADAM PRESIDENT, Palmieri believes Clinton’s candidacy revealed how, despite all the gains women have made, we still struggle to envision a woman as president. While wildly disappointed by the outcome of the election, Palmieri optimistically argues in the book that the Clinton candidacy and all she experienced on the campaign trail—confusion, admiration, hate, love, acceptance, rejection—can now open the country up to reimagining women in leadership roles. That is what Palmieri takes on in this book--redefining expectations for women hoping to make a difference and challenging a man’s version of how a woman leader should act, talk, and dress. DEAR MADAM PRESIDENT will turn the results of the 2016 election into something incredibly empowering for future female leaders and independent thinkers everywhere. Whether you are running for office, just starting after college, climbing the corporate ladder, or endeavoring to assert yourself in virtually any situation, DEAR MADAM PRESIDENT will inspire and embolden you to attain your goals on your own terms.

Jon Huertas

Listen to "Jon Huertas From Altered Perception" on Spreaker. Jon Huertas plays Miguel on the NBC drama "This Is Us." An actor of the stage and screen, Huertas is well known for his multiple-award-winning performance as Detective Javier Esposito on the ABC hit television series "Castle," as well as his portrayal of Sergeant Antonio "Poke" Espera on HBO's Emmy Award-winning miniseries "Generation Kill." Huertas won the 2012 NCLR ALMA Award for Favorite TV Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama, as well as a 2012 Prism Award for Performance in a Drama Episode - both for his work on "Castle." In recent years, Huertas has moved behind the camera to direct the short films "The Box" and "Lone," in which he also starred and wrote the screenplays. He produced the short film "After School Special" and is producing several documentaries, including "Ricky," "American Dreamers," "The Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story" and "The Prison Phoenix Trust." His voice work includes the character of Alberto in "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2" and the "Halo" videogame series for Microsoft's Xbox. ABOUT ALTERED PERCEPTION, OPENING IN THEATERS AND ON VOD & DIGITAL ON MAY 4TH When the government attempts to produce a designer drug aimed at correcting the false perceptions that people develop during trauma and stress, the implications are deadly. Advertised as a cure for socio-political tensions, four couples volunteer, but end up with far more than they bargained for as their past and present are examined while taking variations of the new drug. However, this causes them to doubt their own memory, perceptions - and even their own sanity in this thriller in the vein of Disturbing Behavior and The Faculty

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sistine Chapel Choir

Listen to "Diego Gaston Zamudio From The Sistine Chapel Choir" on Spreaker. With a 1500-year history, the Sistine Chapel Choir is the oldest and most respected active choir in the world today. Officially known as the Cappella Musicale Pontificia Sistina, part of the Choir’s significance is due to its endurance through several centuries, including the Renaissance, which was a fundamental period for the Choir as it found its “theatre” in the Sistine Chapel. Along with the Chapel’s testament to historical beauty with all its frescoes, the Sistine Chapel provides distinctive acoustics that have influenced the Choir’s renowned musical repertoire, one that strikes a perfect balance between tradition and originality. In addition to the Sistine Chapel Choir’s cultural legacy, it plays an active part during the papal celebrations in St Peter’s Basilica and in the Sistine Chapel itself. SISTINE CHAPEL CHOIR U.S. TOUR DATES DATE CITY VENUE 07.03.18 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre 07.07.18 New York, NY Radio City Music Hall 07.09.18 St. Louis, MO The Fabulous Fox Theatre 07.11.18 Detroit, MI Detroit Opera House, presented by Corporate Travel 07.13.18 Miami, FL James L. Knight Center 07.17.18 Boston, MA Wang Theatre 07.21.18 Chicago, IL Arie Crown Theatre 07.23.18 Los Angeles, CA Microsoft Theater About the Sistine Chapel Choir The Pontifical Sistine Chapel Choir, officially known as the Cappella Musicale Pontificia Sistina, is the oldest choir in the world and the Pope’s personal choir. In 2016, the Sistine Chapel Choir was awarded the prestigious ECHO KLASSIK Award for classical music. As early as the 5th and 6th centuries

Paige Goldberg Tolmach

Listen to "Paige Goldberg Releases What Haunts Us" on Spreaker. The 1979 class of Porter Gaud School in Charleston, South Carolina graduated 49 boys. Within the last 35 years, six of them died by suicide. When Paige hears about the suicide of yet another former schoolmate, she begins to take a deeper look at the past and starts to ask questions that almost no one in Charleston wants to answer. As she digs deeper, she begins to hear the awful truth about a beloved teacher who methodically manipulated and molested many of his students for years. It becomes her obsession to understand how it could have happened in plain view and, as it turns out, with the knowledge of the school. What Haunts Us becomes a story about our obligation to speak up and protect those who can't protect themselves. It's a story about how silence is complicity and about finding the courage to unearth what lies below the surface in order to shine a light on the truth of our own past. The documentary is premiering this weekend in theaters and early next week nationwide on STARZ.

Sharane Calister

Listen to "Sharane Calister From NBC's The Voice" on Spreaker. Music has served as the only constant in Sharane's turbulent upbringing. At10, Sharane was adopted by an older cousin while her twin sister was adopted by an outside family member. Sharane's adoptive mom was soon diagnosed with breast cancer and continues her battle. The violin became an escape for Sharane during these difficult times. It wasn't until high school gospel choir that Sharane and her sister were finally reunited. After graduation, Sharane began traveling with bands that perform all over the country at weddings, corporate events and private parties. Song: "Mercy" by Shawn Mendes

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Steve Brusatte

Listen to "Steve Brusatte Releases The Rise And Fall Of The Dinosaurs" on Spreaker. THE RISE AND FALL OF THE DINOSAURS: A NEW HISTORY OF A LOST WORLD by STEVE BRUSATTE. This sweeping scientific history – the only one of its kind – tells the epic story of the dinosaurs, examining their origins, their habitats, their extinction, and their living legacy. Author STEVE BRUSATTE traces their inauspicious origins from small shadow dwellers – themselves the beneficiaries of a mass extinction caused by volcanic eruptions at the beginning of the Triassic period – into the dominant array of species every wide-eyed child memorizes today, T. Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and more. This gifted scientist and writer recreates the dinosaurs’ heyday during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, when thousands of species thrived, and winged and feathered dinosaurs, the prehistoric ancestors of modern birds, emerged. The story continues to the end of the Cretaceous period (66 million years ago), when a giant asteroid or comet struck the planet and nearly every dinosaur species (but not all!) died out, in the most extraordinary extinction event in the earth’s history, one full of lessons for today as we confront a “sixth extinction.” Along the way, Brusatte recalls compelling stories from his globe-trotting journey studying these legendary beasts during one of the most exciting eras in dinosaur research and offers thrilling accounts of some of the remarkable findings he and his colleagues have made, including primitive human-sized tyrannosaurs, monstrous carnivores even larger than T. rex, and feathered raptors from China. Including more than 70 original illustrations and photographs, this electrifying scientific history will be the definitive book on the subject for years to come and is sure to appeal to readers who enjoyed popular science books like Sapiens, Your Inner Fish, The Sixth Extinction, and I Contain Multitudes. As Brusatte writes, “The rise and fall of the dinosaurs is an incredible story, of a time when giant beasts and other fantastic creatures made the world their own. They walked on the very ground below us, their fossils now entombed in rock – the clues that tell this story. To me, it’s one of the greatest narratives in the history of our planet.”

Jeremy Wade

Listen to "Jeremy Wade 's Wild Rivers On Animal Planet" on Spreaker. Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers In this new, six-part series, Jeremy sets out to examine and explore some of the planet’s largest waterways with the same immersive style that made River Monsters a global success. He’ll be taking the pulse of the Amazon, the Ganges, the Yangtze, the Mississippi, the Danube, and the Zambezi to understand how exploitation and pollution are contributing to the ruin of rivers that were once the lifeblood of communities and home to his beloved monsters. From bustling cities to remote jungles, Animal Planet audiences will travel with Jeremy around the globe as he meets the people who live alongside these majestic rivers, hearing their stories as he unearths the truth. Armed with astonishing new evidence, Jeremy will utilize his unparalleled knowledge and experience to gather what he can about the rivers health and sustainability. Together with the people that rely on these rivers, Jeremy will prove there is hope and every act big or small can make a significant contribution to improving the health of these rivers.

Steven Hyden

Listen to "Steven Hyden Releases Twilight Of The Gods" on Spreaker. "A wise meditation on why classic rock stars keep trucking, both on the road and in our dreams. Every page is an irresistible argument starter."-Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone The author of the critically acclaimed Your Favorite Band is Killing Me offers an eye-opening exploration of the state of classic rock, its past and future, the impact it has had, and what its loss would mean to an industry, a culture, and a way of life. Since the late 1960s, a legendary cadre of artists-including the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Black Sabbath, and the Who-has revolutionized popular culture and the sounds of our lives. While their songs still get airtime and some of these bands continue to tour, its idols are leaving the stage permanently. Can classic rock remain relevant as these legends die off, or will this major musical subculture fade away as many have before, Steven Hyden asks. In this mix of personal memoir, criticism, and journalism, Hyden stands witness as classic rock reaches the precipice. Traveling to the eclectic places where geriatric rockers are still making music, he talks to the artists and fans who have aged with them, explores the ways that classic rock has changed the culture, investigates the rise and fall of classic rock radio, and turns to live bootlegs, tell-all rock biographies, and even the liner notes of rock's greatest masterpieces to tell the story of what this music meant, and how it will be remembered, for fans like himself. Twilight of the Gods is also Hyden's story. Celebrating his love of this incredible music that has taken him from adolescence to fatherhood, he ponders two essential questions: Is it time to give up on his childhood heroes, or can this music teach him about growing old with his hopes and dreams intact? And what can we all learn from rock gods and their music-are they ephemeral or eternal?

Britton Buchanan

Listen to "Britton Buchanan From NBC's The Voice" on Spreaker. Growing up, Britton preferred picking flowers in the outfield to playing the actual game. He left sports behind and followed his intuition toward guitar and musical theatre. Britton's parents introduced him to '70s and '80s rock and folk music. When he was 13, he joined a classic rock band and a year later won a songwriting contest that gave him the opportunity to record with renowned engineer John Davenport, whose credits include Robert Palmer's "Riptide" album, as well as Bruce Springsteen's album "Born in the U.S.A." Britton is now embarking on his solo career as a music artist.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Neil Strauss

Listen to "Neil Strauss Releases The Truth" on Spreaker. From 8-time New York Times bestselling author and award-winning ROLLING STONE journalist NEIL STRAUSS comes THE TRUTH: An Eye-Opening Odyssey Through Love Addiction, S*x Addiction, and Extraordinary Relationships (Dey Street Books) THE TRUTH is a shockingly personal and brutally honest memoir that faces the terror of commitment and intimacy head on —and discovers not just the hidden causes but the controversial solutions. In the process, Neil seeks answers to the world’s most perplexing relationship questions: Namely, why is it that we have a drive to be in a relationship, yet most relationships fail due to cheating, resentment, indifference, lack of passion, emotional abuse, financial issues, or some form of power struggle? Are we somehow, as a society, doing relationships all wrong? In this wild and highly entertaining ride, Straus furthermore explores the questions that men and women are asking themselves every day

Too Slim And The Taildraggers

Listen to "Too Slim and the Taildraggers Release High Desert Heat" on Spreaker. VizzTone is proud to announce the new album release from TOO SLIM AND THE TAILDRAGGERS, HIGH DESERT HEAT. HIGH DESERT HEAT is being released through the VizzTone label group, in partnership with Underworld Records, on April 27, 2018. Acclaimed road-tested guitar dynamo Tim “Too Slim” Langford and his band The Taildraggers unleash HIGH DESERT HEAT, the latest giant step in the evolution of their contemporary Blues/Rock sound that has been described as “Straight Whiskey Blues with a Southern Rock Beer Chaser.” The album features nine new original compositions and a rocking reworking of the Chambers Brothers’ classic “Time Has Come Today.” With an ever-growing fan base, Too Slim and the Taildraggers’ previous six releases have all hit the Top 10 in the BillBoard Blues Album Chart. Slide guitar master, passionate vocalist and composer, Tim Langford, has won multiple individual awards for Best Guitarist, Best Slide Guitarist, and Best Songwriter. Langford and the band are in the Hall of Fame in three Northwest Blues societies. The Taildraggers are Jeff "Shakey" Fowlkes on drums and vocals, and Zach Kasik on bass and vocals. The album also features special guest Sheldon "Bent Reed" Ziro on harominca.

Amy Chozick

Listen to "Amy Chozick Chasing Hillary" on Spreaker. The debut memoir from award-winning New York Times journalist Amy Chozick, CHASING HILLARY: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling (Harper; on sale April 24, 2018; $27.99), is the rollicking, irreverent, refreshingly honest personal story of Chozick's decade spent covering Hillary Clinton's pursuit of the presidency. Chozick's front-row seat covering Clinton's imploding 2008 campaign and then her assignment to "The Hillary Beat" ahead of the 2016 election, set off a nearly ten-year journey in which the formative years of her twenties and thirties became-both personally and professionally-intrinsically intertwined to Clinton's presidential ambitions. Chozick's candor and clear-eyed perspective-from her seat on the Hillary bus and reporting from inside the campaign's Brooklyn headquarters, to her run-ins with Donald J. Trump-provide fresh intrigue and insights into the story we thought we all knew. This is the real story of what happened, with the kind of dishy, inside details that repeatedly surprise and enlighten. But CHASING HILLARY is also the poignant story of how Chozick came to understand Clinton not as an unknowable enigma and political animal but as a complex person, full of contradictions and forged in the political battles and media storms that had long predated Chozick's years of coverage. And as Chozick gets married, attempts to infiltrate the upper echelons of political journalism and inquires about freezing her eggs so she can have children after the 2016 campaign, she dives deeper into decisions Clinton had made at similar points in her life. "Like millions of American women, Hillary's career and her ultimate defeat brought to light tensions in my own life," Chozick said. Through chronicling the highs and lows of the most noxious and wildly dramatic presidential election in American history, Chozick develops a unique understanding of what drove Clinton, how she accomplished what no woman had before, and why she ultimately failed. Illuminating, laugh-out-loud funny, CHASING HILLARY is a campaign book like never before that reads like a fast-moving political novel.

Kool And The Gang

Listen to "Ronald Bell From Kool And The Gang" on Spreaker. Kool & the Gang have influenced the music of three generations. Thanks to songs like Celebration, Cherish, Jungle Boogie, Summer Madness and Open Sesame, they’ve earned two Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, 25 Top Ten R&B hits, nine Top Ten Pop hits and 31 gold and platinum albums. Kool & the Gang has performed continuously for the past 43 years, longer than any R&B group in history. Their bulletproof funk and jazzy arrangements have also made them the most sampled band of all time. In 1964, Khalis Bayyan (AKA Ronald Bell) and his brother, Robert “Kool” Bell, joined Jersey City neighborhood friends Robert “Spike” Mickens, Dennis “Dee Tee” Thomas, Ricky Westfield, George Brown, and Charles Smith to create a unique musical blend of jazz, soul and funk. At first calling themselves the Jazziacs, the band went through various names – The New Dimensions, The Soul Town Band, Kool & the Flames – before settling on their moniker. Over the next several years they solidified their musical chemistry on the rough-and-tumble East Coast music scene supporting acts like Bill Cosby, Ritchie Havens and Richard Pryor. Their self-titled 1969 debut album introduced their signature instrumental sound and fierce horn arrangements and spawned their first Billboard R&B charted single, Kool & the Gang.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Ted Bell

Listen to "Ted Bell Releases Overkill" on Spreaker. New York Times bestselling author Ted Bell delivers the milestone 10th novel in the acclaimed Alex Hawke series with OVERKILL (William Morrow, on sale 5/1/2018). On a ski vacation in the Swiss Alps high above St. Moritz, Alex Hawke and his young son, Alexei, are thrust into danger when the tram carrying them to the top of the mountain bursts into flame, separating the two. Before he can reach Alexei, the boy is snatched from the burning cable car by unknown assailants in a helicopter. Meanwhile, high above the skies of France, Vladimir Putin is aboard his presidential jet after escaping a bloodless coup in the Kremlin. When two flight attendants collapse and slip into unconsciousness, the Russian leader realizes the danger isn’t over. Killing the pilots, he grabs a parachute, steps out of the plane . . . and disappears. Hawke has led his share of dangerous assignments, but none with stakes this high. To save his son, he summons his trusted colleagues, Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard Ambrose Congreve, former U.S. Navy SEAL Stokley Jones, Jr., and recruits a crack Hostage Rescue Team—a group of elite soldiers of fortune known as "Thunder & Lighting." Before they can devise a rescue plan, Hawke must figure out who took his boy—and why. An operative who has fought antagonists around the globe, Hawke has made many enemies; one may hold the key to finding Alexei before it’s too late. But an unexpected threat complicates their mission. Making his way to "Falcon’s Lair," the former Nazi complex created for Hitler, Putin is amassing an impressive armory that he intends to use for his triumphant return to Moscow. Only one man can smash the Russian president’s plan for domination—a master counterspy who will cross every line to save his son . . . and maybe save the world itself in the bargain.

Mark Nawara From The Outfit

Listen to "Mark Nawara From The Outfit" on Spreaker. From the streets of Chicago, something is brewing. Chicago veteran musicians, brothers Mark and Matt Nawara, and Mike Gorman, along with Phoenix, Arizona's, Andy Mitchell have formed The Outfit. The Outfit brings you straight up rock and roll, with catchy hooks and an aggressive sound. The Nawara brothers played the Chicago club scene for years, along with writing and recording original music. Mike Gorman comes from two legendary Chicago bands, Pezband and Off Broadway. Rounding out the lineup is singer/songwriter and guitarist Andy Mitchell, whose past bands included Dish, Verona and 9 Volt. The Outfit recently completed their debut album. The album was engineered by Chicago music veteran Matt Mercado at Sonic Palace Studios in Oak Park, Illinois. Mixing was done in Los Angeles by Grammy nominated, multi-platinum producer and mixer Ulrich Wild (Pantera, Static-x, White Zombie, Deftones, and Breaking Benjamin).

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Joe Hagan

Listen to "Joe Hagan The Hall Of Fame And Sticky Fingers" on Spreaker. Every year, the Rock Hall kicks up drama, recrimination and in-fighting over nominations and inductions. In STICKY FINGERS: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine, author Joe Hagan details how the Hall of Fame came to be, who got screwed in the making of it, what a nomination means to an artist, and why the institution continues to cause so much unrest among musicians. Indeed, the backstory of the Rock Hall is as interesting as anything that happens on stage. Like rock and roll itself, the Hall of Fame began with a theft (Wenner and former Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun wrested the idea from someone else). Once given the reins, Wenner acted like a strongman and gatekeeper, favoring some bands and genres over others. The slights and recriminations of Wenner’s Rock Hall have become the stuff of legend. With Rolling Stone in the hands of new owners, and Wenner receding from influence, what will finally become of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Joe Hagan, author of the acclaimed bestseller STICKY FINGERS

Nerd Band

Listen to "Band Nerds Forget Me Nots" on Spreaker. We Are Band Nerds’ new album, Forget Me Nots, hits shelves everywhere digitally today, February 23, 2018, via Pavement Entertainment. We Are Band Nerds is composed of Brandon Cross (Lead Singer/Rapper), Tony Lucas (Rapper/Vocalist), Dorian “Scullie” Thomas (Guitarist), Carlos “DJ Sol*Los” Juarez (DJ/Sampler), Stephen “S Dot” Bonilla (Drums), and Santos "Sandman" Johnson (Bass). The Band Nerds’ sound is a unique take on the nu metal experience, as it creatively blends elements of jazz, metal, electronic, rap, and rock music. They are Deftones meets Outkast, weaving the former’s melodic approach to hard rock with the latter’s eclectic style of hip hop to create a unique tapestry of sound, allowing their music to appeal to a variety of individuals with a range of life experiences. Their lyrics tackle the real-life perspective of middle class minorities, discussing relationships, racism, and poverty; they also provide a motivational and relatable commentary. The infectious energy on stage during a Band Nerds performance urges you to jump up and down and whip your hair back and forth, all the while screaming along to songs like “I Could Change” and “Whore.” “I Could Change” is an introspective song about feeling hopeless and stuck when your life hasn’t panned out the way you expected, and “Whore” is an all too familiar ode to being burned in a relationship and seeking non-committal relationships while nurturing your wounded soul.

Dev Aujla

Listen to "Dev Aujla 50 Ways To get A Job" on Spreaker. The age-old advice for finding a job is pretty standard: Follow your passion. Network. Work on your resume. Apply to job boards. Wait. This classic advice hasn’t changed since the 1970s. And it promotes a process that is tedious, demoralizing, and even frightening. But there is a better way! Dev Aujla, the CEO of Catalog, a recruiting and insight firm, takes a vastly different approach, grounded in three years of research, over 3000 interviews, and $500,000 in funded research. He gives people back their agency, freedom, and creativity, offering tangible steps that will actually help people find their next right job in a meaningful career. Based on Aujla’s wildly successful website of the same name, his new book 50 WAYS TO GET A JOB changes the way readers go about finding the perfect career by teaching them to ask the right questions (of themselves and others).

Sara Bendrick

Listen to "Sara Bendrick From I Hate My Yard" on Spreaker. Hi I'm Sara Bendrick! I'm a landscape designer by trade. I was born & raised in San Diego, California, and started at a young age with a passion for art, nature and an appreciation for anything living. I've always had a passion for doing as opposed to watching. When I was young I would sew doll clothes out of my old T-shirts, draw, paint, and dig in the dirt. My whole life has been about trial & error, figuring things out as I go. When I was a little older I decided I wanted chickens, so I read a book and got to it, luckily that was a success! Unlike my attempt at a 5000 Red-worm worm farm. I studied at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and received my Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture. As a college student I immediately got my hands dirty in the field working different landscaping gigs, including being a forewoman for a landscape maintenance company. After college I honed my residential design skills by working for a design/build firm and eventually when out on my own and started my own landscape design business. I love that I have the opportunity to combine nature with a built environment to create a sense of place. I have always been interested in horticulture & art, and designing landscapes allows me to combine both of my passions. I feel very fortunate to have a career that can combine artistic expression & environmental awareness with purpose & function. As a landscape designer with a passion for being involved with my projects, hosting the DIY Network's 'I Hate My Yard' was the perfect fit! I love to interact and help homeowners realize the opportunity in their exterior spaces. With a DIY attitude my crew and I tackle tough backyards with the help of the homeowners to keep the budget in check. I guide the homeowners through the renovation process by tasking them with fun, creative and aesthetically pleasing projects to take back the yard once & for all. Thanks for visiting me and please tune in to I Hate My Yard on the DIY Network Tuesday nights at 10pm & 10:30 EST / 7pm & 7:30pm PST! See you all there!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Stacy Abrams

Listen to "Stacey Abrams Author Of Minority Leader" on Spreaker. MINORITY LEADER is a personal story of success, a blueprint for how outsiders can become the ones in charge, and finally an argument that knowing one’s own passion is the key to success. Speak with Stacey Abrams for a look at her hard-won insights about overcoming failure, finding practical strategies that work, and rising to the top to affect real change. STACEY ABRAMS is the former Democratic Minority Leader in Georgia’s House of Representatives, and is currently running for Governor in the state of Georgia. Abrams has won national recognition for her work to register voters of color in Georgia and build Democratic power in the state, as well as for her programs to recruit, train, and hire young people. She is a successful entrepreneur, nonprofit leader, and award-winning author. Endorsed by EMILY’s List and civil rights legend Congressman John Lewis, Stacey Abrams was the 2012 recipient of the John F Kennedy New Frontier Award, and has been hailed by The New York Times as one of “14 Young Democrats to Watch.” Abrams addressed the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Spensha Baker

Listen to "Spensha Baker From NBC's The Voice" on Spreaker. From San Antonio, TX/Current city: Boerne, TX Spensha grew up on military bases and knew very little outside of her church world. The first time she sang secular music was in 2004 on a singing competition show in which she came in second place and was signed to Interscope Records. At 12, Spensha released Interscope's first gospel record and toured the world. After her deal ended, Spensha moved to Nashville with her mother where country sparked her interest, but the pressure of the industry caused Spensha to move back. She now has her real estate license and is learning to love music again.

David Ricciardi

Listen to "David Ricciardi Creator Of Warning Light" on Spreaker. In a mere matter of days after receiving a manuscript, the most revered thriller writers were raving about David Ricciardi’s debut novel, WARNING LIGHT—from Steve Berry to Larry Bond and Alex Berenson. Quotes began lining the editor’s inbox after a mere weekend of sending out the manuscript. Mark Greaney has called it “a blazing thriller with relentless pace and impressive detail,” and Lee Child has predicted that WARNING LIGHT “one of the best thrillers you’ll read this year.” Ryan Steck of the Real Book Spy has already called the book “an early favorite for best debut thriller of the year.” WARNING LIGHT takes off with a bang, as a new covert operator by the name of Zac Miller enters the scene, literally flying under the radar on a job for the CIA. Zac finds himself amidst a mission gone wrong, and soon embarks on a globe-trotting epic in order to clear his own name and set the record straight before he can be captured by the Iranian government—or a litany of enemies he makes along the way to get back to his bosses and save his own skin. With a crafty, daring protagonist reminiscent of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, and even Jack Bauer from 24, WARNING LIGHT grabs hold of readers and never lets go until the very last sentence. Ricciardi spins a tale of one man’s harrowing fight-or-flight journey of survival as the whole world puts a target on his chest. Ricciardi’s over-the-top tale of espionage and escape is brimming with action and twists around every corner. All it takes is ten pages into the book to become hooked. When a commercial flight violates restricted airspace to make an emergency landing at a closed airport in Iran, the passengers are just happy to be alive and ready to transfer to a functional plane. All of them except one . . .The American technology consultant in business class is not who he says he is. Zac Miller is a CIA analyst. And after an agent’s cover gets blown, Zac–though never trained to be a field operative–volunteers to take his place, to keep a surveillance mission from being scrubbed. Zac thinks it will be easy to photograph the earthquake-ravaged airport that is located near a hidden top secret nuclear facility. But when everything that can go wrong does, he finds himself on the run from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and abandoned by his own teammates, who think he has gone rogue. Embarking on a harrowing journey through the mountains of Iran to the Persian Gulf and across Europe, Zac can only rely on himself. But even if he makes it out alive, the life he once had may be lost to him forever . . . About the author : A keen outdoorsman, DAVID RICCIARDI incorporated many personal experiences into Warning Light. He's backpacked through the mountains of the western United States and Alaska, received extensive training from law-enforcement and US special operations personnel, and once woke up for a 2 AM watch aboard a sailboat only to discover that it was headed the wrong way through the Atlantic sea lanes in heavy weather, with one of the crew suffering from hypothermia. In addition to being an avid sailor, David is also a certified scuba rescue diver and a former ski instructor. WARNING LIGHT is his first novel.

Marcia gay Harden

Listen to "Marcia Gay Harden The Seasons Of My Mother" on Spreaker. "Honest, courageous, and often very funny, The Seasons of My Mother is an unforgettable testament to the unique endurance of the mother-daughter bond. I loved this book." - Rob Lowe, Emmy Award-winning actor and New York Times-bestselling author of Stories I Only Tell My Friends and Love Life With THE SEASONS OF MY MOTHER: A MEMOIR OF LOVE, FAMILY, AND FLOWERS, Academy Award and Tony Award-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden takes on her most important role to date: gatekeeper of memories. THE SEASONS OF MY MOTHER is a beautifully rendered portrait of two lives -Marcia's own, and that of her mother Beverly, an accomplished practitioner of ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement, who struggles with Alzheimer's disease. Marcia Gay Harden is one of the most celebrated actors of her generation. In 2001 she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of the painter Lee Krasner in Pollock, and in 2009 she won a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her portrayal of Veronica in Yasmina Reza's God of Carnage. Her films include Miller's Crossing, The First Wives Club, Mystic River (for which she received a second Academy Award nomination), Into the Wild, Magic in the Moonlight, and Fifty Shades of Grey. The television shows in which she has appeared include Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit, The Newsroom, How to Get Away with Murder, and Code Black. She holds a BA in Acting from the University of Texas at Austin and an MFA from the Graduate Acting Program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Born in La Jolla, California, she now resides in Los Angeles with her three children.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Zaidoon A Al Zubaidy

Listen to "Zaidoon A Al-Zubaidy Bertie The Cat" on Spreaker. Bertie the Cat and the Troublesome Mice is the first book in a series of Bertic Books. The stories are loosely based on Zaidoon's life experience. We follow Bertie's journey of dealing with feelings of doubt and learn that we can achieve anything through hard work, friendship and love. Meet Bertie the cat, also known as Bertram Maximus Frederick, III. Bertie comes from a long line of celebrated mice-catching cats that lived and worked at Mr. Johnson's famous cheese shop in the beautiful town of Appleford. Bertie is having trouble living up to his family legacy because Bertie likes napping all day. While Bertie naps the troublesome mice run all around the cheese shop. Upset with Bertie, Mr. Johnson threatens to replace Bertie with another cat - one who doesn't sleep all day - but also encourages Bertie to try harder. Bertie puts forth more of an effort to stay awake, and both he and Mr. Johnson are happy again. Bertie learns that anything is possible all you have to do is try. Author Bio: Zaidoon A. Al-Zubaidy is a renaissance man. Born in Iraq, educated in England and Canada. This dedicated father of 4 is an accomplished scientist, artist, comedian and a successful businessman. Zaidoon calls Charlotte, NC his home where he owns Catawba Research, a company dedicated to supporting the pharmaceutical industry in bringing innovative safe and therapeutic products to the market.

Brooks Peck

Listen to "Brooks Peck Universe Of Super Heroes Exhibit" on Spreaker. Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes will feature more than 300 original artifacts, including some of Marvel's most iconic and sought-after pages, costumes and props, many of which have never-before been seen by the public. These will be displayed in a major retrospective at the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) in Seattle, opening on April 21, 2018. The exhibition will tell the Marvel story through comics, film and other media, taking place as it celebrates 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and ahead of the 80th anniversary in 2019. "Our show takes us from the origins of the Marvel Universe to the present, providing a chance to see some of the rarest and most precious objects to have survived from the past 80 years of pop culture history," says curator Ben Saunders about the exhibition, which is being produced by MoPOP, SC Exhibitions and Marvel Entertainment. The exhibition will trace the story of the company and its influence on visual culture ­ including how it's responded to historical events and addressed wider issues such as gender, race and mental illness ­ as well as uncovering the narratives of individual characters such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Doctor Strange. It will honor the so-called "imaginauts" such as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, who have made the Marvel saga one of the most expansive fictional universes ever created. "Marvel transformed the idea of the Super Hero in the 1960s (and beyond) by ratcheting up the visual spectacle, emotional dynamism and philosophical sophistication of the action-adventure comics genre," says Brian Crosby, head of Marvel Themed Entertainment. "Marvel has always been a reflection of the world outside your own window and one of its most compelling messages has always been, that anyone (regardless of race, religion or gender) can be a Super Hero." Immersive set pieces will bring the comic book world to life, and the exhibition will be accompanied by an immersive soundscape created by acclaimed composers Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer. The exhibition has been curated by an outstanding team that includes three scholars of comics ­ Benjamin Saunders, Matthew J. Smith and Randy Duncan, all of whom are university professors and experts in their field. MoPOP curators Brooks Peck and Jacob McMurray, as well as renowned comics writers and editors Ann Nocenti and Danny Fingeroth, have also contributed. "This is the largest exhibition ever staged at the Museum of Pop Culture," says Brooks Peck, curator, MoPOP. "We're thrilled to present more than 300 original artworks, props, costumes, and genuine relics of pop culture history, from the earliest incarnations of super heroes in comics to ground breaking movie moments reflecting the timeless appeal of the Marvel universe." For more information, visit

Brigadier General Anthony Tata

Listen to "Brigadier General Anthony J Tata Ghost Target" on Spreaker. Nicholas Irving, New York Times bestselling author of The Reaper and Way of the Reaper, has joined forces with Brigadier General (ret) Anthony Tata to bring an explosive new saga to the Reaper series: REAPER: Ghost Target - A Sniper Novel(St. Martin's Press, on sale date May 8, 2018, $26.99). As New York Times bestselling author Marc Cameron states, these are "two guys who have walked the walk and definitely know how to talk the talk." Nicholas Irving was the first African American to deploy in the G.W.O.T. as a sniper in his battalion, and served in the Army's Special Operations 3rd Ranger Battalion 75th Regiment as Sniper Team Leader. Anthony (A.J.) Tata, retired Brigadier General, commanded combat units in the 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne Divisions and the 10th Mountain Division, earned a Bronze Star Medal in Afghanistan, and is the author of seven national bestselling novels (including the Captain Jake Mahegan and Threat series). In REAPER: Ghost Target, Vick Harwood (aka Reaper) is on a strategic mission in Kandahar to take down the number one threat to U.S. soldiers - a mercenary named Khasan Basayev. When the mission ends in a surprise attack on his position, it falls to a rescue team to take out Harwood's comatose body, leaving behind the young "spotter," Sammie Samuelson, who had disappeared. Three months later, the Reaper is on the mend. His spotter is considered DUSTWUN - "duty status - whereabouts unknown," and he's beginning to fall in love with Jackie Colt, an Olympic-winning rifle specialist who he befriended in Kandahar and who rallied to his side while he was recuperating. His memory, however, is faulty and he suffers from blackouts. The first two occur while he is out on fitness runs, placing him at the right time and place to have perpetrated two assassinations of Army generals. And with that, a complex and multi-layered game of intrigue begins. As the evidence - and murders - build against him, Harwood finds himself on the run from the FBI, the Army, MLQM - a multinational corporation, and Basayev. Amping up the tension is the discovery of a young teenager he rescues from sex slavery, the re-emergence of his young spotter, Samuelson, the absence of his new girlfriend, Jackie Colt, and his inability to know who can be trusted.

Ella Purnell and Caitlin FitzGerald

Listen to "Ella Purnell and Caitlin FitzGerald From Sweetbitter" on Spreaker. Sweetbitter tells the story of Tess, a 22-year-old who arrives in New York City ready to pursue a new life. When she’s invited to train at one of the best restaurants in the city, she thinks she’s found a steady income and a safe place to wait. But Tess is quickly intoxicated by the chaotic, adrenalized world behind-the-scenes: tasting expensive wine, exploring dive bars, and learning who she can trust. Sweetbitter illuminates the sensory journey of developing a palate. How the sweet, sour, salt, bitter, and umami threaten, complement, and ultimately need each other so that we can learn to taste. Sweetbitter is based on the bestselling novel by written by Stephanie Danler. People magazine raved that the book is a "sexy, astute debut which is really a love story about the addictive pull of restaurant life.” Ella Purnell is one to watch. The young British actress starred in Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children with a leading breakout role as “Emma.” Her other film credits include Churchill, Never Let Me Go, Kick-Ass 2, Maleficent, The Journey Is the Destination, and Intruders. On stage in London, Purnell recently led a performance in “Natives” an original play about teenagers coming-of-age in the digital world. Purnell will soon be seen next year in BBC One’s three-part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel, Ordeal by Innocence, starring alongside Bill Nighy.