Friday, September 7, 2018

Catherine Lopez Dolan

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Author Catherine Dolan Takes on the Truth About Women and Men in the Workplace with Debut Book
Motivational Press releases Dolan’s debut book about sexual harassment in the pharmaceutical industry this September 2018
CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 14, 2018 – Catherine Dolan is gutsy and bold; charming, respectful and polite. All
these qualities secured her professional success in the pharmaceutical industry.
With over fifteen years in pharmaceutical sales, Dolan is a nationally-recognized sales leader in her field,
celebrated for delivering consistently high-level and quality results. And yet, with all that success, there have
been aspects of the coveted professional position in big pharma that she wasn’t expecting. We’re talking both
blatant and subtle, always awkward and uncomfortable sexual harassment and sexual advances made both
privately and publicly.
Which leads us to one of Dolan’s greatest qualities – her candor and authenticity. She’s not afraid to be right-
between-the-eyes honest about it all.
In The Not So Sexy Truth About Women and Men in the Workplace (Motivational Press, September 12,
2018, paperback, $19.95), Dolan shares her personal and professional story managing sexual harassment in
the workplace. She shares it all not as gossip, but as objective, public information as well as timely and easy-
to-implement advice to deal with it.  She encourages men and women to educate themselves, and, in turn,
feel empowered to make in-the-moment decisions that allow them to stand up for themselves – and keep
thriving in their respective careers.
She willingly takes on the modern crisis of sexual harassment in the workplace all while giving empowering
perspective on how to identify if you’re in that situation – and how to rise above it powerfully.
Dolan is real, admitting she didn’t always play it strategically-right with several men she discusses candidly in
the book; but, if anything, she learned timeless, important lessons about men, women, and herself that she
now shares with the world. Available for pre-order next month, The Not So Sexy Truth About Women and
Men in the Workplace is an important read for today’s professional who is hungry for success – and not
willing to let anything get in his or her way, especially someone else’s sexual advances or harassment.

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